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aweMech for MechWarrior Online 1.1.46
aweMech is a Mechlab for Android thatoffers full loadout customization and basic loadout statistics.Loadouts can be saved to your device and shared via Further integration with smurfy-netincludes opening URLs and loading your personal Mechbay inaweMech! There are a lot of features planned and you can bea part of that process athttps://awefalafelapps.uservoice.comAt this time, use of this tool assumes you have prior knowledge ofthe 'Mech customization process. I hope to have a tutorialavailable in the future.An In-App Purchase is now available to help support this projectand remove advertisements. Donate whatever you feel is appropriate.Regardless of how much is donated, the result will be the same:advertisements will be removed from aweMech.Though aweMech should run fine on tablets, the UI is notoptimized for these devices. UI improvements, including bettertablet support, are certainly possible in the future. Also, due tothe amount of data required to be displayed, the UI may notfunction or look as intended on especially small phones.So, what's next for aweMech? I'd really like the MWOcommunity to decide what's most important to them, so please visit and vote on features orsuggest one of your own!A big thanks to the beta testers:•  GMan129•  David "Solar Levitas" Juenemann•  Ninja Daddy•  Tom "Penderyn" Page•  James Salyers•  Saxie81•  Nik "Aodh" Thomas•  Brian WongLibraries used:• Copyright © 2014 aweFalafelAppsMechwarrior: Online Copyright © 2012-2014 Piranha Games Inc.