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Septica 2.2.2
#1 card game from Android PlayStore(Romania) is the most popular card game from Romania , it issimple, fun and addictive.It is perfect when you have to wait a fewminutes, you can play it everywhere.!!!! ImportantIf your native language is not English or Romanian and you helpus review/adapt the string translations for you native language youwill receive a special swarm achievement which will remove all ads(and you will also be mentioned in our future Thanks section).This medal can also be obtained if you help us improve theapplication by Sending your constructive feedback from thesuggestion section of the app.The rules are simple and straight foreword and you will competewith your Android phone, a very challenging AI, you will have to bevery careful on how you play or you will most likely lose.Sedma and Şeptică are Czech and Romanian for seven and littleseven, respectively (referring to the wild cards), and zsírozás orzsír is Hungarian for to fatten (referring to the play of aces ortens into tricks). This game may have originated in Hungary orPoland and found its way to Czechoslovakia in the middle of the20th century or it may have come from Russia It quickly became oneof the most popular games in the country.
Tarnib 0.0.1-beta
Tarneeb - New Card Game prospectTarneeb was probably inspired by many other Arabic cardgames,though many different nations throughout the Middle Eastclaim thatTarneeb was created in their respective countries.HistoricallyTarneeb can be traced back to Bla'd Al Sham, morespecificallySyria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Palestine, however the gameseems tohave truly flourished only from the early 18th century on.The gameThe aim of tarneeb is to win a set of continuous hands. Therearefour players in partnerships of two teams. A standard 52 carddeckis used, each suit ranking in the usual way from Ace (high)down totwo (low). The game is played in a counterclockwise fashion.Theteams stay together for all the games of a set. Intarneebtournament, at the end of a set, the losing team is replacedforthe next set.The two members of each team are seated across each other,oftenon a table in such a way that no player can see the cards ofotherplayers (see seating charting image). Either player of a teammaycollect the winning tricks.The first dealer is chosen at random and after each hand theturnto deal passes to the right. The cards are shuffled and cut bytheplayer to the dealer's left, and are all dealt out beginningwithplayer to the dealer's right, one at a time or in groups ofthirteen(13), so that everyone has 13 cards.BiddingTarneeb seating arrangement.The bidding begins with the first player to the right ofthedealer and continues counter-clockwise. It consists of a numberoftricks seven or above. A bid of more tricks outranks any bidoffewer tricks.Each person can bid only once, eliminating the option foraplayer to raise their bid. In addition, the dealer, who bidslast,has the option to match, rather than raise the highestbid.Some players actually use the option of telling your partnerhowgood are you cards i.e., helpful, not helpful at all.PlayingThe objective of the bidding team is to take at least thenumberof tricks that they bid. The objective of the other team istohinder the declarer team from reaching their declared bid.The individual declarer leads to the first trick.Playerscounterclockwise must follow suit if they can; a player whohas nocards of the suit led can play any card. A trick is won bythehighest tarneeb (trump) in it, if any. If there are no tarneebsinthe trick, the highest card of the suit led wins it. The winnerofa trick leads to the next.Playing exceptionsIn some regions, the declarer must start the first trick withhisdeclared tarneeb suit. But in most cases they don't.ScoringOnce all thirteen tricks are played, the scores of the twosidesare calculated by adding the tricks each side has won. Ifthedeclarer team meets or exceed the number of bidded tricks,thenthey get the number of tricks they have, otherwise, they losethebid number (subtracted from their score) and the opposing teamgetsthe number of tricks they complete. It is possible, therefore,tohave a negative score at some point. The set ends when one oftheteams reaches thirty-one (31) and the losing team is replacedforthe next set.A team can win a game by bidding for 13 tricks, but they havetodeclare it at the bidding time by calling for a "game"(بالدق).
Slide Fun - 15 Tile Puzzle 1.2.0
SlideFun offers free play of the classictile15 tile puzzle (+ other levels), You have access togloballeader-boards and a few achievements to make the game evenmoreenjoyable. Have fun!The 15-puzzle (also called Gem Puzzle, Boss Puzzle, GameofFifteen, Mystic Square and many others) is a sliding puzzlethatconsists of a frame of numbered square tiles in random orderwithone tile missing. The puzzle also exists in othersizes,particularly the smaller 8-puzzle. If the size is 3×3 tiles,thepuzzle is called the 8-puzzle or 9-puzzle, and if 4×4 tiles,thepuzzle is called the 15-puzzle or 16-puzzle named,respectively,for the number of tiles and the number of spaces.Constructive feedback is kindly appreciated. Please use theinapp suggestions function!If there is enough interes in this app we will try to addfurtherimprovements based on YOUR requests.A sliding puzzle, sliding block puzzle, or sliding tile puzzleisa puzzle that challenges a player to slide usually flat piecesalongcertain routes (usually on a board) to establish acertainend-configuration.The fifteen puzzle is the oldest type of sliding block puzzle.Itwas invented by Noyes Chapman and created a puzzle craze in1880.Sam Loyd is often wrongly credited with making slidingpuzzlespopular based on his false claim that he invented thefifteenpuzzle.Unlike other tour puzzles, a sliding block puzzle prohibitsliftingany piece off the board. This property separates slidingpuzzlesfrom rearrangement puzzles. Some sliding puzzles aremechanicalpuzzles such as Jigsaw and Klotski.Compete to be have the best time to complete a crazygangnamcolorful tile puzzle among your friends or in the world.
PokerBox - Video Poker 2.0.1
Before you go out and spend a lot ofmoneyplaying real video poker you should consider trainingusingPokerBox app. The app is totally free you do not have to payforanything play video poker.Now you will no longer be angry for loosing too muchmoneyplaying video poker. You can just enjoy the game stress free-- inthe practice mode or you can compete with other players aroundtheworld to be the first to unlock an achievement or to win themostvirtual money(coins).Poker Box is a simple but addictive draw video poker whichsimulatesthe games you found in casinos. There are two gamemodes:practice mode : the app can be used as a mode: play the game with a limited amount of coins (exactlyasin the real world). This mode is even more challenging as therearemore global leader-boards available together with someratherunique achievements which make the game even moreenjoyable.Each day you play the game you will receive a small sum ofcoinsas a reward, and there are also few optional actions whichofferadditional rewards.You can compete with your friends or with players from alloverthe world. Unique achievements and global leader boards makethegame more interesting.!!!! ImportantIf your native language is not English or Romanian and youhelpus review/adapt the string translations for you native languageyouwill receive a special swarm achievement which will remove allads(and you will also be mentioned in our future Thankssection).This medal can also be obtained if you help us improvetheapplication by Sending your constructive feedback fromthesuggestion section of the app.Brought to you by the same team (bgx interactive) whichhasdeveloped Septica and Macao.