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Counting Sheep Challenge 1.01
Do you want to know how smart you areincounting numbers quickly?Challenge yourself to counting sheep jumping across a gapbetweencliffs!If a sheep jumps from left to the right, count +1. To theleft,count -1.If a wolf jumps from right to the left, count +5. To the left,count-5.Pink ball: to the right +3, to the left -3.Green ball: to the right +7, to the left -7.You can change the theme and animals in the theme store withthepoints you earned by counting the sheep.You can also change the background music in the theme store.Find your favorite theme and enjoy the challenge!Do you find it too challenging to reach higherlevelstages?Go to the theme store and get extra hearts and reset timers, andusethem when you need help!Find your high scores in high scores menu, and if you wanttoknow about your rank, check out google play ranking andchallengeyour friends as well by sharing your score!Keywords: casual game, counting sheep challenge, countsheep,number game, math, youngseo, 두뇌게임
Account Book 1.0
This is a simple account book that you cankeeptrack of your income and expense can categorize both income and expense and view the expenseinpie chart.