Undefined DevWorks Apps

Space Pursuit 1.0
Help 'Mark' to find 'Roselin' who is lostinspace!The game is based on a very simple idea: In space,youkeep moving in a direction until an external forcestopsyou.You have to navigate puzzles and mazes, dodge nuclear fires,fightaliens (And other surprise enemies).And remember, you have to plot your puzzly path to home asinertiakeeps you floating in a given direction.Features:★ 97 Levels★ Lovely Music★ Never Seen Gameplay★ Immersive Story★ Emphasis on Laws of Physics★ Learn trivia of Galaxies
RunForLight 1.0
You're an alien who crashed onto earth fromaweird planet which doesn't have darkness.Your health depletes over time when you are not in presenceoflight.Now you have to run through darkest yet beautiful landscapeslikeplanes, deserts, villages, swamps, broken bridges and cavesfilledwith surprises on earth, in search of light.Let's see how far you can go!Credits:Music: http://www.purple-planet.com: Death MarchModels: Blendswap and Unity asset store