TwinSMS Systems Apps

TWIN Free SMS 2.1.8
SEND FREE SMS AND TEXT MESSAGESWORLDWIDE Also send emotiSOUNDS™, emoticons with sound that weinvented to make your communications more fun.In addition to sending international free sms to any of yourcontacts with twin you can send photos, videos, music and allkinds of media files to other users up to 10 Gb!Also use interesting options like the walkie-talkie functionto send voice messages that will play directly when you send themor the new voice to text translation feature to chat withouthaving to write your messages with the keyboard.Enjoy sending a twin!Terms of use and Privacy policy of the app:
TWIN is not just a messaging app to sendall your messages and free sms, it is also a social networkand community of users with whom you can share with quickly andeasily your posts, photographs and experiences.Chat with your friends and have fun sending emotiSOUNDS™, emoticonswith sound that we invented to make your communications morefun.With TWIN you can send free sms and now you can send yourphotos, videos, music and all sorts of files and documents up to10Gb!Terms of use and Privacy policy of the app:
Ye Sounds 4.2.0
Use Ye to edit audio files MP3, OGG, WAV, AACand AMR and create your own ringtones, alarms andnotifications.Create emotiSOUNDS™With Ye you will create your own emotiSOUNDS™, small sound filesthat you can use like a normal emoticon but with an associatedsound.The chorus of your favorite song, a funny sound, a cry, a kiss...create it with Ye and always you will have it available to sharevia your favorite messaging application!Get free sounds with Ye, animal sounds, funny sounds and muchmore.Change your notifications sounds in your Android smartphone. Recordsounds, edit sounds and share sounds, everything is permitted inYe. Easily change your android notifications whit Ye. Freeringtones and funny sounds with Ye.
Telodoygratis - app to recycle and to give things 2.4.0
Telodoygratis is a solidary and collaborativeproject with which you can get free products offered by other usersand with which you can participate and help others sharing thethings you no longer need.Give a second life to the things you have at home and even if youthink you no longer use someone else you may need them. Just givegives high and publish the item you want to give.You can donate clothes, dresses and accessories or to gift toys forchildren who have nothing, offer the furniture you want to changeat home and you thought to throw or just give away the things thatyou no longer use. In this way you will help to reuse things andyou will contribute to create a more sustainable world.And if you are interested in any product or item you just have tocontact the user who gives it away to get it.Sign up now and enjoy recycling and sharing things withothers.
Wendoo 1.4.2
Wendoo is the only app that allows you tosimultaneously sell, rent or exchange items and products in oneapp.With Wendoo you can buy and sell online all kinds of products, fromelectronics, home appliances, computers or mobile phones to secondhand cars, motorcycles and bikes, as well as sporting goods andstuff for babies, floors and apartments or furniture for home. Youcan also find cheap clothes, dresses, shoes, jewelry and fashionaccessories that other users sell close to you.Publish all the things and products that you want to sell and otherusers will contact you through the integrated chat in theapp.In addition to the ads you create, you can also select the optionsfor sale, rent or exchange, indicating the corresponding prices foreach option, so that with Wendoo you will have many more options tomake money with your products than with other similar apps.