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Zultys Mobile 7.0.26
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Zultys Mobile Communicator for Android is areal-time Unified Communications mobility solution that providesmobile employees real-time access to their corporate Zultys UnifiedCommunication system.Zultys Mobile integrates mobile workers into the corporate Voiceand Unified Communication IP phone system, providing criticalfunctionality such as real-time presence, real-time IM and securechat, single number contact, incoming call and IM alerts, advancedcall handling such as hold and transfer, email integration thatlets you email contacts right from Zultys Mobile, internalextension dialing and corporate directory access, allows thesending and receiving of faxes from your mobile device. now allows.Group Chat functionality is now available in Zultys MobileCommunicator for Android 7.0.26. This allows mobile users to takeadvantage of the group chat feature that the MX system offersstarting in release 12.0.7. Real-time presence status & presence notes Instant Messaging (IM) & IM alerts Visual Voice Mail Built-in softphone function Real-time call alerts & caller information Single number contact Corporate directory and extension dialing Address book integration Android Mail integration to email contacts directly from ZultysMobile Call park, hold and transfer Group Chat/Team Messaging Call logs and history Caller privacy Fax send/receive Support for up to four simultaneous call sessionsZultys Mobile Communicator for Android is compatible with devicesrunning Android OS version 4.x.x., 5.x.x., 6.x.x., or 7.x.x.Zultys Mobile only works with Zultys IP phone systems and UnifiedCommunications platforms, and requires a data service subscriptionfrom your mobile provider.For optimum functionality, Zultys recommends that the MX system isrunning firmware release 12.0.4 or above.If your MX server does not have Mobile Access licenses pleasecontact Zultys or your Channel Partner for furtherinformation:www.zultys.com