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Complete Numerology Horoscope - Free Name Analysis 4.3
The magic of numerology takes your nameand date of birth and displays your Complete NumerologyHoroscope. With Complete Numerology Horoscope, observethe important numbers which affect your life.Numerology Horoscope will analyze your full name and date of birthto give the results in a jiffy! Find out your Birth number or LifePath number (defines your personality and outlook in life), Destinynumber (your name analysis) and Soul number (your inner feelings).Study what these numbers have to say about you. Find out more aboutyour love life, health, fashion style etc. through numerologyhoroscope.You can do a numerological analysis of your name initials.FEATURES OF COMPLETE NUMEROLOGY HOROSCOPE ARE:⚝ Find your Birth number, Destiny number and Soul number⚝ Get analysis of your Name Initials⚝ Know the meaning of the important numbers in your life.⚝ 6 New Categories Added: Your Hidden Talent, Your Love Life, YourFashion Style, Your Suitable Career Path, Your Health Path, YourWealth PathDownload and get your free horoscope NOW!
Palm Reading - Fortune Teller & Future Analysis 3.8
Palm Reading is the art of interpreting aperson's character, learning their personality or foretelling theirfuture by analyzing their hands. Palm Reading is also known asPalmistry. People who practice palm reading are known as palmreaders, hand readers or hand analysts.Are you curious about what your palm says about you? Become apalm reader yourself and get accurate and complete analysisof your hand. We help you read your palm and know about yourfuture and the hidden secrets about yourself and others with ourfree palm readings. Answer few questions based on the palmlines and you will have a personalized palm reading analysis.Palm Reading - Fortune Teller app lets you analyze these palmlines:♦ Heart Line♦ Life Line♦ Head Line♦ Marriage Line♦ Fate Line♦ Success Line♦ Travel LineThrough this Palmistry app, you will get to knowabout:♦ Love Life♦ Physical Strength♦ Quality of Life♦ Health♦ Personality♦ Marriage Life♦ Career♦ Work Life♦ Struggle & Success♦ Destiny♦ Luck & Fame♦ TravelFeatures of Palm Reading - Fortune Teller app are:♦ Know what different palm lines reveal♦ Easy to use as you simply need to follow the instructions on thescreen♦ Observe your palm lines and answer few questions to get yourdetailed palm reading analysis♦ Fun palmistry app in a party or get-together of friendsGet ready to predict your future with the best Palmistry app! It isfun and easy, so when you're ready, let the palm readingbegin!Download this Palmistry app and predict your future by analyzingyour hands!
The Bulb Endless Runner Game 1.1
Bulb Runner is an endless runner gamewhere you run until you die! Guide the Lightbulb through thedarkest of times! Stay alive by jumping over the obstacles, jumpingfrom one platform to another and keep running! With attractivebackgrounds and music effects, you will enjoy this endless runninggame! If you get stuck or fall, the game is over!FEATURES OF ENDLESS BULB RUNNER ARE:⍣ Totally free endless runner game⍣ No in-app purchasesLove playing endless runner games? Just download this funendless runner game and compete with your friends to find out whocan race for longer distances!
Cute Nursery Rhymes & Songs 2.0
The cutest nursery rhymes fortoddlerstosing-along! With lots of interactive things and sounds.Thesearehand-drawn and painted to appeal to babies and littlekids.Fivefavourite kid songs to keep your little one happy andsmiling.Why will little tots love these rhymes?- Five popular kids' songs: Humpty Dumpty , Baa Baa BlackSheep,Jackand Jill, Itsy Bitsy Spider and It's RainingIt'sPouring.- Interactivity. Most of the things on screen make soundsandmovearound.- The cute characters and tiny objects.- The charming music and singing!- All FIVE songs completely FREE.If you face any trouble, please contact usanytime:[email protected] Do mention your device version andyourandroidversion. Visit our website
Makeup Salon Games & Dress Up - Stylish Princess 1.2
Have you ever dreamt of becoming a makeupartist and a fashion stylist? This is a golden opportunity for you!Feel like a real makeup artist and fashion stylist in thisrealistic makeover game for girls! Become a fashion stylist andcreate trendy fashion with 25 different Makeup Salon Gamesand 101 Dress up Games for Girls.Glam up the models with unlimited makeup and accessories and dressthem up in fashion couture dresses. Choose unique hairstyles,clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and makeup to create the bestfashion model.Dress up & Makeup Categories:Girls Dress up & MakeupCouples Dress up & MakeupBest Friends Dress up & MakeupPrincess Dress up & MakeupKissing Couple Dress up & MakeupAnimals Dress up & MakeupPets Dress up & MakeupThis dress up game may also help you to makeup and dress up in reallife. Make the best choice of makeup and dresses and be animpressive salon!You can also have a dress up contest with your friends! With 26trendy and awesome levels, you can dress up the fashion model andcompare it with your best friends!Features of Makeup Salon Games and Dress Up Games For Girlsare:✴ All themes are free, no in-app purchases✴ You can create thousands of different looks in each of the Makeupand Dress Up Games✴ Save looks as photos one your phone or make it your girlywallpaper✴ Create different looks for your girlfriends and set them asdisplay pics for their contact details on your phone✴ 26 awesome levels of Dress up Contest✴ Change her jewelry and accessories including bracelets, earrings,pendants, etc✴ Save and share your favorite creations with your bestfriendsRoom Decoration Games For Girls:Complete your dream of decorating your own house! With RoomDecoration, you can decorate 8 different kinds of rooms:Princess Room DecorationKid's Room DecorationPalace Garden DecorationKid's Bathroom DecorationKitchen DecorationPreschool DecorationChristmas Room DecorationCupcake House DecorationFeatures of Room Decoration Games For Girls are:✴ Decorate your own house with 8 themes - Princess Bedroom, KidsBedroom, Palace Garden, Kids Bathroom, Kitchen, Preschool,Christmas Room, Cupcake House✴ Save and share your favorite room decorationsCooking Games For Girls:Start your own restaurant now! Get your hands on ten differentfoods: Burger, two types of Ice Cream, Sandwich, two types of Cake,Pizza, Donut, Pastry and Cupcake. Make your imagination andcreativity go crazy to make the most sumptuous and appetizing food.A variety of fillings, veggies, toppings and ingredients make thisapp a tasty treat all the way!Take on the role of a fashion stylist and a chef all in oneapp!Features of Cooking Games For Girls are:✴ 10 food items to choose from: Burger, 2 types of Ice Cream,Sandwich, 2 types of Cake, Pizza, Donut, Pastry and Cupcake✴ Loads of options and ingredients available✴ Play around with the ingredients and make your very own mealtoday✴ Become the chef of your own restaurant!Flaunt the fashion stylist and the makeup artist in you with yourfriends NOW!
Complete Astrology & Zodiac Profile Love Horoscope 2.5
Grab your Complete Astrology andZodiac Profile from our app for FREE!Complete Astrology and Zodiac is the app where you can acquiredifferent attributes that portray you! You can know more about yourZodiac sign, Daily Horoscope and Astrology details speedilyby just entering your Name, Date of Birth and Birth Time.Complete Astrology and Zodiac also strives to save your time byallowing you to enter your name only once! The next time you openour app, you need not enter your details again! Also the contentand details covered in our app are to the point and incomparablewith the other apps! This app is free, no in app purchaserequired!FEATURES OF COMPLETE ASTROLOGY AND ZODIAC ARE:♈ Know your daily horoscope♉ Know your zodiac sign and profile♊ Know your birthstone and its significance♋ Message from your ruling planet♌ Know your zodiac love profile♍ Know what your birth month, day and date say about you♎ Know what your birth time and birth year say about you♏ Know what your birth date says about your love life♐ Get your friendship, Chinese zodiac profile and positives andnegatives about your zodiac sign♑ Know your zodiac sign traits♒ Know about your birth color, flower and tree in detail♓ Know what your zodiac sign says about your fashion sense
Brain Teasers & Riddles With Answers - Logic & GK 5.4
Ready to challenge your brain? Here's acollection of free riddles and brain teasers for you tosolve!With hundreds of free rebus puzzles, riddles and brainteasers, this fun game is as interesting as it gets! Solve allkinds of riddles and puzzles from funny riddles to logicalones!Stuck on a question? Use hints to answer or ask your friends forhelp by sharing the riddle on Facebook or Whatsapp!This game has 10 levels which include 2 rebus puzzle levels, 2movies puzzle levels and 6 riddle levels. As you progress in thisgame, the levels get tougher!You can also browse for free riddles and brain teasers! There areover 5000+ riddles and brain teasers! Rack your brains andtry to solve different types of riddles and brain teasers. Sharethem with your friends and challenge them for solving thesame!Put on your thinking cap and start playing!FEATURES OF RIDDLES AND BRAIN TEASERS APP:✴ Over 5000+ riddles and brain teasers✴ 2 Rebus Levels✴ 2 Movies Rebus Levels✴ 6 Riddles and Puzzles Levels✴ Totally free app. No in-app purchases✴ Share riddles with friends on Email, Facebook, etc✴ You can use hints like reveal a letter, remove letters, revealanswer, reveal a letter by sharing on facebook or twitter✴ Earn more coins by watching videos and taking offersRiddles are in the following categories:✵ Brain Teasers✵ Funny Riddles✵ Logical Riddles✵ Math Riddles✵ Name The Object✵ Name The Person✵ Riddles With Words✵ What is it?✵ Animals✵ Fruits and Vegetables✵ What am I?
Friendship Quotes & Messages - Facebook & WhatsApp 3.6
Strengthen your friendship by sharingfriendship quotes, friendship messages, friendship images toyour friends!You can also save the Friendship Quote images on yourphone!If you believe that friendship is all about sharing and expressingthoughts, then this Friendship Quotes and Messages app isjust perfect for you for sharing friendship quotes and friendshipmessages with your friends!You can select friendship messages from various categoriesincluding-✲ Friendship Messages✲ Friendship Sayings✲ Best Friends Sayings✲ Friendship Day Messages✲ Friendship Greetings✲ I am Sorry Messages for Friends✲ Friendship Thoughts✲ Cute Messages for FriendsFEATURES OF FRIENDSHIP QUOTES AND FRIENDSHIP MESSAGESARE:✧ Send free friendship messages✧ You can share a wide range of friendship messages and friendshipquotes with your friends✧ You can save and set Birthday cards as wallpapers✧ Wide range of Birthday messages coveredDownload the free friendship quotes and friendship messages app nowand start pinging your friends!
Love Messages & Love Images - WhatsApp Status Free 3.8
One way to express love emotionally is to usewords that build up. Express love by sharing free loveimages and love messages with your better half viaWhatsapp, Facebook, Hike, etc.Verbal compliments or words of appreciation are powerfulcommunicators of love! Express your feelings with original andfree love text messages and love images. There arehundreds of love messages and love images that you can share withyour girlfriend or boyfriend and express dedication via Whatsapp,Facebook, Hike, etc.FEATURES OF LOVE MESSAGES AND LOVE IMAGES ARE:♡ Send via Whatsapp, Wechat, Line, etc.♡ Save and set love images as love wallpapers♡ Free with no in-app purchases♡ No need to search online for contentHave fun and express your love by sharing free love messages andfree love images!
My Daily Horoscope Prediction - Fortune Teller App 2.1
Want to know how the cosmos affect your lovelife, your career or if it is the time to tighten your budget? Getanswers to these questions and know how your future will be throughthis free daily horoscope app! Get true astrology predictions fortoday, yesterday and tomorrow for your zodiac sign! All you have todo is just pick your zodiac sign and get your free dailyhoroscope!♈ - Aries Horoscope (March 21 – April 19)♉ - Taurus Horoscope (April 20 – May 20)♊ - Gemini Horoscope (May 21 – June 20)♋ - Cancer Horoscope (June 21 – July 22)♌ - Leo Horoscope (July 23 – August 22)♍ - Virgo Horoscope (August 23 – September 22)♎ - Libra Horoscope (September 23 – October 22)♏ - Scorpio Horoscope (October 23 – November 21)♐ - Sagittarius Horoscope (November 22 – December 21)♑ - Capricorn Horoscope (December 22 – January 19)♒ - Aquarius Horoscope (January 20 – February 18)♓ - Pisces Horoscope (February 19 – March 20)Feature of Daily Horoscope & 2017 Future are:✴ Free daily horoscope for today, yesterday andtomorrow!✴ Very easy to use and precise✴ Share your daily horoscope with your friends and family onFacebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc✴ Daily horoscope about love, money and work for your zodiac sign -Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio,Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces✴ No in-app purchases✴ Get true astrology predictions and know your futureDownload Daily Horoscope & 2017 Future app now and experiencetrue astrology predictions based on your zodiac sign.
Status, Messages & Poems - Free Quotes & Images 4.7
Share your feelings with your friends andfamily by sending free inspirational and motivational statusmessages and free poems via WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike, etc. withthis app! The main purpose of message is communication. Communicatewith your friends and family by sending free messages and freepoems via WhatsApp and express affection.FEATURES OF STATUS MESSAGES AND POEMS ARE:⚝ Free status messages and free poems packed foryou⚝ Put inspirational messages as your Facebook and WhatsAppstatus⚝ Get hundreds of free wishes, messages, texts and poems in 100'sof categories to send to your friends, family or lover⚝ Share free messages and free poems via WhatsApp, Facebook, Hike,etc⚝ Status messages and free poems for every occasion includingThanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday, Love, Inspirational, Everyday,etcDownload this app and start communicating by sending free messagesand free poems!
Good Morning Images & Messages - WhatsApp Status 3.0
Do you need to search daily for free goodmorning messages and good morning images to share withyour friends, family members on Whatsapp, Hike, etc.? This is anideal app for you to browse through plenty of good morning messagesand good morning images and share them with your friends, familymembers etc. Via Whatsapp, Facebook, Hike, etc.A sweet good morning message or good morning image from you to yourloved ones, every morning can add positivity in their as well asyour life!FEATURES OF GOOD MORNING MESSAGES AND IMAGES ARE:⍣ Wonderful collection of free good morning messages and goodmorning images⍣ Send good morning images and good morning messages via Whatsapp,Wechat, Line, etc.⍣ Get good morning messages and good morning images for free!Download and spread morning happiness with your friends!
Love Tarot Reading Cards - Test Love Compatibility 1.8
How will your love life be? How long will youremain single? Are you dating the right person? How will yourmarried life be? Why did he/she break up with you? Find answers toall your love, marriage and breakup queries with Free TarotCards.Select a Tarot Card and know how to "dressup" for romance everyday! In Love Tarot Reading all you have to do is choose oneoption from Love, Marriage and Breakup and pick out a tarot card toget the Free Love Tarot Reading.FEATURES OF LOVE TAROT READING:♡ Get free love tarot reading without any in – apppurchases♡ An ideal app to be used at parties or while hanging outwith friends♡ It is easy to get free Love Tarot Reading♡ Beautifully designed original Tarot CardsDownload this Tarot Reading app and get your free Love TarotReading!
Poems For All Occasions - Love, Family & Friends 5.4
Looking for FREE beautiful poems, sayings,quotes to share with your friends, family and your loved ones?Read and share with these app- Unique, original poems for alloccasions!Features of Poems - Love, Family, Friends are:✴ Hundreds of free poems to share with friends, family and lovedones via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter etc. Spread your love easilywith our huge collection of special poems.✴ No need to surf online for content to share your feelings withyour loved ones.✴ Choose from our huge collection of poems in over 20+ FREEcategories.☆ Wish Happy Birthday☆ Graduation☆ Farewell☆ Romantic Love Poems☆ Romantic Valentine's Day Poems☆ Christmas☆ Happy New Year☆ Happy Easter☆ Halloween Greetings☆ Thanksgiving Greetings☆ Friendship Poems☆ Good Morning Poems☆ Good Night Poems☆ Wish Good Luck☆ Happy Anniversary☆ Wedding wishes☆ New born Baby Poems☆ Baby shower Poems☆ Baby boy Poems☆ Baby girl Poems☆ Missing You☆ Say Sorry☆ Sympathy☆ Wish Get Well Soon☆ For lovely moms on Mother's Day☆ For great fathers on Father's Day☆ Special women on Women's Day☆ For all celebrations, festivals & occasionsDownload and send FREE poems, sayings, quotes via WhatsApp,Facebook, Twitter etc and show your friends, family and loved onesthat you care for them with beautiful poems!
Animated ABC Alphabet For Kids 1.4
Like no other app, Animated ABC Alphabetappbrings you animated interactive alphabets from A to Z.Everyalphabet has unique interactive animations, characters andsoundsto keep a child hooked. Learning with endless joy is possibleforthe little kid. Your child will love this app.Features:* Different background music and scene for every letter.* Unique animations in every scene.* Sounds for every character.* Very easy to use interface.* This app is totally free.
3D Kids Trucks & Bull dozers 1.7
3D Truck game for kids is an action -packed and a free truck game with truck missions tocomplete. Kids have to execute various jobs like lifting and movingthings, finding their way through the town in a 3D truck, pushingthings with the bulldozer, building roads, etc.FEATURES OF 3D TRUCK GAME FOR KIDS:✎ Totally free. No in-app purchases✎ Numerous exciting truck missions to complete✎ Very easy to learn and playDownload this free truck game and have fun.
Good Night Wishes - WhatsApp Messages & Images 1.5
Sweet and cute Goodnight images to send toyour loved ones. Send good night images to your friends andfamily.Goodnight images with good night messages are the perfect way toend the day. Send these good night images to the special people inyour life.* Save the goodnight images* Share them with your friends* Mark your favorite images
Timpy Robots- 3D Game for Kids 1.7
Welcome to Timpy Robots! The best robot gamefor kids is here! Pick your most loved robot and drag it through afun-filled adventurous journey.The Timpy Robots arena is full of objects to be bumped into, runover and pushed around. Be it walls made of stacked blocks, ormelodic xylophones ready to be played as the robots move over them,or be it fun collectibles waiting along the way, this arena hasmuch excitement to offer. Not to mention the springs, hammers andslingshots which could be a challenge to navigate through but acomplete delight nonetheless! Be it flat surface or slides orwedges, your journey is not going to be a monotonous one. Oh, andjump into a portal and watch your robot getting teleported acrossthe arena!Here are the four robots to work out this magic for you:> > RollerGuide the Roller to all the corners of the arena and watch ittrace its path. You can select from a variety of colors for thetracing, be it a single color or a multi color band.> > SpeedySpeedy is the fastest robot you've got! Drag it to whateverlocation you want and watch it speeding to that spot in no timewith a lightening speed.> > Object-ThrowerPress the button on the screen while this robot is moving andwatch it throw random objects along the way like cones, spheres,pyramids, cylinders and blocks. As if the objects already presentin the arena were not enough! But our Object-Thrower just lovesbumping into them.> > Color-ShooterTap this robot while its cruising along to shoot color on theground and watch the entire arena surface getting painted.Timpy Robot is absolutely free and apt for toddlers below 5years of age. Download it today and let your child enjoy theunending fun.
Life Quotes Messages & Wishes 1.3
A collection of life quotes that will make youthink, get you inspired and make you love life even more!Browse through quotes and share them with your friends.* Save the quotes* Share them with your friends* Mark your favorite quotes
3D Space Robots Free Kids Game 1.2
Welcome to Timpy Robots in Space! The best 3Drobot game app for kids is here! Pick your most loved robot andenjoy the majestic view of interstellar beauty as you cruise alongthe track laid out in open space.Timpy Robots travel in space! Control the speed of your robot andpress the on-screen button for surprises! Ride around in space,where the tracks are made of rainbow or can be colored by therobots, and where there are planets and stars orbiting around you!The planets have rainbows for rings, huge cars and trains ride onthem, and there are animals in spacesuit orbiting the planets!Don't forget to cherish giant watermelons and strawberries alongyour journey!Here are the three robots to work out this magic for you:> > RollerWatch the Roller cruising through space and trace its path. Youcan select from a variety of colors for the tracing, be it a singlecolor or a multi color band.> > SpeedySpeedy is the fastest robot you've got! Watch it speeding tothrough space in no time with lightening speed.> > Object-ThrowerPress the button on the screen while this robot is moving andwatch it throw random objects along the way like cones, spheres,pyramids, cylinders and blocks. As if the objects already presentin space were not enough! But our Object-Thrower just loves bumpinginto them.What makes this game come alive is the 360 degrees camera viewthat makes this game an absolute delight.Features:* This app is totally free.* 360 degree camera viewTimpy Robots in Space is absolutely free and apt for toddlersbelow 5 years of age. Download this kids train game today and setyour child's imagination free!
Learn Shapes Train For Kids 3D 1.3
As babies grow into curious toddlers andpreschoolers, it is a natural impulse for parents to begin teachingspecific concepts throughout their daily routine. Where do mostparents start? A majority of parents will begin by teaching theirkids the basic shapes.This is a perfect starting point, but have you ever given anythought as to why your kids need to know this stuff? Knowledge ofshapes can be used to describe the environment and possessions, toteach the concepts of “same” and “different.”After learning shapes, children can start to group objectstogether, which will become an invaluable part of learning how tocount, add, and subtract. Being able to identify differences andsimilarities also increases analytical skills.Learning shapes can help a child understand numbers, as countingplays an important part in identifying the number of sides a shapehas. If your child is ready to get their best start, here's thebest app!Features:*Free of cost*Totally ad-free*Learn different shapesGet it downloaded and begin shaping the minds of yourchildren!
Row Your Boat-3D Nursery Rhyme 1.4
This app offers an amazing experience ofdiscovering an interesting water world packed with surprises.Let's get into the boat, take an adventure along the small streamand sing,Row, row, row your boat,Gently down the stream.Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,Life is but a dream.Features:*Free of cost*360 degree movement*Colourful illustrations & animations.*Great music & sound effects*Easy to use for kids of all agesDownload it NOW and have a fun-filled adventure!
3D Piano and Drums Kids Music 1.3
3D PIANO and DRUMS Kids Game allows your kidsto enjoy the beats of drums and melodies of pianos! With backgroundmusic and the animals dancing on the stage, kids can switch betweenthe animals(cow, horse, pig, sheep, bull) on the stage and rotatethe stage to have a 360 degree view!There are two modes in this music game for kids:DRUM MODEKids can tap on the colored drums, rotate the stage, switch betweendifferent animals(cow, horse, pig, sheep, bull)on the stage, andcan see animals in a 360 degree view!PIANO MODEKids can tap on the piano keys, rotate the stage, change thecharacter on the stage to different animals (cow, horse, pig,sheep, bull), and can see the animals in a 360 degree view!FEATURES OF 3D PIANO AND DRUMS KIDS GAME:⍟ No ads and free of cost⍟ Interactive game for kids with interesting sounds⍟ Kids can listen to the beats of drums and melodies and havefun!Looking for an app for kids to explore the world of music?Download it now to let your kids play music and have fun!
Learn Numbers Train 1 to 10 1.5
Number Train is a simple 1 to 10 numberlearning app that helps kids to easily learn numbers as they travelwith the train. The train halts at each number and kids can see thethe same number of objects around! In this interactive andeducational game, kids can also tap on the objects and hearinteresting sounds. This app makes number learning much moreinteresting for early learners. With vibrant and entertaininggraphics, kids will never be bored!Features of number train are:* Learn numbers for FREE!* Interactive with on-tap sounds* Learn numbers with fun objects!* Entertaining visuals and animationsSo what are you waiting for? Number learning just became so muchmore enjoyable! Download now!
Old Mac Donald 3D Kids Rhyme 1.2
Old MacDonald had a Farm is a popular nurseryrhyme app with funny interactive animations and sounds and anabsolute delight for kids which will keep your child engaged!Old MacDonald's farm features various interactive elements likeCows, Ducks, Dogs, cats and pigs, trees, etc. Watch your kids havefun when they tap on various animals in the farm including cows,pigs, dogs, cats and ducks.FEATURES OF OLD MAC DONALD HAD A FARM ARE:🌟 Kids will have fun laughing and smiling at the funnycharacters🌟 Lots of surprises with animations, sounds of animals, andinteractions🌟 Kids will learn a popular nursery rhyme and enjoy at the sametime🌟 Enjoy the nursery rhyme for freeGet the 3D Nursery Rhyme - Old MacDonald had a Farm for your kidsnow!
Happy Birthday Wishes - Status, Greetings & Images 1.5
A birthday is always a special day for anyone.Make it more beautiful and special for your loved ones by sendinggood and thoughtful happy birthday wishes. Find heart warmingand cute birthday wishes for everyone.Happy Birthday Wishes app has lots of birthday images andmessages to choose from. Send special birthday messages andimages to your family, friends, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband,wife or anyone else.Features of Happy Birthday Wishes app are:☆ Huge Collection:Get lots of birthday wishes in the form of birthday images ortext☆ Easy to Download:Download birthday images on your phone☆ Add to Favorites:A favorites section to save Happy birthday images and wishes forlater use☆ Easy to Share:Share birthday messages & images via WhatsApp, Hike, WeChat,Google Hangouts, E-mail, etc☆ Totally FREE without any in-app purchasesPerfect for sending birthday wishes to someone when you can't thinkof words. Send Happy Birthday wishes with lovely messages to yourmom, dad, sister, brother, boss, friends, grandparents andmore.Get this beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes app now for FREE!
Learn Animal Sounds Safari 1.1
Learn Animal Sounds Safari is a powerfulanimal sounds learning tool for kids which encourages children tolearn the names of various domestic animals and also their soundson tapping. Kids can learn the names and listen to the sounds ofvarious domestic animals including rabbit, horse, cow, sheep, pigand duck.Learn Animal Sounds Safari provides hours of fun as childrenbegin to learn the domestic animal sounds and names. If you are aparent searching for an application for your child to learn animalsounds and animal names, this application proves to be an ideal onefor you!FEATURES OF ANIMAL SOUNDS SAFARI GAME ARE:✰ Tap to hear and learn sounds of domestic animals✰ Learn domestic animal names and sounds for freeDownload now for your kids to enjoy the Animal Sounds Learningapp!
Itsy Bitsy Spider 3D Rhyme 1.2
The 3D version of the famous nursery rhyme'Itsy Bitsy Spider' is here! Follow the cute little green spider ashe climbs up the water spout, gets washed out and climbs up thewater spout all over again!Features:Great music and song that you can sing along with!Colorful environment to catch your attentionCute characters to keep you entertained!This app is FREE!Get your child (aged 5 and under) acquainted with one of themost popular nursery rhymes ever! Download now!
Timpy Color The Alphabets 1.0
Follow the journey of Timpy robot as youhelphim paint all the letters of the alphabet in different colors!Thisapp makes learning about the alphabets really fun! Not onlythis,your child can also learn the names of different objects fromA toZ! Right from A for apple to Z for zebra!Features:- This app is completely FREE!- 360 degree camera view- Colorful and vibrant environment- Educational contentLearning ABCs is great fun with Timpy robot! Download this appforyour little one right now!
Learn Colors In Space For Kids 1.3
Learning about colors has never been sointeresting! With this interactive 3D space game, you can learnabout all the basic colors as you travel across the universe in a3D spaceship. Enjoy and learn about colors in a colorful animatedenvironment!Features:- Learn about colors for free!- 360 degree camera view- Ideal for toddlers and preschoolersDownload now and have fun!
3D Learn Colors Train for Kids 1.7
Color train is a super fun game which makescolor learning even more interesting for kids! This color traingame will introduce your toddler to a whole new world of amazingcolors. After playing with this game, your toddler will easily namevarious colors, and to associate them with different objects likefruits and animals.Features of Color Train are:- Learn colors for free!- Simple and easy game interface. Toddlers will be able to play iton their own comfortably.Download the color train app now and watch as your toddler learnsthe different colors in a fun way!
Learn Animals Train For Kids 1.2
Board the train and get ready for an AmazingAnimal Train Safari! This colourful app teaches babies and toddlersabout animals they normally see in the zoo. Children can tap whatthey see and listen to the various animal sounds and also learn thedifferent animal names like Elephant, Lion, Wolf, Crocodile,etc.Children will love the adorable illustrations and realistic animalsounds in this Animal Safari Train. The user interface is designedspecially for 1 to 3 year old kids. If your baby or toddler lovesanimals and trains, this is an ideal app for them!FEATURES OF ANIMAL SAFARI TRAIN ARE:✎ Listen to Animal Sounds on tapping✎ Free Animal Recognition✎ Motivating app to learn and get introduced to various animalslike Boar, Stag, Wolf, Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Zebra, Hippo,Crocodile, Bear and Fox.Get the Animal Safari Train app and have a fun-filled animalsafari!
Free Daily Horoscope Reading - Zodiac Profile 2017 2.9
What kind of day will it be for you today? Useyour daily horoscope to plan your day, every day - instantly! Withdaily horoscope stay prepared for the transitions in life, problemsto face. Also know what things will work for you and what won'twith this free horoscope. Just choose your zodiac sign from amongstthe different sun signs:♈ - Aries (March 21 – April 19)♉ - Taurus (April 20 – May 20)♊ - Gemini (May 21 – June 20)♋ - Cancer (June 21 – July 22)♌ - Leo (July 23 – August 22)♍ - Virgo (August 23 – September 22)♎ - Libra (September 23 – October 22)♏ - Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)♐ - Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)♑ - Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)♒ - Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)♓ - Pisces (February 19 – March 20)FEATURES OF DAILY ZODIAC HOROSCOPE ARE:❂ Free Daily Horoscope 2017 : Get your zodiac horoscope on love,work, money & more for yesterday, today and tomorrow❂ Get your complete astrological profile : Know your astrologicalSymbol, Element, Ruling Planet, Love Life, Qualities based on yoursun sign, Lucky Color, Lucky Stone, Lucky Day, Lucky Number andmore❂ Know about your personality : Discover your important strengths& weaknesses. Analyze your friend's, family or partner'spersonality❂ Find out your traits : Explore your traits based on your zodiacsign❂ Traits about men and women : Find out positive traits as well asnegative characteristics according to a specific zodiac sign❂ Get your compatibility : Understand your perfect match with ourzodiac compatibility analysis❂ Share free daily horoscope results with your friends and familyon Facebook, WhatsApp, etcChoose your zodiac sign – Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo,Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius or Piscesand get complete astrological predictions everyday for free.Download this free daily horoscope today and experience the impactof your sun sign.
5000+ Trivia Games & Quizzes 1.7
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Love is in the air! Share romantic andpassionate messages along with beautiful images to let someone knowhow much you love them. Filled with lovely quotes, short poems, andsayings, this app is perfect to make your significant other feelextra special. You can easily share these wonderful images onlineas a status update or as a message to your special someone! Theselove images are guaranteed to touch your heart.Features:- Over 1000 Love images- Share them via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc.- Save your favorite images- Save images on your phone
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Timpy Train In Fantasy Land! The best 3D traingame app for kids is here! Start the train and enjoy the majesticview as you cruise along the track laid out in fantasy land.Timpy Train travels in Fantasy Land! Ride around in fantasyland, where penguins roam and snowmen dance in the snow. The traintravels through colorful tunnels! Don't forget to cherish themountains and ice-cream cones floating in mid-air! This fantasyland is surely magical! Kids will love this train ride forsure.What makes this game come alive is the 360 degrees camera viewthat makes this game an absolute delight.Features:* This app is totally free.* 3D train for kidsTimpy Train in Fantasy Land is absolutely free and apt fortoddlers below 5 years of age. Download this kids train game todayand set your child's imagination free!
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Dance and sing along to popular NurseryRhymes.With interactive animations, catchy music and cute characters,these popular Nursery Rhymes are fun and educational for yourchild!4 Popular Nursery Rhymes: Hey Diddle Diddle, Mary Had a LittleLamb, One Two Three Four Five and Row Row Row Your Boat.Nursery Rhymes are educational and fun. They teach kids theirfirst sounds, words, actions and are really important for theiroverall development.Download Popular Nursery Rhymes & Songs now for your kid andhelp them learn through play.
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Story Rhymes are here to enthrall yourkids.They are very interactive and fun to play with. The storiesare ina song to sing along or narrated to read along. They aretotallyentertaining and educational for the little kids. Loadedwith twostories, The Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood &The ThreeLittle Pigs, the story rhymes pack lots of musical fun forlittlechildren.Benefits & Features:- The Ugly Duckling, Little Red Riding Hood & The ThreeLittlePigs are totally FREE.- Three modes: Sing for me, Read for me, Read by myself- Attractive graphics, funny and colorful characters.- Plenty of music, sounds and interactive animations tokeepchildren busy.- Word by word highlighting for song lyrics andnarrativetext.- Perfect for 3-6 years old.
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Locate the best and free nursery rhymeswithfinest video animations and interactive elements for yourkidshere! Tune into this free nursery rhymes app, dance andsing-alongto your beloved nursery rhymes Little Miss Muffet, LittleJackHorner & Ding Dong Bell.FEATURES OF BEST NURSERY RHYMES AND SONGS ARE:⍣ Enjoy the nursery rhymes for free⍣ Great video animations with interactive elements to keep yourkidengagedDownload and listen to the free nursery rhymes LittleMissMuffet, Little Jack Horner & Ding Dong Bell on loop andenjoythe animations!
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The more attention, love, and support shown toyour significant other the stronger your bond will be. Couples thatdisplay their affection regularly have better odds of stayingconnected and working relationship problems out when they arisethan those that do not.70% of relationships fail due to poor communication whicheventually makes the pair grow apart. The key to everlasting loveis keeping the romance alive bye regularly sending love messages toyour girlfriend.Letting someone know that you're thinking of them and that they areimportant to you can make a huge difference in the way they respondto you on a daily basis.Sending a love message is one of the best ways to show yourdevotion and affection for the light of your life.Download this app to send love messages to your girlfriend!Features:- Share them via Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter etc.- 'Heart' your favorite poems
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SuperHero Santa Christmas Game is afreeChristmas Game for kids! Help Santa Claus to kill theevilsnowmen, Yetis and the Green Monster to save Christmas in thisfun– filled action – packed platform game!This free Christmas Game features 5 challenging levels,eachtougher than the previous one! The rich colorful graphicsandbackground music will keep you engaged! Help Santa to killthesnowmen and other evil guys to unlock every level. Danger lurksonevery platform. Remember to collect coins and powers!FEATURES OF SUPERHERO SANTA CHRISTMAS GAME ARE:✎ 5 challenging levels✎ Awesome music and graphics✎ Higher levels make it difficult to kill the monsters!✎ Play this free Christmas Game with your friends and see whotakesthe least time to finish each levelGet this awesome Christmas Game NOW for FREE!
Fruit & Vegetable Train Kids 1.6
Fruit and Vegetable Train for Kids is aneducational game for toddlers to study and learn the English namesof fruits and vegetables. This game makes sure that your childlearns them with accurate pronunciation. Colorful, crunchy andhealthy fruits and vegetables are an important part of your child’sdiet. This game will surely get them even more interested in yummyfruits and vegetables! Kids can travel on this train and learn thenames of various fruits and vegetables easily. The train will takethe kids to different stops and halt at every fruit and vegetable.After halting, kids can listen to the voice-over which teaches themhow to say the name of that particular fruit or vegetable!FEATURES OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLE GAME ARE:* Learn fruits and vegetables for FREE* 360 degree camera view* Totally ad-free!* Captivating graphics* Ideal for children under the age of 5.Download now and begin the exciting journey of learning thedifferent fruit and vegetable names!
3D Truck Driving Game For Kids 1.3
Timpy Truck In Fantasy Land is an awesome 3Dtruck game app for kids! Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers,this game app is a great way to keep children entertained. Thisgame app is extremely easy to play, too! All you have to do isstart the truck and enjoy the majestic view as you cruise along thetrack laid out in fantasy land.Ride around in the fantasy land, where penguins roam and snowmendance in the snow. Sounds fun,doesn't it? The truck even travelsthrough colorful tunnels! Don't forget to look at the mountains andice-cream cones floating in the air! This fantasy land is somagical that kids will surely fall in love with it.Features:* This app is totally FREE* 3D truck for kids* Colorful surroundings to keep your child engaged.Timpy Truck in Fantasy Land is absolutely free and ideal fortoddlers below 5 years of age. Download this kids truck game todayand set your child's imagination free!
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Welcome to Timpy Train in Space! The best 3Dtrain game app for kids is here! Start the train and enjoy themajestic view of interstellar beauty as you cruise along the tracklaid out in open space.Timpy Train travels in space! Ride around in space, where thetracks are made of rainbow and there are planets and stars orbitingaround you! The planets have rainbows for rings, huge cars andtrains ride on them, and there are animals in spacesuit orbitingthe planets! Don't forget to cherish giant watermelons andstrawberries along your journey!What makes this game come alive is the 360 degrees camera viewthat makes this game an absolute delight.Features:* This app is totally free.* 360 degree camera viewTimpy Train in Space is absolutely free and apt for toddlersbelow 5 years of age. Download this kids train game today and setyour child's imagination free!
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'Humpty Dumpty' is one of the most popularchildren's nursery rhymes and now it's available in 3D! Learn allabout Humpty in this interactive app!The cute animations and colorful environment will surely delightyour little kids. Your toddler can sing-along to this nurseryrhyme, learn and also have fun! Ideal for children under the age of5.The features of this app are:* Interactive animations* Cute and funny sounds* Entertaining animation* Easy to navigate* It's FREE!
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Learning to count has never been so fun! Withthe interactive Number Train game in 3D Space you can learn basicof numbers and counting as the train takes you on a number tour.Enjoy and learn numbers in a fun-filled and interactiveenvironment!Features of Number Space Train are:- Learn numbers for free- Simple user interface- Ideal for toddlers and pre-schoolersDownload now and have fun learning numbers!