User Experience in Vibration Apps

Rope Rumble 1.0.16
The best action rpg game on your Android! Andit's free!Exciting and fun physics based multiplayer game!Use your rope to fly through a beautiful urban landscape in thisrope swinging multiplayer race game.Do you have what it takes to win the race?Features:- Swing through a beautiful cityscape. Can you recognize thefamous buildings?- Fun physics based game play- Many different Heroes to unlock- Race against other players and compete for victory- Collect special power ups such as a jetpacks, shields andmagnets- Collect coins and items to upgrade your HeroDownload now and experience the joy of racing through variouscityscapes!If you have any issues with the game, please contact our supportat [email protected] out the Rope Rumble website at Rumble is developed and published by UXvibe.
Sudoku and Friends 1.1.2
Online multiplayer Sudoku! Fast, fun and youcan play it with your friends! Sudoku like you NEVERtried it before.Sudoku and Friends has two modes of playing online real-timemultiplayer and traditional single player mode with 5difficulty levels.MULTIPLAYERIn multiplayer mode you play against another person in real-time,the player that has the most points when the Sudoku is filled wins!The rules:• Placing a correct digit on the board gives you one point• If you try to place an incorrect digit your opponent getsone point!• If both players place the correct digit at the same cell at thesame time both players get one pointoh... and you only have 60 seconds to find a correct digit!Watch the yellow bar above the Sudoku board, it shows how much timeyou have left. After 30 seconds a correct digit is placed on theboard and the point goes to your opponent!Clicking the Play button will match you against a randomplayer. To challenge friends you need to be logged in - click theLogin at the bottom of the screen. Login with your Facebookor UXvibe account. Now you can click the Challenge friendicon on the start screen. If you are logged in you can alsochallenge opponents for U-coins - you can use your U-coinsacross all games that support UXvibe logins.SINGLE PLAYERThe single player mode gives a choice of 5 different difficultylevels, start on easy and work your way to the INSANElevel.Only the easy level is unlocked at start, to unlock the nextlevel you need to need to light one light bulb, do this byfinishing 5 sudokus successfully!Sudoku and Friends was developed by in cooperation - The CasualMultiplayer platform.
UXVibe 1.0.1
This is where you find great multiplayergames! This app collects all games that are part of the UXvibenetwork of games.• Find new multiplayer games to play• Buy U-coins which you can spend in all games in thenetwork• Set your UXvibe avatar, used in all the gamesYour UXvibe account can be used to login in all the games and holdsyour game statistics, coins and much more!