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Hip Hop Music and Rap Radios 1.02
Hip Hop Music n Rap Radios is the best placetolisten you loved music like: hip hop mixtapes, all the new hiphopsongs, old school rap music and a lot more!We have the best internet radio stations for you in the hiphopand rap, and you know: Online radios shows you the top hiphopmusic and songs.So, This is your oportunity to have your favorite hip hopmusicand rap songs just in one place, See you inside the app!
Anime Music Manga Radios Free 1.04
If you love Korean songs this Anime Music appis what you need!Now you can listen the most popular anime radio stations onlinefor free just in your smartphone.So let's get the party started, download this great anime musicand radio app, with the best krock music!
Colombia Radio Stations Online 1.07
Colombian radio stations FM is the app thathas all the radios of Colombia in stereo and lets you listen toradio stations in Colombia live completely free, including Caracolradio stations that broadcast news, sports and music with RCN radioand Olimpica Stereo. (And many more)Characteristics:♥ You can have it all at your pocket best stations AM andFM♥ Stations Bogota, Barranquilla, Medellin and throughout thecountry♥ You can listen to radio online free, you just need your InternetconnectionSo you Upgrade now lives in the wave of Colombian radio stationsFM, you will be the coolest, let the fun begin!
Romantic Songs Best Love Music 1.08
Discover the best love songs with romanticsongs app. This is an app with dozens of online radiostationswhere you can listen to all the greatest love songs for him and heryou want.If you are a love music fan and want to definitely love thisapp's keep in your smartphone.There so manu internet radio stations transmitting right now,and they are transmitting the music you want!Here are some romantic songs radio stations you can listen to onthis app:- Amor 93.1 FM- Amor Stereo- Baladas 24/7- Baladas Romanticas Radio- Besalme Radio- Cafe romantico radio- Colombia romantica radio- FM Dos- Formula Melodica- Ke Buena 940- La Super Estacion- Maria 98.9- Melodia Estereo- Romantica Total Stereo- Disco 89- Corazon 97.3 FM- And Much More!So if you can not wait to start listening to the your favoritemusic download this app now!NOTE: This app does not allow download greatest love songs andpopular music.
Christian Music: Free Gospel 1.11
This App is one of the best options forlistening to Christian music with dozens of Christian radio livewith eternal transmitting a lot of music and 104.1 redeemer who isan excellent Christian radio.These are some of the online Christian radio stations you canlisten in this app:Within these radio stations a variety of musical genres withChristian music such as praise and worship, Reggaeton bachatas andmany more are transmitted.Music is a medium that allows us to get closer every day to ourheavenly Father, and this app will help you grow spiritually everytime you want, you can hear all Christian worship music you want,anytime.Take this app to start up and let the exaltation to God withChristian music!
80s Music and Songs Radio Hits 1.03
The 80s Music is a great app if you love tolisten radios in a new way with Vintage and Radio Retro!With the best internet radios online for free you can enjoy yourfavorite 80s music right now, this are some of the great radiostations you can listen:This is your oportunity to have your favorite 80s bands and 80ssongs just in one place, See you inside the app!
Funny Sounds and Ringtones SMS 1.07
Funny Sounds and Ringtones SMS is a differentapp that aims to make you the coolest guy of the whole group!Yes, that is: Would you like to have the most fun funny soundson the planet?Would you like to share these funny tones for WhatsApp(Wasap)?Then this app is for you!If you want to download the sounds for phone, this app containsmany that will make you laugh nonstop.Sure you will be the most popular kid, you can make jokes withthis app you want, you can put your phone ringingtoned fun and make people laugh with your friends and family likenever before!***INSTRUCTIONS:Open the app and a list of cell phone ringtones will appear. Thegoal is to add more and more to increase the fun.-The Listen and then decide if you want to use, if so, should theringtone and once downloaded, you canuse as you wish:Take this great opportunity, because here you will find funnysounds free phone ...Benefits:♪ Use the App Funny sounds and ringtones sms when and where youwant♪ You can share this App with your friends and familiy...nolimit♪ We will constantly add new funny sounds and ringtones sms so youcan have the last soundsSo get this app now and start divertirde without límies withyour humorous ring tones!
Reggae Music: Rastafari Regge 1.06
Free Reggae music is the App where you canlisten to all the music you want for all reggae Rastafari.If you want to hear reggae in Spanish or romantic're in theright place.Here you will find the best songs!And the most searched categories:♥ Raggamuffin♥ Reggae Brasileiro♥ Reggae RootsSo what are you waiting for? - Download this amazing App reggaesingers to enjoy it to the fullest!NOTE: This app does not allow download or download music.
Top Free Funny Ringtones Phone 1.06
Ring Ring! ... Top Free Funny Ringtones Phonefor cell phone is the app you're looking for if you want to havefun and devertir your friendsor family every time your phone rings.If what you want is to download free ring tones, this app containsmany that will make you spend an excellent time.Imagine that every time your device Sueme everyone around youwill admire and laugh at how funny you are!You will be the most popular of your group ... sure!*** DIRECTIONS:When you open the app shows a list funny sounds, this list willbe expanded each week.-The Desides listen and then if you want to use, for which the toneand downloaded should download, you canuse as you wish:So get this app now and start enjoy without limit with your TopFree Funny Ringtones for cell Phone!
Reggaeton Music: Free Reggeton 1.06
This is the app you are looking for if youwant to listen to reggaeton music, you can do it every time youwant reggaeton radio.If you like Latin Music you're in the right place, with over 100online radio stations with the best reggaeton songs Online.Here you will find many radio stations that transmit thousandsof top reggeton songs all the time.So what are you waiting for? - Download this amazing appreggaeton artists app to enjoy it to the fullest!NOTE: This app does not allow music download.
Radio Mexico Live and Online 1.03
Radio Mexico Live and Online what you needifyou want to have all the radios of mexico in one place, thisappalso lets you listen to live radio stations in Mexico forfree,including the most popular radio stations that broadcastNews,Sports and Music.Features:* You can have it all at your pocket best AM and FMstationslive:* Stations Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Toluca, Tijuanaandall the territory* You can listen free online radio, you only need yourinternetconnectionDo not wait, download now and live in the wave of Mexicanradiostations live, you'll be the coolest, have the fun begin!
Free Ringtones for Android™ 1.03
Tired of looking good sounds free phone? ...Here's the answer!We have made a great effort and we have compiled the bestringtones, sounds and ringtones for cell looking to find All in oneplace.Free ringtones for Android™ is the app you want to see now!Every day there are more and more apps that promise to be the best,but you know one thing ... we'll tell you the truth right now? "Isabsent App perfet with perfect sounds "But we could say with certainty that this app you will find manyfree ringtones for Android™.It includes a list of ringtones, cell phone sounds, great tones andmuch more that is constantly updated so you always have in yourcelu the last tones.With this App you will have the latest in Sounds and Ringtones foryour Smartphone.***INSTRUCTIONS:Open the App and a list of ringtones for cell will appear. The goalis to add more and more to increase the fun.-The Listen and then decide if you want to use it, If so, you mustdownload the ringtone and once downloaded, you canuse as you wish:You can use it for sound messages, notifications tones, alarmtones, sounds Whatsapp (wasap).Take this great opportunity, because here you will find many soundsfree phone ...Benefits:♪ Use free ringtones for Android™ when and where you want♪ If you want to share this App you are free to do so♪ We will add new free ringtones for Android™ constantly so you canhave the last ringtones for your phoneSo get this app now and start divertirde without limits withyour great ringtones for your celu!LEGAL INFORMATION:Free Ringtones for Android™ are under Creative Commons and publicdomain.If you have any suggestion or recommendation please contact usthrough maritzaavila2015@gmail.comAndroid is a trademark of Google Inc.
Baby Laughing Sounds: Ringtone 1.01
Do you want a fun time with your baby? ...Ordo you want to make a good impression or look funny withbabylaughing sounds?This is for you!Whether you have a baby and you want to have fun with it asifall you want is to have baby sounds free in yourcell phone.If you have a baby and you're looking for baby laughingringtonesyou've come to the right place. Sometimes soothe yourbaby to sleepor notit is easy, sometimes they are uncomfortable and in manyoccasionsdo not know why your baby is not sleeping.Surely you love your baby so much as any mother or fatherwantsthe baby to be good at all times, howeverthere are times when your baby needs you to have fun andcreativityto help ...But do not worry ... for that we are here ... and we havecreatedthis App in order to helpIt's easy to use:If your baby cries, simply open the App and touch Play in anybabylaughing sounds ...Your baby will be immediately captivated bythelaughterbabies who are in the application, and it is safer to begin toamuseyou.The App contains many funny, contagious laughter andhumoroustones; so your baby will not stop laugh and have fun withthesebabies laughter, and best of all,You can download the ringtones of baby laughing sounds to use asyouplease: As Ringtone, Alarm Clock, notificacio'n, etc.You can use the App for wpp(Whatsapp TM) tones and share themonyour favorite social networks.AND THAT'S NOT ALL!...Inside the App we have included something unique for you...Yeah, for you!It is a game for you! ... a puzzle ... additional toBabyLaughing Sounds that not only your baby will have fun,butalso you will be endlessly Rockingwhile your baby hears the laughter, you'll be playing and havingfuna lot ...Thus you will spend unforgettable moments with your baby, andsoyou certainly feel better mother or a better father.So do not wait, download this app of baby laughing sounds rightnowlaughter of babies free and become your best company!
Christmas Music 1.01
Christmas Music is the App you were lookingforfor your celebrations!Are you looking for Christmas songs? ... you're in therightplace!If you love family reunions and with your friends and youneedthe christmas music you have probably been around theinternetlooking for places or Apps to play and listen to yourchristmassongs...However, it is no easy task to find quality Apps where youcanlisten to your Christmas music and carols without spend a lotoftime trying to find something worthwhile.In this Apps you will find a lot of free Christmas song radiosaswe collect the best radio stations and put them in one place, soyoudo not have to worry about downloading or looking elsewhere ...herewe have it all for you.Benefits:- Christmas Music without limits, listen when and where youwantwith christmas carols and other- Dozens of radio stations to listen to what you want, is can also listen to news if you want- You can share the App with your friends and family- You can mark any season as "Favorite" and you can make a listwithall your stations of your free Christmas music.In summary:This is an app with dozens of online radio stations where youcanlisten to all the Christmas songs you want.If you are a fan of Christmas gatherings, Santa Claus or youwantmusic to celebrate Christmas definitely this app you shouldhave onyour smartphone.So if you can not wait any longer to start listening to thecarolsand download music right now this app!NOTE: This app does not allow downloading songs. This Appneedsinternet connection (Preferably Wifi) so you can listenwithoutlimits.