Vague Entertainment Apps

CafeSync 1.81.4
CafeSync is a location-based "card" sharingservice that connects you to those around you. Whether you are abusiness, artist, musician, or any other person who needs to getnoticed, CafeSync aims to make it easier.How it works:Using GPS or Wifi connections, you leave your footprint whereveryou go, and as you go you will pick up other users' cards and/orleave your own. These cards are designed to put you in the bestlight possible by letting you choose what the other users see. Byconnecting your social networking services to the card you share,you can give possible employers, customers, or fans a quick andeasy way to find out about you. Or, if you would rather, just goincognito and collect cards without sharing your own.There are two search areas: "Passersby" (who is around you and whoyou passed that day) and "Area" (which includes everyone in a 30-50mile radius). Whether you are looking or wanting to be found, youknow that those looking at your card are in the same area, or, ifyou are on the road, interested in similar things based on theirlocations.Timed deletion: As the service grows, there will be times when youare inundated with new cards. Thankfully, CafeSync will get rid ofunsaved cards after 72 hours from your list. Of course, you canalways delete them sooner if you so choose.Saved cards: Once you save a card, you will find it in the Contactsarea of the application. In future versions, you will be able tosend connection requests and chat with those who accept therequest.Never out of date: One of the biggest issues with contact lists, orbusiness cards, is that at some point the information provided isno longer valid. In a world that changes as quickly as the weather,it is imperative that your contacts stay up-to-date. With CafeSync,that's exactly how it works.Swapping: Sometimes you want to make sure you get someone's cardsafely stored in your contacts area before the end of aconversation. With CafeSync, this is made easy by using the swapfeature represented by the CafeSync "Synced Cups." Wherever you seethis icon you can generate a one-time code to share your card (orany card) to any CafeSync user, or accept a card by inputting itsone-time code. Once the code is entered on the recipient's app, thecard is saved in their contacts, so there is no need worrying aboutloosing their card before getting back to the office the nextday.We are still in the early days, so if you download this app be sureto tell your friends and colleagues about it--as that will be theonly way the service will really shine.
VolaTile 1.02
Small Update: We are currently workingonrefreshing the servers, due to a major issue within the companywehave had to rebuild the multi-player experience. Stay tunedThe rules are simple enough. Make a line in any direction offiveor more and score points. For lines with more than five tilesyoureceive bonus points that stack with each extra tile. Simpleenough?Wait! There is more! After a set time limit any lockedtiles selfdestruct opening the location for new tiles to beplaced. Theselocations remain volatile for 4 turns giving only aone second cooldown before destruct. Any line created off ofvolatile...tile isgranted a 2x bonus. Vola-Tile will be used astest bed for Cafe-Syncand its abilities.
Num-Nom 1.3
Num-Nom is a math search game where you play alittle monster the NumNom as he tries to collect as many numbercookies as he can before he noms down. However, there are bad guystrying to stop our hero. So as the levels progress the need forspeed is paramount.Num-Nom is a part of the App A Week series, and are given awayfree of charge, but if you like this game or any of the otherapplications created by Vague Entertainment consider dropping adollar or two to our Patreon page. The funds we raise will help usmake more content like Num-Nom for children and families alike.
HelioGraph 1.9.8
Post what you want, how you want. If you ownthe rights to post it, we wont censor it. However it is up to youto rate offensive material so that others can filter it out if theyso choose. HelioGraph wants will remain free of ads, free oftracking, and beholden only to it's users.Use Patreon or Flattr? You can link the images you post back tothose accounts. New features and integration will happen as theuser base grows.Only in English at the moment (sorry)
BiblioFile 1.9.8
BiblioFile is a library management toolthatallows the user to maintain their personal collections throughaeasy to use interface. It allows other users to lend andborrowbooks from one another through the use of a 4 digitPIN.This is the second program created in the AppAWeek ChallengefromVague Entertainment. Updates for this program along with allotherAAW programs will be done on the 4th week of the Challenge.Feelfree to follow us on Facebook, G+,Twitter and Patreon to findoutmore about AAW or to request a application be made or a featurebeadded.