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World Clock by timeanddate.com 2.2.2
Keep track of the current local time in 5000+cities around the world. A team of professional researcherscontinuously updates the information displayed in the app. Alsoincludes alarms and widgets.RELIABLE- Accurate local time for thousands of cities around theworld.- Up-to-date information about time zones and Daylight Saving Time(DST) switches.CUSTOMIZABLE- Create your own world clock by adding cities to yourFavorites.- Customize a clean look by including only the information you wantto see.- Choose between analog and digital clocks.- Use the 24-hour or 12-hour (am/pm) clock format.MORE FEATURES- Widget: See the current time in any city on your home screen*- Alarms: Set alarms for your local time or any other timezone.* The number of widgets is limited to 2 in free version, unlimitedafter upgrade.timeanddate.com first came online in 1998. We maintain more than adecade of experience in being a reliable provider of time and daterelated information worldwide.
Countdown by timeanddate.com 1.4.11
What are you looking forward to? Christmas?The New Year? Your birthday, graduation or vacation?Enter your location and a date, and the Countdown App will countthe seconds to your big day!- Share your events to Facebook and Instagram- Share your events by mail- Two types of widget to display countdowns on your home screen(limit of one widget instance for free usage)- Fun themes- Use your own photos for countdowns (In-App purchase)- All clock changes (DST) taken into account- Alerts for countdowns that are about to reach zero seconds- Automated deletion of expired timers- Count up from a point in time- 5000+ cities- All time zones- Super-precisePlease check out the upgraded version (in-app purchase):- Ad-free- Use your own photos- Unlimited number of widget instancestimeanddate.com is the leading website for world time. We maintainmore than a decade of experience in being an accurate and reliableprovider of time and date related information worldwide
Meeting Planner by timeanddate.com 1.1.0
The Meeting Planner by timeanddate.com forAndroid calculates the most convenient meeting time and visualizesnormal business hours, non-working hours, and nighttime in a simpletraffic light scheme: green, yellow & red. The app takes allDaylight Saving Time clock changes worldwide into account.Look for the green time slots to plan a business meeting, yellowtimes for private calls or meetings outside of normal businesshours, and avoid the red hours if you don’t want to wake someoneup.• Add an unlimited number of cities from 5000+ locationsworldwide.• The traffic light color-coded timetable shows the best meetingtime based on each location's local time and normal businesshours.• Select the time within 15-minute slots and choose the duration ofyour meeting.• Choose am/pm or 24-hour time format.• DST changes handled automatically.• Export a meeting to your calendar, share via e-mail or copy tothe clipboard.• All meetings are automatically saved. Duplicate a meeting toreschedule for the same locations.