UpsideAlien Apps

Icosian 1.0
An addictive and challenging puzzle gamewhereyou must traverse a graph by going over every single line butonlyonce.You are awarded stars for the number of lines you manage totraverseand can use these stars to progress onto more difficultand complexchallenges.
Pecking Order 1.1
Eat your way to the top of the food chaininthis bird eat bird world. Our hungry bird starts life smallandunder threat but, through a healthy diet of cannibalism, eatstheirway to the top of the food chain.In this game relying on skill, steely nerves and a bit ofluck,the aim is simply to eat as much as you can without succumbingtothe might of the larger predators or the poisoned prey.In this single-tap game the controls are accessible for allagesand offer the opportunity to immediately start honing yourskillsin navigating this dangerous world filled with HungryBirds.
Connect the Web 1.0
Connect the Web so that every dot hasthecorrect amount of lines joined to it.