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Speed Clicker 6.0
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*please note that this app (Speed Clicker)isan incomplete test-preview of only one of the first levels ofthesoon-to-be-released "World's Most Ridiculously Difficult Game,HaHa, You Are Inadequate*" *= working title. The Speed Clickerappcurrently available for download will probably be either thefirstor second level of the full game; and it will be an easylevelcompared to the others. Each subsequent level in the full gamewillalso be completely different than the previous levels (i.e.none ofthe other levels have to do with clicking speed.) Trust us,eachlevel has been specially crafted so that you will probably hateusbecause these levels are stupidly ridiculously cold as ice . Butwepromise they are still fun! As a side note, I plan to provideuserswith an official email address to send death threats to mesince itis anticipated that people will be very angry that thisgame, eventhough it's awesome.So far in beta testing the highest score is negative 71, whichispretty good. However, don't worry - even though your scores willbepitiful, soul-crushing, non-competitive, and embarrassing, youcanstill complete every level with your droopy, pathetic score,becausebeating the game isn't so difficult. However, beating thegame witha competitive score is about as likely as ... somethingthat is notvery likely.So, feel free to use this Speed Clicker game to practiceandprepare yourself for what will eventually be level 1 or 2 intheWorld's Most Ridiculously Difficult Game.Speed Clicker's Description:Simply stated, you can utilize this clicking speedcountingutility to quantify your clicking speed within the allottedtime ofthe countdown timer by measuring the speed of your clicks( speed) in relation the amount of clicks that youhaveattained. Verily and assuredly, you will find yourself clickingortouching the button (or screen) -- repeatedly and quickly Isay,St. Christopher protect us all -- as fast as humanlypossiblebefore the timer runs out - and then your highest scorewill besaved and recorded for future generations, ostensibly, toadmireand cherish. You are a champion and don't you forget it. Andif youpress the button or screen fast enough, your score may begloballyranked (*feature soon to come*).TLDR: click the button as fast as u can. there is a timer,also,so get your clicks in before the timer hits 0.As our the former US president said about this very app:"ClickFastest at Speed Clicker and Maybe You Can Win The WholeInternets!In the entire worlds! !!" -Abraham Lincoln*This app is updated with new features all the time.Pleasespeed-click responsibly.**Abraham Lincoln may have been misquoted
Quasar Language Translator 6.0
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Speak words, phrases, complexsentences,verbose paragraphs, or even long-winded novellas intoyour androiddevice and this (free!!) app will automaticallyinterpret andtranslate your speech into both text and speechoutput. The speechoutput relies on a state-of-the-art computationallinguisticsengine, so your translations will be spoken with(mostly) properpronunciation by the loyal and benevolent robot.This app currentlysupports translation (text and speech output) tothe followinglanguages:CatalanDanishEnglish (UK) accentEnglish (Australian) accentEnglish (Canadian) accentEnglish (Indian) accentSpanish (Spain)Spanish (Mexico)FinnishFrench (Canadian)French (France)ItalianJapaneseKoreanNorwegianPolishPortugueseRussianSwedishChinese (Simplified)Chinese (Traditional