Vinicius B Bittencourt Apps

Asteroid Field: a space battle 1.0
Command a spaceship in an exciting spaceshooting adventure.Protect Earth from Asteroids and Enemies in 10 differentmissions with lots of levels.Control the spaceship with one hand, shoot with the other.** Highlights **- Play up to 40 levels;- Shoot using different kinds of lasers;- Every mission has different goals;- Use a shield to defend the ship;** Extras **Purchase items that gives you more power:--- Triple Laser Shooting;--- Unlimited Fuel, Shield and Ammo;
Tabelas da Saúde (CID10, TUSS) 1.0
App para consultar rapidamente astabelasCID-10 (Classificação Internacional de Doenças) eTUSS(Terminologia Unificada de Saúde Suplementar).Pesquise por código ou descrição e veja informações detalhadasdetodas as doenças e procedimentos.App to quickly checktheICD-10 tables (International Classification of Diseases) andTUSS(Unified Terminology for Supplementary Health).Search by code or description and view detailed informationofall diseases and procedures.
Blue Spheres 1.0
Get the Blue Spheres and avoid the Redones!Play several levels, all with beautiful scenery and music.Move forward on large checkerboard arenas with full ofdifferentobjects, where you have to get the blue spheres. If youtouch a redone, you lose! And after touching a blue one, it turnsred. Thespeed of the player increases over time, making itmoredifficult.Swipe your fingers to change the direction of thecharacter.Swipe up to jump.Use the Yellow bumpers to jump a long distance. Thestaredbumpers knocks you backwards.Whenever there are a set of blue spheres making a perfectsquare,you can turn them into coins by getting only the spheres oftheborder of the square.