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Alfie Run 29
Alfie Run is an amazing runner game and nowyou have a Dino Friend to Help you in your adventure..Join Alfie in this side scrolling adventure through challenginglevels of running and jumping.Easy to play just touch the screen to jump and touch quickly twiceto double jump.It is a fun game for everyone. Try it out and enjoy!Features:* New Items* DIno Friend Mount* One Hand Play* Great Graphics* Classic Runner Game Style.
Monkey Kart 16
Monkey Kart - You have never seen a Monkeylike this - Monkeys like these are hard to find! Beat every monkeyin this awesome racing game!You have to beat all the Monkeys. This race has only place for theMonkey Number 1.Gameplay change: Now there is only one mode. Versus Racing. Youmust defeat all the monkeys in this awesome race. Reach the goal inthe first position is the only way to get to the next race.INTUITIVE TO PLAY AND CONTROL.In Monkey Kart, it is your job to stay on track by jumping overhuge gaps and ducking under dangerous obstacles, reach the goal inthe first position is the only way to beat the other monkeys.
Super Woody with Lost World 28
Super Woody is a fun, action packed adventureand platform game where you need to test your skills as you try tohelp Woody the timberman find his friends.In this amazing title you can take your platforming to the nextlevel by collecting coins which can be traded for power-ups, allwhile avoiding the enemies that can be found at all corners andwhich give you demanding gameplay challenges that you want toavoid.We extend the adventure with Lost World and Bonus World newadventures in this awesome world of Super Woody.Tip: There are some new tricks in the game. Like the GodMode.Features:• Fun adventure and platforming gameplay• Collect coins and unlock powerful bonuses• Stunning HD graphics• Unique, fun soundtrack• Access multiple game worlds like the mountain, forest ordesert