Zacharias Hadjilambrou Apps

Delivery Bird 1.5
***This is NOT another flappy birdgame!!***Help our little bird to deliver eggs into the nests!Just tap the screen to release an egg.Delivery bird is a game that will test your anticipation, reaction,calculation and luck as you must drop the eggs at the right momentotherwise you will miss the target.The game uses physics engine which makes it even more fun to playas you will see your eggs bouncing around and end up in or out thenests.Enjoy!!Known Issues:If you experience lag when between the time you touch the screenand the time the bird actually drops the egg, please turn off theSettings- Accessibility- Magnification Gestures. (Issue observed onNexus-5)
Cyprus Sightseeing Guide 1.5
This app is an sightseeing guide fortouristsvisiting Cyprus.Here you can find the most important places to visit inCyprusincluding beaches, archaeological sites, monasteries, natureandetc.Main features:Easy use free text search. Just type what you are looking forandthe application will return the most relevant sites.Support for filtered site search. E.g. looking for beachesinPafosThe search works offline which means you can use thisguidewithout internet.A basic description for each site as well as a link to a webpagefor more informationShow on google maps feature
SoS Game (No ads) 1
Thank you all for downloading SoS Game!Youhave made this to be the most popular implementation of SoS Gameinplay store!We decided to add a paid version of the SoS Game with theminimumcost of 0.50 euros for those who want to enjoy the gamewithoutads!This version is even more lightweight with theinstallationpackage not exceeding the 1MB.**General description**The favourite classic game that we all have played usuallyatclass-room with pencil and paper, is available on Android!You can play with your friends or versus the computer.There are two difficulty levels normal and hard and the SoSGameuses random engine so the computer won't make the same movesallthe time.The hard difficulty level is very challenging and anticipatesthefuture moves.For those who don't know how to play sos Game here aretherules.1)Sos is a two player game played in a 2D grid e.g. 7x7.2)The players have the option to put either S or O at anemptysquare.3)Each turn plays one player.4)If a player makes an SOS sequence (horizontal, verticalordiagonal) that player plays another turn.5)The player which will make the most SOS sequences wins.ENJOY!!!
Noughts and Crosses 1.2
Download the classic Tic Tac Toe paper &pencil game!Features*3 difficulty levels.*Smart artificial intelligence*Highly customizable. Choose your favourite fonts and colours tocreate the most good Tic Tac Toe game.*Light weight and fast app.
Dots and Boxes (No ads) 1.02
Thanks you all for downloading our Dots andBoxes app and making it one of the most popular Dots and Boxesimplementations in the market. We decided to add a no ads versionwith the minimum cost of 0.50 euros for all of you who want toenjoy the game without ads.Maybe the most feature-rich and challenging implementation of theclassic Dots and Boxes game on Google Play.This application offers very challenging Artificial Intelligence aswell as many other features. The AI in the advanced difficultylevels is able to predict and anticipate the future moves.Also the application is very lightweight with the apk size notexceeding the 1MB.Features:1) Play against friends or against computer.2) Clever Artificial Intelligence which anticipates futuremoves.3) Four AI difficulty levels: very-easy,easy, medium, hard. The AIis well designed with each next level being a bit harder than theprevious level.4) Multiple board sizes (from 3x3 dots to 12x12)5) Ability to choose player name and your favourite colour6) Quick match. No irritating menus just hit the launch icon andyou are inside the action.( Of course after entering the application you have the ability toselect your favourite settings by hitting the MENU button. Yourpreferences will be saved so you won't have to change them eachtime you open the application. )7) Ability to set the game speed. 3 game speed level : slow,normal, fast. Fast level is appropriate for experienced player,slow is more appropriate for people who just started playing dotsand boxes.8) Statistics section for viewing your results against thecomputer9) Ability to share your statistics and end-game screenshots withfriends10) Undo buttonFor those who don't know the gameTo be good in the game you must have good observation skills and beable to predict the opponent's moves.So are you ready to take the challenge??The rules are1) Touch in between two dots to mark a line (vertical orhorizontal). Your goal is to complete a four side box.2) The player that completes a four side box has the oportunity toplay one more time.3) The player that will complete the most boxes wins thegame.Enjoy!