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PDF Converter Pro 6.06
Quickly and easily convert files betweenformats with PDF Converter Pro.Preview your file conversions directly in the app. Your conversionswill be backed up automatically and when you get a newdevice.Furthermore, your converted files can be downloaded to your phoneand shared directly to Gmail, Google+, Facebook and others.Supported input types:* PDF* DOC* DOCX* PPT* PPTX* XLS* XLSX* ODT* JPG* BMP* PNG* TIFFSupported output types:* PDF* PNG* TIFF* BMP* JPGFor example, you can convert DOCX to PDF, PPT to PDF, PDF to PNG,etc.All users get 2 free file conversions. Unlimited conversions areavailable via in-app purchase.
Invoice & Estimate - ProBooks 6.02
ProBooks is a premium invoice app tosend invoices & estimates to your customers and stayorganized.Every invoice and estimate you create is automatically synced inrealtime between all of your devices. Never worry about losing aninvoice because you didn't backup.• Create professional PDF invoices with your logo on it• Accept a credit card payment for your invoice and get money intoyour bank account• Put your payment terms on your invoices so you get paidquickly• Create recurring invoices and subscriptions for your customers tobe automatically charged via credit card• Create an estimate to get the job and then convert the estimateinto an invoice• Send invoices with the press of a button and receive a pushnotification when an invoice is opened• Use our web version at home or in the office, and use our mobileapps on the go• Get your own online portal for your customers toview their invoices and estimates, pay via credit card, or see astatement with their unpaid invoice balance• Invite your business partners into your company to share yourProBooks company's data. If they create an invoice, it willautomatically sync with you.• Create a list of products to quickly add them to an invoice. Youcan keep track of inventory for your products if needed. Every timeyou add a product to an invoice, it will automatically be deductedfrom your inventory.• Add taxes to your invoice for the items you choose and use ourautomated accounting to keep track of how much tax you charge everymonth and year• Track payments for each invoice and know which customers owe youmoney• Simple interface to make an invoice with advanced features whenyou need them• Detailed accounting information with breakdowns of revenue,expenses, and taxes• Easily export your invoices to a CSV fileAll new users receive a free trial for 21 days. All features areunlocked. A monthly ($2.99) or yearly ($29.99) subscription isrequired for unlimited use. Your subscription unlocks all ProBooksplatforms (web and mobile).Previously called Invoice Maker Pro.
Time Boss: Time Billing 1.07
Looking for a time tracker that automatically createsPDFinvoices for you and makes time billing a lot easier? Time Bossisyour solution.Whether you’re a contractor, consultant, freelancer, own yourownbusiness or just want an easy way to create billable timerecords,Time Boss is for you! Effortlessly manage time records,clientinformation and invoices while tracking time with the pressof abutton. Ready, set, start your time tracker!- Pause and resume time record at any time or manuallysettime- Input hourly rate and total amount earned will becalculatedautomatically- Create and customize invoice (PDF) with company logoandpersonalized message- Save billable invoices and e-mail to clients asanattachment- Assign unique codes to each client and add expensestoinvoice- Timer continues tracking even after app is killed or phone isshutoff- Preview invoices directly on your device