Valumae Apps

Do it faster 0.9.2
What? Do you have a few minutes and youdon'tknow how to fill them? Don't worry! Do it faster is here!Do it faster is a new and simple game that everyone canenjoy.You have to do everything that Turtlitas says... before thetimeexpires!As simple as that... try it!Note: This was my very first app, I know it's buggy. I don'twantto improve it because it was aimed just for learning purposes.But Istill love it, so it will stay on GooglePlay...
The Teacher
Organize your student info withthiseasy-to-use app!The teacher allows you to keep:--The personal info of each student--The marks of each student--The missed classes of each student--All the classes you need--One-click contact to students' parents--More to come!If you need additional features contact me with no doubt!How To:STUDENT INFO SCREEN--From the ActionBar you can: move through students,updatestudent info, delete student or see his/her marks.--When editing, first thing you need is the studentID(unique).--Clicking on any of the phone/mail icons will contactthatperson.STUDENT MARKS--NOTE:Marks will save automatically when leaving thisscreen.--From the ActionBar you can: add/delete subjects or deletethewhole marks.--From the table you can add subjects and quarters.ASSISTANCE SCREEN--Clicking SEND you can contact the parents of the UNCHECKEDstudents and let them know that their kids have not cometoschool.--Clicking SAVE will record the missed class of theUNCHECKEDstudents in their info panels.SETTINGS SCREEN--From here you can select the predefined class, delete dewholedata base (this WILL ERASE all user data), request any newfeatureyou desire or open this HowTo screen.RATE OR DONATE SCREEN--From here you can rate the app or support the developer.Alsoyou can remove the ads.
Bank Me 2.0
My second app!This one has improved drawings (I draw like a five years oldboy,though) :pAbout the app:The rich people is who rules our world. If you want to seehowsome of them earn their money, this is your app.This story might be real or not, your call.NOTE: New levels will be available every few weeks (or months;)).