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WHAFF Battery(Power Saver) 1.1.7
We suggest a more rational use of WHAFF.WHAFF Battery is designed for stopping unnecessary background appsand efficient battery management.This is a free utility app. You can easily extend battery life bymanaging battery with a single touch.Battery Damage PreventionExcessive background app usage causes continuous batterydrain.This makes you to recharge your device frequently and, in the worstcase, battery replacement.Slide down from the top of the screen. In the notification area,you can prevent battery damage with one touch.Extreme Power Saving ModeHow many apps you don’t use are there on your smartphone?Do you know that even though you are not using an app, it isrunning secretly? Extreme Power Saving Mode prevents apps that arenot in use from consuming more smartphone battery until you usethem.Remove unwanted apps in bulkThere are a number of apps take up space but you don’t useoften.WHAFF Battery app offers free bulk deletion.Manage Your Battery Anytime and AnywhereWe also provide free widgets to manage your battery in notificationwindow and lock screen. Use your smartphone for longer and moreeffective!All of the essential functions for smartphone battery managementare provided free of charge.If you need more functionality, please let me know.The WHAFF team will review your proposal and provide you with itfree of charge after further development.Send us your inquiries at [email protected]