Yackeen Solutions Apps

د.خالد أبوشادى 2.0.1
التطبيق الرسمي للدكتور خالد أبوشادي ويحتوي علىالقرآن الكريم كاملا، وأهم تغريداته، ومقاطعه المصورة، وكتبه.The official applicationto Dr. Khalid Aboushady contains whole Quran, and the mostimportant Ngredath, and the District of comic, and his books.
AlBorg Labs - معامل البرج 5.0.3
AlBorg Mobile Application is designedasanengagement and communication tool to help patients get themostoftheir experience at AlBorg Labs. The application allowsuserstoeasily:Schedule home visits for testsSearch Alborg Branches and find contact details anddirectionstothemGet access to their test results and share themwiththeirphysiciansStay up-to-date with AlBorg offers and test packagesKnow the nearest branch to their locationGet USeful Health Tips.
AlMokhtabar - المختبر 5.0.3
AlMokhtabar Mobile Application is designed asan engagement and communication tool to help patients get the mostof their experience at AlMokhtabar Labs. The application allowsusers to easily:Schedule home visits for testsSearch AlMokhtabar Branches and find contact details and directionsto themGet access to their test results and share them with theirphysiciansStay up-to-date with AlMokhtabar offers and test packagesKnow the nearest branch to their locationGet USeful Health Tips.
Live Healthy 1.1
Livehealthy is a full fledge Medical Platformthat aims to help everyone get the level of medical service andhealthcare they deserve and need in a timely efficient mannerLivehealthy Helps patients:Search for and Book their medical appointments and reminds them onthe same daySearch for nearby Pharmacies and easily request their medicationsdelivered to their door stepFind Labs & Radiology Centers for their medical tests andanalysisHome Care Patients are at the core of our Focus as we providePhysician and Nurse Home Visits as well as Lab & RadiologyExaminations at the comfort of their homesLiveHealthy allows Patients to build their medical file whichenables the Physician to analyze and deal with the casebetterWe promise you increased and improved care from day one and as wego so keep your feedback coming and make sure you always have thelatest application version for more surprises :)
Visage 1.7
Visage Application is the newest offeringtoVisage Current Clients and to all ladies who care for theirhealthand beautyThe Application showcases Visage Clinics Offers, Servicesandmedical staff as well as useful beauty informationVisage Clients make sure you register to the application to beableto enjoy the benefits of Easy Booking and Live Chat withourstaffAnd to Visage Loyal Clients we introduce the Loyalty RewardProgramwhere you get points for every penny you spend with us thatyou canuse later to get many free services
Integral 3.0
Integral Building Solutions is an appthatdesigned to facilitate the communication between the companyandthe clients , and to give a preview n the companyproducts.
Live Healthy Doctors 1.0
LiveHealthy Doctors application is designedforLiveHealthy Partners both physicians and healthcareprofessionals toenable them to:- Receive appointment booking requests:- Manage their schedules- Manage their data as it appears on the patient application- Review Patient feedback and review for their experienceThe application also allows the medical professionals to providethebest care for their patients via enabling them to viewtheirpatients' medical history and frequently usedmedications
Live Healthy Sales 1.0
LiveHealthy Sales app is targetedforLIveHealthy Sales staff to help them with completing thephysicianson boarding processMedical Affairs executives can create doctors offline and syncwhena connection is availableMedical affairs Executives can manage all physicians as wellasclinics data on the go in an easy and efficient way