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Private Notebook
Private Notebook is an easy to use passwordprotected note taking app. Create, edit, delete, or share notesusing the app and protect them behind a strong password. Storeprivate notes, account passwords, create a shopping list or setnote reminder. Keep your secrets protected from others.* Clean, easy to use modern looking user interface* Create and save unlimited notes* Add subjects to the notes* View notes by the subjects* Edit or delete existing notes* Search notes by keywords* Sort notes by date or subjects* Set note reminder* Customize notes by changing text style, size and background color(Yellow, White, Green, Blue, and Red)* Share notes on social networks or send in email* Set application access password* Application automatically locks itself when resumed from thebackground* Create a password recovery question and secret answer* Backup and restore notes to internal memoryNote: The app doesn't require internet connectivity and doesn'tshare any data with third parties. All the sensitive information isstored in the device.Please send feature requests and bug reports to:[email protected]
Duck Destroyer 1.0.11
When hunger strikes, grab a shotgun and putsome dinner on the table. Lock and load and put those sharpshootingskills to the test as you blast flocks of ducks out of thesky.This app offers in-app purchases.  You may restrict in-apppurchasing using your device settings.DINNER TIMEThese ducks don’t hang about! Aim using either traditional joystickor immersive gyroscopic controls and get trigger-happy. With over150 missions and a pantry full of side quests from Granny, there’splenty to get stuck in.QUACK ATTACKFrom slingshots to rail guns, dynamite to robots – there's nothingthis duck destroyer won't use to get his paws on a delicious meal.Load up on power-ups in the store and come out guns blazing!FLIGHT OF THE FOXA simple errand to fetch dinner takes this fox on an adventurethat’s out of this world! Chart his journey as he’s plucked fromhis humble home and thrown into the Arctic and beyond infully-animated cut-scenes.Game Features• A fun and frantic arcade shooter• A massive adventure spanning 50 levels and hundreds ofmissions• Tons of fun weapons and power-ups to play with• Your choice of immersive gyro and joystick controls• Fully-animated cut-scenes charting Red Fox's massiveadventure
Jungle Treasures 2 2.08
Jungle Treasures 2 is a fun physics puzzlesbased multiplayer game where you can compete against your friendsand impress them. Choose to play on your own or compete with yourfriends. This is the sequel to our original Jungle Treasures thatshow cast the chance to compete with your friends on multi playermode.You play with a cute monkey and shoot with a slingshot to clear theobstacles. You can build your own levels and challenge your friendsto win plenty of bananas. This challenger mode is only availableonce you clear certain level in the game. Journey through variousexotic lands and join us in the quest to become the king ofjungle.Are you ready? Let the adventure begin!You have to shoot buildings to clear them in order to reach yourtargets. Targets are bananas and when all bananas are destroyed,the game ends with a win. Failure to clear all the bananas and youwill lose the level. Find hundreds of different puzzle levels inpublic mode or simply farm your bananas. Farming is another uniquefeature in this game whereby you will earn bananas when you clearcertain bubbles by popping them.If you love games like shooting, action and puzzles, downloadJungle Treasures 2 and discover an exciting multi playingexperience.Jungle Treasures 2 is completely free to play without any ignoringpopup or banner ads. However, you are always free to choose topurchase some advance items to enhance your gaming experience.Unlock all basic goodies in the training or buy it for the minimumprice in the shop. The game is very simple to play, yet it'screative and challenging. It's all up to you. Can you build thestrongest level ever? Let's find out!Jungle Treasures 2 features:● Challenging puzzle whereby you would have to employ yourknowledge of physic in order to clear the obstaclesefficiently● Bright and colorful graphics that will enhance your gamingexperiences.● 100% precision targeting so that you would never waste anothershot● Powerful items that will help you to clear extremely stubbornobstacles● Easy game play and suitable for people across all ages. Startchallenging among your family members today.● Unlock unique items to help you along the way● Opportunity to play a mini game called Farming to help you earnprecious bananas that can be use to unlock more itemsLike this game? Please leave us a review or comment so that we canwork harder to publish more updates that will improve your gamingexperience.Last but not least, a big THANK YOU goes out to everyone who hasplayed Jungle Treasures 2! 

Private Notebook Pro 1.2.7
Vesta Soft LLC
Private Notebook Pro is a secure way to storesecret notes and credit card details in phone or tablet. Createunlimited notes and store all your credit card information securelyon Private Notebook Pro.Features:• 256-bit AES encryption to secure all data.• Clean, easy to use modern looking user interface.• Create and save unlimited notes.• Securely store credit and debit card information.• Add subjects to the notes.• View notes by the subjects.• Edit or delete existing notes.• Search notes by keywords.• Sort notes by date or subjects.• Set notes reminder.• Customize notes by changing text style, size and backgroundcolor.• Share notes on social networks or send in email.• Protect application using a password.• Hide application from the recent app list and disablescreenshot.• Application automatically locks itself when resumed from thebackground.• Create a password recovery question and secret answer.• Backup and restore notes to internal memory, Google Drive,Dropbox.Frequently Asked Questions:Q. What makes Private Notebook Pro is more secure?Private Notebook Pro uses a technique called encryption to securelystore information. All the stored notes and credit card informationis encoded in such a way that no other person except the user cansee it. If you lose your phone, still no one can reveal the secretinfo unless they know your password.For optimum security Private Notebook Pro uses industry standard256-bit AES encryption, which is one of the most secure encryptionmechanism. It used in military and other organizations to protectsensitive data. The app uses symmetric encryption technique whichhas only one encryption key to encrypt and decrypt the database. Toprovide maximum security, the encryption key is never stored in thedevice. For the same reason, if you forget the password there is noway to recover the data.Unlike some other note taking apps which only uses encryption tobackup data, Private Notebook uses encryption on the fly; thatassures your data is always encrypted, it is never stored inunencrypted format.Q. What are the main differences between Private Notebook Pro andFree version?The pro version of the app offers the maximum security againsthacking and data theft. It is achieved through the encryption whichis not present in the free version. While the free version offersall the basic functionalities of a password protected note takingapp, the Pro version takes it further, it has all the features offree version that are loved by users and additionally offers a moresecure way to store credit card information.In the future, the Pro version will get more customization optionswithout compromising with security.Q. Can I import existing notes from the free version of PrivateNotebook to Pro?Yes, you can.Q. Where my notes and card info is stored?All your private information is stored in your device in encryptedformat.Q. How can I recover notes if I forget the app password?When you first set up the app you will be asked to create asecurity question along with the password. If you forget thepassword, you can answer the security question to set a newpassword.But, if you forget the answer of security question, then there isno way to retrieve the data.Q. How can I make sure I’m getting maximum security?Always use a strong password which is a mixture of alphanumericcharacters. Keep the password longer. When setting a securityquestion make sure the answer is not easy to guess by others, onlyyou know the answer.Open the application and go to Settings and enable ‘Automaticapplication’ lock option. After using the application, it is a goodpractice to remove it from the recent app list.If you have more questions, please mail: [email protected]: If you lose any data or your data gets compromised, weare not responsible.
Jungle Treasures 1.05
Jungle Treasures is a physics basedmultiplayer game where you can play against your friends. You playwith a monkey and a slingshot. You can build your own levels andchallenge your friends to win plenty of bananas. You have to shootbuildings in order to reach your targets. Targets are bananas andwhen all are destroyed, the game ends. Find hundreds of levels inpublic mode or simply farm your bananas. Unlock all basic goodiesin the training or buy it for the minimum price in the shop. Thegame is very simple to play, yet it's creative and challenging.It's all up to you. Can you build the strongest level ever? Let'sfind out!
Weed Tycoon 1.3.59
You need some cash big time, you can see onlyoption, do it breaking bad style. Become the Weed Grower and growyour firm and wealth beyond belief!Growing weed and selling it to the locals is your best option toget your firm set up and beginning your journey to becoming a weedgrower. Choose from a variety of seeds such as Skunk and PurpleHaze, add a little water and watch your plants and empire grow asyou become a tycoon of the drug world.You will need to start your firm small and set up your pots andweed farm and manage the crops. Harvest the weed you farm and sellit to your desperate customers. Keep them happy and let them spreadnews of your firm by word of mouth. The better quality your farmproduces the more chance you have of becoming the best grower andgaining the respect of your clients and other dealers in thearea.Your firm has to begin some where and your flat is as good asanywhere. Farm your seeds, grow your plants, farm your crop andsell it. Sounds simple? but becoming a tycoon isn't easy and youwill need all the tricks of the trade to make it big.Grow the firm, become the tycoon and earn the respect your skillsdeserve.
Pirate Bubble Shooter 2
Welcome to a fun and exciting game -PiratesBubble Shooter!This is a classic game of three in a row. Collect three ormorebubble together, and pop them to pass the level.The rules are simple:- Tap the screen in the place where you want to shoot- Connect three or more bubble of the same color that wouldbursttheir- Use the wall to ricochet that would shoot in difficultaccessibleplacesThe game has more than 2,000 colorful and interesting levelsinwhich you need to win in a minimum number of shots.Break the bubbles, pass all levels and have fun with freecasualgame bubbling game!
Translator 1.1
The TranslateK Translator is aGreattranslation app that allows you to translate Up to 60languages andit can also speak out some Translated Languages.Features:-Completely free to use.-Speak out option-Translate up to 60 different languages.bd98b861ea
AllJobs - Extensive Job Portal 1.5
“All Jobs” provides you a free access tomillions of jobs from thousands of company websites and job portalsaround the world.“All Jobs” helps you through the process of finding your dream jobfrom the pool of millions of jobs posted daily. There is no chanceof you missing any opportunity.You do not need to browse different portals anymore. "All Jobs"will do the search for you and get you all the jobs so that you donot miss any opportunity.World’s most extensive Job Search app:- Join over million jobseekers each month- Service in over 50 countries and in different languages- Search the database of over million jobsPersonalise your account- Save or email your favourite jobs- Create a free “All Jobs” account- Have the newest jobs delivered to your inbox
Parking 2D 1.2
Parking 2D is a fantastic parkingsimulatorwhich will help you to improve your skills and abilitiesin parkingsphere while playing it. The parking driving game thatputs yourspatial awareness and dexterity to the ultimate test!Enjoy thegameplay and master your parking skills!Game features- easy to learn parking- numerous levels of parking with even more to unlock- play your own tracks while parking- game language: English
Insta Downloader 2.1.1
Want to download videos and images fromInstagram? It is simple now!Steps to Download:1) Open Insta Downloader once2) Open Instagram app and click on more option3) Then click on Copy Share URL to downloadWith Auto Download option you just have to copy share URL andeverything is done by appFeatures :- Download Instagram photos and videos- Auto Download option- Open/Share downloaded items- Material Design
Fullscreen Pattern Lock Pro
Vesta Soft LLC
Ever wondered 3*3 pattern lock was too shortfor creative patterns inside your mind. You wanted a more securepattern lock. No need to wait here it is Full Screen pattern lockLock screen App. Which gives you 6*4 pattern dots. You can becreative as you want with this fullscreen patternlock lockscreenapp.This also gives you the option to customize your lockscreen the wayyou want. You can customize the Pattern, Dot and Circle color inorder to make your pattern lockscreen more interactive andbeautiful. You can create any kind of color scheme for pattern lockcolors.Features:Security:Full Screen pattern lock increases the security of your patternlock by making it 6*4. More the dots, more the probability. Moresecurer is your phone.Customization:You can customize your pattern lock background, dot, pattern andcircle color any way you want by using full screen patternlock.Status Bar:Full Screen pattern lock gives you an invisible status bar so youcan check your notifications.In case you forget your pattern:To avoid these kinds of situations. There is an option for settinga backup pin. In order to enter backup pin you need to tap firstDot three times.In case you forget you pin:In case you forget your pin for full screen pattern lock. You canemail me for the secret pattern which will reset everything. Thisoption is added for security.Note:This app might not work on some mobiles since there is no officialway of making a lock screen app. The way this app is created isworkarounds. It is advised to use the free version and see if itworks before buying it. Thanks
Weed Tycoon 2 : Legalization 1.0.1
New time of Legalization has come. Withyourstart-up capital you can begin to build up your Empire andbecome aWeed Tycoon.Growing weed and selling it to the locals is your best option togetyour business set up and beginning your journey to becoming aweedgrower. Choose from a variety of seeds such as Skunk andPurpleHaze, add a little water and watch your plants and empiregrow asyou become a tycoon of the recreation world.Thanks to new equipment you can build up your empire at onestroke.Increase the yield, speed up your plants growth, improvetheequipment. Lamp, conditioner, water pumps, upgraded pots,ventsystems, and many other things available for everyone whoembracesthe path of becoming a Weed Tycoon. The main thing is notto forgetto watch the electricity.Make friends with the locals to spread the news about yourstore,sell them your first-class product, and let everyone know ofyou asa Weed Tycoon. Upon successfuly doing business your storemayattract a lot of customers, even from outer galaxiesandalternative realities.Grab your assiduity and headpiece and a huge world of businesswillopen to you. Show everyone who's in charge here.
Radio HQ Avant-Garde 1.0
"Radio HQ Avant-Garde" is a moderninternetradio receiver. Enjoy listening lots of internet radiostationsfrom around the world, sorted by your favorite genreofmusic.More than 2,000,000 users have already downloadedvariousmodifications of this apps to their mobile devices. Theyarepleased with their choice, and so will you.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~KEY FEATURES:~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~* Simple, quick and easy-to-use interface;* Users can search for radio stations by name;* Users can search for countries/radio stations by keyword orpartof keyword(s) in the entire database;* Users can search for countries/radio stations in A-Z index;* Users can see locations of the radio listeners who use thisappfor the last 24 hours;* Users can add radio stations to 'Favorites';* Users can sort radio stations in "Favorites" by countryorname;* Users can search for radio stations in "Favorites" by countryorname;* Users can view title of the songs are being played and havebeenplayed (for the most of mp3 and acc/aac+ streams);* Automatic updates of radio stations database;* Automatic reconnect on loss of connection;* Automated checking of audio streams' availability (usersareprovided with accessible audio streams only);* High quality of sound.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "Radio Pro HQ" and "RadioHQAvant-Garde"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Radio Pro HQ:* The application can work in background;* No banners, No advertising, so operation of the player ismorestable and sustainable;Radio HQ Avant-Garde:* Doesn`t support background mode;* Player interface contains banners and ads;