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GPA Calculator 5.4
Usama Daood
GPA calculator will calculate semester GPA andmuch more services.User will be enjoy ..1. See hostel Mess2. Upload Status.3. See profiles to others.4. give us feed back to improve the services.
Merit Aggregate.. 1.2
Usama Daood
This application is developed to find themerit aggregates of different universities in Pakistan.By using this application, user can also calculate Medical MeritCalculate.1. Engineering Universities are following which are included.i. UET, ii. NUST iii. PIEAS, iv. NTU , v. UAF, vi. FAST2. Include medical Merit Aggregate.
Daily Task Manager 1.2
Usama Daood
This app provides facility to create listofdaily task and you can also set priority of your tasks.Forexample, you are a student in University and you are givenbyassignments, you can also set assignments tasks in that DailyTaskManager.If you are going to buy some grocery, then you must create a listofGrocery Items and then you can purchase that items andtaskcompleted option also include.A list will be provided to your complete tasks.