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Temple Adventure Fun 1.1
Temple Lost
The latest and coolest running game intempleseries.Run along an ancient lost temple packed withthreats.You've stolen the secret and divine treasure from the temple,andnow you have to run for your life to escape the EvilDemonWerewolves,do your best and run as far as you can.This temple game scene is set up on an isolated lost temple, andatrue warrior will never stop ! Enjoy the pure beautiful3Dgraphics.Let's start running !Play tips:1.Swipe/slide on your touch screen,up for jump,down forliedown,left/right for turn.2.Tilt your phone to move left or right to avoid obstacles.3.Jump to get powerups.Magnet will double the coins,and shieldcanmake you invincible.4.Use coins to upgrade powerups.GO ! See how far you can run!
Temple Princess Run 1.0
Temple Lost
Temple Princess Run is a arcade game. Thegamestory is about a princess who live in a very nice castle.Beginning to discover the mysterious journey of the frozenlosttemple castle.You must run to escape chase from a werewolf. Collect coin,wing,pogo and other power.This is the thrilling and exhilarating Temple Princess runninggame.Enjoy the run through the mysterious frozen temple withTempleprincess.You will be faced with unknown dangers, obstaclesandfear...So what are you waiting for?The temple princess frozen run game will have you playing forhours.The princess runs, the princess races and you have to ensureshegets through all those obstacles!Let's start now !**** HOW TO PLAY ****+Drag/Swipe up to jump.+Drag/Swipe left,right to turn,tilt to change the lane.+Drag/Swipe down to slide.Download the fun and free princess runnning game of 2016 now!