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Bounce Ball 1.2
Zain Charfare
In Bounce Ball you must control the paddletoreflect the ball and hit the green orb as many times as you cantoscore as many points as possible!The paddle position can be controlled using tilt, or bytouchingthe screen. The aim of the game is to score as many pointsaspossible by hitting the green orb, but there are 3 redorbsblocking the way to make it harder. The ball speed willalsoautomatically increase as your score increases.I am a beginner app developer, so future updates willbringenhancements to the game. This game is very basic at themoment andimprovements will come steadily. Please bare with me forany bugs,as I may find them difficult to fix, and please email mewith anyproblems/complaints, or any ideas for updates, as well asanytips.If you like the app, please rate 5 stars!Internet permission and Access Network State permissionarerequired for advertising.The game was developed using open source code written byKarstenØster Lundqvist provided through the Begin Programmingcourse fromUniversity of Reading. University of Reading and KarstenØsterLundqvist has provided this using the MIT license.