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Kaplooey! Mastermind Premium 1.09
Same old Kaplooey with ALL content unlockedfor one low price. Get all currently available and future contentfree! Crack the code, beat the clock, save the bear! Completecollections to craft new items. With Kaplooey! Premium, you get allcontent available on day of release (currently the only versionwith additional content) for a one-time fee.
Kaplooey! Mastermind 1.10
Kaplooey is a fast-paced Mastermind styledcode breaker game. It is a timed game, requiring you to decipherthe code before time runs out. There is a time bomb attached to ateddy bear. Crack the code to disarm the bomb and save the bear!When you win, you will be rewarded with a collectible. Completecollections to unlock new bears. Collect them all!New collections and bears are pdated monthly, so the content isforever expanding four hours of fun play. Beware: Playing this gamecan be incredibly addictive and can lead to hours ofenjoyment!