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Way2 (Formerly Way2SMS), the best newsapp for summarized, short news in 8 Local Indian Languages (Hindi,Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali)& English, brings to you the ultimate news reading experiencein magazine style format. Way2 app offers a range of stories fromworld news to India news and keeps you updated on the lateststories & breaking news on the move.Way2 app also supports Free SMS sending service to any mobilenetwork in India. Sending Free SMS is now made very easy with itssmooth & improved interface which delivers Free SMS in lessthan 10 seconds anywhere, anytime in India. Users can also scheduleFree SMS for future delivery, making Way2 app, India’s premierdestination for sending free SMS irrespective of thenetworks.We work hard continuously (24 x 7) to deliver best daily news /stories on politics, business, technology, sports, entertainment,anything and everything happening around the world. Users who arelooking for trending stories, latest headlines, breaking news,current affairs, local news and top news stories can download thefree Way2 app and keep themselves informed quickly within 2-3minutes.Our professional editors read thousands of news stories frominternational & national newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, Television and hand-pick top news / stories and writes a shortcrisp news within 400 characters in your local Indian Languages(Hindi news, Telugu news, Tamil news, Kannada news, Malayalam news,Marathi news, Gujarati new, Bengali news) & English. Way2 appaggregates all the top news stories & trending news headlinesfrom reliable sources. Just tap the headline, you will beredirected to a link by a popular news website or blog containingfull length storyWay2 enables the users to assimilate all the major events happeningacross the world without spending too much time reading lengthyarticles. We help you in saving your time with our short news bycovering current affairs, latest news, breaking news, sensationalnews, daily news headlines, trending news on international &national politics, stock updates, automobile sector, movie reviews(Bollywood, Hollywood, regional films), sports (Tennis, Football,live scores in cricket, IPL updates, ICC world T20), music, videoson Elections, parliament and interesting scoops.Timely notifications for the most important news and breaking newsevery day to keep you informed. You can bookmark important articlesand also share them with your friends & family on Facebook,Twitter, WhatsApp, E-mail, SMS, reddit, pinterest and othersupported social platforms.Buzz:Way2 brings you the most trending content over the internet. Youwill find engaging content from other users near you. As a user ofthe app, you can also go Viral by sending us some of your contentthat could go viral.In Buzz Section You can enjoy:★ Viral Videos★ Viral News★ Viral Photos★ Viral FactsYou can also personalize the viral content with your text and sharethem with friends & family.Live:Watch live streaming of your favorite TV shows, sports etc.,on-the-go.What Else:In short you can stop your daily news hunt now and download thefree Way2 app instantly to save your time and stay updated onlatest news in short and breaking news in short. Way2 app gives youthe improved features of Way2SMS with its new UI & UX.We’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback,questions or concerns, please email us at:appsupport@way2online.net
Way2 Lite - Short News App 1.0.18
Welcome to Way2 Lite – Best Short NewsAppWay2 Lite is the best short news app used by millions of people.Way2 Lite provides Short News in 8 Indian languages & English,curated from renowned media sources. It’s a single destination toeasily read the latest news, keep updated on the latest happenings,follow topics you care about and share stories, videos and photosthat influence you.Way2 Lite - Short News in 8 Indian Languages & EnglishFor those of you who have no time to read lengthy news articles,Way2Lite is a perfect news app to enjoy short & crisp newswhich helps you stay up-to-date quickly. Download the free Way2Liteapp on your phone to get instant news updates on the moveWay2Lite brings to you the latest news updates in short onpolitics, business, technology, movies, sports, live cricket scores& more from India and WorldOur professional editors follow news from National &International newspapers, websites, blogs & channels andhand-pick top news stories to present to you the best short newsarticles in 400 charactersKeep yourself updated on breaking news, current affairs & dailynews headlines in local Indian Languages (Hindi, Telugu, Tamil,Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali) & EnglishFollow breaking news and trending stories from India & aroundthe world, in the language you prefer, and cover a wide range ofstories in just 2-3 minutesEnjoy the magazine style Flip Reader experience, which is designedto ensure smooth navigation while flipping through NewsArticles.Tap the News headline anytime to read the original storyGet notified in a timely manner on all the breaking news &important stories. Also, you can bookmark interesting newsarticlesTop news stories, trending news headlines, local news,international news & video updates are aggregated from reliablesources.Share the articles with your family & friends instantly onFacebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, E-mail and other social mediaplatforms to keep them informed on interesting topics & latesthappenings around the worldAccess to high quality images & video updates from the world ofnews, entertainment, sports, life style, business, gadgets &healthLow on data? Need not worry, you can read short news articles intext mode. Enable night mode to enjoy reading short news atnightBuzz Updates:With Way2Lite, you can find out the most trending content over theinternet. You will find engaging content from other users near you.As a user of the app, you can also go Viral by sending us some ofyour content such as news, video, music, memes or anything elsethat could go viral.In Viral Section You can enjoy★ Viral Videos★ Viral News★ Viral Photos★ Viral FactsYou can watch these viral videos directly on the app. You knowexactly what video is trending.Live:Watch live streaming of your favorite TV shows, sports etc., andon-the-go.What elseIn short, you can stop your daily news hunt and download the freeWay2 Lite app to get instant news on your phones. Whether it’sreading the latest news on Narendra Modi government policies orBollywood stories or the latest updates in tech and gadgets,everything & anything that helps you stay up-to-date isavailable on Way2 Lite app.Reach UsWe’re always excited to hear from you! If you have any feedback,questions or concerns, please email us at:appsupport@way2online.net