Ulster University ODL Apps

Virtual Academy 1.1.4
Explore a 3D simulation of the Academyrestaurant at the Belfast campus of Ulster University. Get aninsight into studying for a degree in this area and an overview ofworking in the hospitality sector.Features:Explorable 3D models of bar, kitchen and dining room areasTime-Lapse video of kitchen during serviceTime-Lapse video of dining room during serviceA video interview with industry guestInstructional video of table settingInstructional video of best practice in wine service
Passport To Engineering 1.3
'Passport to Engineering' is a fun, learningenvironment designed to help students engage with engineeringworkshop safety concepts and challenge your general knowledge ofheath and safety requirements.Looking to study a career in mechanical engineering or gainpractical experience in an engineering workshop?Before you can enter any workshop environment students must firstunderstand the basic rules of health and safety. It is essentialthat students are aware of the dangers involved in working withmachinery and gain an understanding of the risks and safetyissues.Features :• A series of puzzle based challenges designed to help studentsengage with and learn the 10 general workshop safety rules.• Knowledge based assessment - Put what you learn to thetest.• A fun way for students to engage with workshop safety and raiseawareness of safety issues.
Nursing Skills Lab 1.1
Nursing Skills Lab provides avirtualenvironment to guide nursing students through the typicallayoutand features of a hospital ward. Navigating the environmentanddiscovering various information points provides an overwiew oftheenvironmental features and technical processes required fornursingtraining.Features:Two distinct environments with discoverableeducationalinformation- Health & Safety environment- Core Skills environment- Additional video tutorial content demonstratingprofessionalnursing skills