Track My Fitness Apps

Exercise Tracker: Wear Fitness 3.1.2
Exercise Tracker is the only app thatautomatically identifies exercises, counts your repetitions, andlogs all of your workouts for you!How to train new exercises in Free Mode:1. Start app on watch and perform exercise.2. Tap watch and give it a name.3. Save.That’s it! The next time you perform the movement, ExerciseTracker will automatically identify the exercise.In guided mode, you can build your own custom workout program,the watch will guide you through the workout and track you alongthe way. We introduced this feature in version 3.0.0 per yourrequests. It is a major new release, bugs are inevitable, pleasebear with us and email us to report problems, so that we canimprove your user experience.- TrackMyFitness uses the Android™ Wear fitness watch to trackyour body on the -X, -Y, -Z axis.- Manual workout log and fitness journal feature worksincredibly even without an Android Wear fitness watch.- Get more accurate calories burned feedback then with typicalfitness tracker or exercise tracker because TrackMyFitness knowsEXACTLY which exercises you’re performing!- It takes just 3 seconds to train any new exercise from yourAndroid Wear fitness watch so there’s no limit to how manyexercises TrackMyFitness can track in your workout journal.- TrackMyFitness works as your Crossfit log ( wod log ),bodybuilding log, weightlifting tracker, strength training journal,HIIT workout tracker, TRX training journal, kettlebell traininglog, calisthenics exercise journal, machine workout tracker, cardioworkout log, and much much more!- Exercise tracker also records your time in your workout logwith built in interval timer and stopwatch.- Stay motivated with remarkable progress tracking including 1rep max estimates and calories burned- Great to use for home fitness tracking or a gym log.- The only Android Wear fitness app to auto identify yourexercises.- Auto repetition counting and exercise tracking compatibleAndroid Wear fitness watches include: Moto 360, Moto 360 2ndgeneration, Fossil Q, Samsung Gear Live, Huawei Watch, SonySmartwatch 3, LG Watch Urbane, and LG Watch RTips for more accurate fitness tracking:- Wear your watch just a little higher on your wrist than usual.(above the bone)- Tighten the watch on your wrist. (just snug, not a deathgrip)Developer Note:This is a new technology and you’re one of the first to try it out!We know it’s not perfect yet.Instead of leaving a negative review, please help us improve theapp for everyone by reporting bugs to [email protected] you!
Track My Golf Swing Analyzer 2.0.6
Track My Golf delivers a golf swing analyzerright on your wrist. Watch your golf swing at up to 200 samples persecond, as captured by the built-in motion sensors of your Android™Wear watch. There’s no extra hardware to buy (similar products sellfor up to $150).An Android Wear watch is required in order to capture your golfswing analysis.Track My Golf Features:- Find out your golf swing power and speed measured in MPH(speed measured is hand swing speed, not club head speed)- Visualize your golf swing form in 3D- Rotate view in any direction to look at your golf swing from anyangle- Up to 200 samples/second (depending on your watch sensor) so thatyou can see details no human eye can capture- A number of data reported including hand swing speed, tempo,swing plane, impact angle, swing path, grip angle, and golf swingpower.- Swing data stored in the cloud so that you can revisit at anytime- No Internet connection required during swing. Your Android Weargolf swing analysis saved to cloud when the phone is connected tothe Internet later.- Support both left-handed & right-handed golferThis golf swing trainer tool is extremely helpful in visualizingyour arm movement through the swing. For example, you can visualizehow your arm cross over through the impact zone. Another use of theAndroid Wear golf swing reader, if you tend to cast early, you canvisualize your arm pushing out and swinging outside in tocompensate.Advantages compared to other golf swing analyzers on themarket:- No hardware to buy, just use your Android Wear watch. Otheranalyzers cost $150+- No calibration, no set up. Start the golf swing trainer app andplay.- No switching. No need to switch the sensor when you switch thegolf club.- No extra weight. Nothing is attached to the shaft, so your golfswing power and form are never affected. You can even use it on thegolf course to capture your game swings.Limitations: Because the sensor location is on your wrist, youwill not see problems associated with your hand. For example, ifyou flip your hand or un-hinge too early, you will not be able tovisualize the problem. However, a hand flip is usually a result ofcompensating for an early arm casting, so you can get a hint fromyour arm trajectory.We appreciate your feedbacks. If you see a problem or have asuggestion, please do not just leave a negative rating (yes 4* is abad rating, we have a high standard :-)), because we have no ideawhy. Tell us the problem so that we can improve the product. Betteryet, email us directly at [email protected] Like other reviews havementioned, we provide a speedy support, we typically respond within30 minutes.Device compatibility:LG G: Tested working well. It samples at 200 samples/second.Samsung Gear Live: Sample at 200 samples/second. This watch'ssensor has a limited range, if you have a fast swing, it may bebeyond what the sensor can capture. We have a special sensor fusionalgorithm to get around it, but the accuracy suffers. These sensorlimitations are beyond our control.Moto 360 (both gen): It samples at 25 samples/second. You willsee a coarse output, there is nothing we can do in our app to fixthe sampling issue. 2nd gen's sensor occasionally freezes, pleasereboot the watch, which will fix the problem.Huawei: Sample at 100 samples/second. Working well.Sony SmartWatch 3: Tested, works well. It samples at 200samples/second.Others: We have user reporting that it works perfectly fine onother watches, such as LG G R, Asus Zenwatch, and Tag HeuerConnected.
Personal Trainer: Home Workout 3.1.1
Personal Trainer by Track My Fitness is justlike having your own personal trainer on your phone or smartwatch.Just select your workout and get moving!- Get faster results with a gym or home fitness program designedby a personal trainer based on your fitness level, goals, andmore.- Enjoy fresh, new home workout videos added each week to theapp including Weight Loss, Cardio, HIIT, Abs, and StrengthTraining- Exercise with or with equipment- Gym or home workouts for women and workouts for men- No more pen and paper with easy exercise routine logging.- Workout routines designed by celebrity personal trainer, CoachKozak, have been used by millions of men and women to achieveunbelievable results.- Expert instruction with full length home workout videos.- Follow your motivational trainer using your phone or AndroidWear Watch.- Watch timer instructs you how long to perform each exerciseroutine and how long to rest.- Get more accurate calories burned feedback then with typicalfitness trackers because our fitness app knows EXACTLY whichexercises you’re performing!- Stay motivated with remarkable progress tracking including 1rep max estimates and calories burned- Verbal cues from both men and women personal trainers makesure you’re using proper form to keep you safe and healthy.- 100’s of workouts to choose from including: weight lossworkouts, hiit workouts (high intensity interval training), cardioworkouts (aerobic exercises), strength training exercises, bodyweight routines, beginner exercises, weight training work outs- Workout routines by body part include: ab exercises, armworkouts, butt exercises, chest workouts, legs exercises, andshoulder workout routines.- Personal trainer routines work great as home workouts and gymexercise routines.- Follow along with personal training on your Android Wearfitness watch.- The only Android Wear fitness app to auto count yourrepetitions while you follow along!- Auto repetition counting compatible Android Wear fitnesswatches include: Moto 360, Moto 360 2nd generation, Fossil Q,Samsung Gear Live, Huawei Watch, Sony Smartwatch 3, LG WatchUrbane, and LG Watch RDeveloper Note:We appreciate your feedback. If you see a problem or have asuggestion, please do not just leave a negative rating (yes 4* is abad rating, we have a high standard :-)), because we have no ideawhy.Please tell us the problem so that we can improve the product byemailing us directly at [email protected] Like other reviews havementioned, we provide speedy support and we typically respondwithin 30 minutes.Thank you!