The Brothers Gaming Apps

Zombie Slayer 1.1
The zombies are coming and you need to stopthem. These zombies can be taken down by paintball guns. You canuse your paintball gun and survive the zombie army. Watch yourhealth and try to get the high score. Then you can go and beat yourhigh score.
Pachinko for Champions 1.0
This is a fun Pachinko game and the first gamewe have created. Have fun with this game and try to beat your highscore. The more you play the more fun it will be.
Ninja Master 1.0
As a ninja master you must complete yourdailytraining. Today's training is dodging ninja stars for 30seconds.Can you do it. A true ninja will be able to completethisgame.
Cave Escape 1.0
Use your helicopter to traverse the caveandavoid the columns in your way. Be careful though, one mistakeandyou lose. There are three levels and each one gets harder. Trytobeat all the level and watch your helicopter escapetosafety.