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CBSE NCERT Solutions Class 10 2.2.4
Smartur Study App for CBSE Class 10 Maths& Class 10 Science based on NCERT curriculum.The CBSE app includes NCERT Solutions for class 10 Maths andScience.This app includes all the chapters of class 10 maths and class10 science for cbse board.Solutions for textbook problems are provided for maths.The app also includes the Digilab. Digilab is an Augmentedreality science lab created for teachers to help bring scienceteaching alive. The augmented reality module includes 300+ Modelsfor all grades. This app has been specially created to make sciencefun, game like and stress free. The 3d augmented reality modelshelp students understand concepts easily. The magical 3D augmentedreality format holds the interest of the students through stunningvisualization and aids understanding in ways not possiblebefore.Some of the awesome features in the app include:Augmented Reality ViewStereoscopic 3D ViewInteractive 3D ViewSome of the 3d models included in the app are:Human anatomySkeleton systemDigestive systemrespiratory systemexcretory systemanimal cellplant cellBrainArrangement and types of teethParts of EarSectional view of eyeBacteriumhydragerminationParts of a flowerAmoebaParameciumHeartNephronNeuronKidneysTissuesChromosomesEuglenaSkinReproductive systemendocrine glandsskeletonatomic structureelectric circuitFlemings left hand ruleMagnetic field linesHypermetropiaMyopiaConvex lensconvex mirrorconcave lensconcave mirrorElectron dot structure of ethane, ethenemagnetismlightmolecular structure of benzene, carbon di oxide, methane, ethaneetc.Animals include animated dinosaur, animated tiger, elephant,giraffe, fish, deer, stag, rhino, hippo, duck, dolphin, beetle,penguin, rat, scorpion, tortoise etc.Fruits like Apple, orange, Mango,pomegranate, banana, guava,pear, pineapple etc.Many flowers like hibiscus, jasmine, sun flower, lily, lotus,rose, tulip.10 types of christmas trees used across America.Important monuments like lincoln memorial, statue of liberty,liberty bell etc.Cool interactions available in the App are:Titles for each partTake apart individual partsHide partsHighlight partsSet transparencyBreak up the whole modelAnalyze partsTake a screenshot of the modelPen tool for drawing.Go ahead! Give it a try. You will love it!