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Game Cooking and Restaurant 1.3
Finally a cooking game and one restaurant, completely free gamewhich is not going to ask you to buy credits or nothing to advancethe game. It is a blend of the best cooking games and restaurant inone, in which there are two modes to play, story mode where youhave to go past the levels and endless mode where you have to gocooking and serving customers until you are completely eliminated.In Story mode when you go through the levels gaining cooking andserving star angers which can get better service in the kitchen andat the table can buy, new dishes, pans, cooking stoves for cookingmore powerful faster a soda machine .......... How to Play:Customers entering the restaurant and you will order the food theywant and you have to cook the careful it does not burn and thecustomer to leave and miss the game. You must serve food likechips, meat, sushi, vegetables, fish ....... Make this game yourfun, remember you have to demonstrate your ability to cook andserve and so have the best restaurant in the world.
Dress Up and Jewelry 1.1
Entertaining game for girls to dress andputsome pinup jewels expect your views to go pretty well.There are many clothing accessories and jewelry to have funlikeyou're a professional designer fashion world.You can dress them as if they were real princesses about to gotothe ball to meet her prince.There are many elegant dresses for the girls to put themtogetherwith elegant shoes.There is also a hairdresser to comb as you like and put anicecrown.Many more accessories such as shirts, skirts, blouses,pants,makeup, rings, pendants, glasses and all this for anidealenvironment.Game for girls to play house and be entertained.
Frozen Puzzle 1.0
Frozen Puzzle is a puzzle game created for children. Through theseeducational games the little ones can develop their analyticalskills, mental capacity and skill in problem solving and increaseconcentration. With excellent high quality pictures of girlsFrozen, which make this puzzle game a tool for learning throughplay.The purpose and function of this logic game is very simple, youjust have to place each of the pieces in the correspondingdislocated to find funny pictures of girls Frozen place.Frozen puzzle is great for playing at all hours, provided theyhave some free time. A puzzle game designed for all ages, older andyounger will develop memory with these fun puzzles. Whenever youcan resolve the riddle will be proud and satisfied.
Handball Games Pro 1.1Pro
bitTales Games
Now you have available the actual handballgamethat you can play to shoot on goal and scores the highestgoalspossible.NO ADVERTISING Version.There are different levels of difficulty in the game, have30seconds to score goals, You can find a brace that will giveyouextra points or extra seconds, several factors that hinderyoulaunch the goal.It's Special handball games, finally playing a real one youwillspend time fun and addictive.
Dentist for Kids Game 1.2
It's time to go to the dentist because these children have very badteeth.Fun game to play great for the whole family dentist medicaldoctor.Have several patients with compromised teeth and mouth, you have toachieve a healthy mouth, cleaning, changing teeth, healingcavities, tartar ........Game for the whole family to play and for children to learn theimportance of oral care.
Football Trainer 1.3
Do you like Football and Soccer? Are you able to score a lot ofgoals?Here is one of the best football games in which you will need toshow great skill and aim with the ball throwing penalties.The elements of this game are a football player who is a greatscorer and must face the best goalkeeper in the world to singgoal.You must adjust the penalty shot towards the goal where the goalieis to stop all shots.How to play:- Shoot and pointing the finger.- Hitting targets to get points and extra seconds.- Get a lot of goals to be the best football player.
Beach Volleyball Game 1.0
Sun and beach are the perfect setup for playing a Beach Volleyballgame against your friends. Throw the volleyball with maximum powerand win the game. Casual Beach Volleyball game for all ages.Challenge your friends to play this summer with our Mobile Games.The game features various modes and powers, choose yourfavourite country and win the beach volleyball tournament.
Cleaning Games 1.0
Having a daily housework will become adefiantchallenge! After a great party at home you'll have to trythat yourhome remains clean and disinfected to reduce the risk ofdevelopinginfections and prevent diseases risk! With this game forgirls youwill compete against the clock so that your parentsdoesn't getangry when they return at home! You can put things intoplace, passthe cloth to remove dust, sweep and mop the floor sothat each roomlooks sparkling! With so little time you'll have toprove yourcleaning skills to be very quickly cleansing. But keepcalm,because you have five opportunities to see how you must leavetheroom to meet this goal successfully!Features:- Locate the disordered objects- Put things on the shelves- Collect and throw trash- Dusting- Sweep and mop the floorYou will learn to be an organized and responsible girl!Yourmother will be proud of you when you do the cleaning of everyroomin the house! Cleanliness is very important to maintain agoodhygiene. Enjoy this incredible graphics and a simple interfaceandeasy game to play! You only have to move your finger acrossthescreen to complete your mission successfully.
Basketball Game Mania 1.8
Basketball Mania, a great basketball gameandskill where you must prove your skill with shooting baskets.GameInstructions: - To launch drag your finger on the screenfromanywhere on the screen to throw the ball to the basket. - Youhave40 seconds to score all the baskets that you can pull beforethetime runs out. - If you can sink special colored balls yougetovertime. - Consecutive hits you will multiply the points x2 x3x4x5 and x10 maximum, as more business you'll be more multipliers.-Clean shots falling in the basket are worth more points. Allthisexcitement in one of the best basketball games of themoment.
Care for Newborns 1.0
If you love children, be during the daywiththem and you would like to practice to be a mom in the futureyoucan't miss this amazing game of babies, an application fullofsurprises with which you'll have great time with your friendsandfamily, playing together or alone, just put your limitsandchallenge yourself!The new kindergarten of the school has opened its doors andmanycreatures have signed up for the new course, you have beenchosento help and work on it with the other teachers of the school.Yourgood name and professionalism in previous works have madeallparents to trust you and they want you to take care fortheirchildren. If you are ready to take the challenge, demonstrateyourability and you want to apply yourself, get down to work anddon'tdisappoint them, because if not you will be dispatchedimmediately.The best and sweet kids of the kindergarten are waitingto beserved, you must give them the bottle of milk when they'rehungry,cradle them if they're scared, sing them a lullaby to relax,playif they remain awake and change the diapers if they are dirty.Payclose attention to make them continue healthy and cheerful, itisyour main goal, so offer all your love and be the bestbabysitterin the world.Once the daily activities, the basic functions and tasks aremadeand in order you'll have to bring them to the crib until theyfallasleep and their parents come to pick them up. Collect theroom,toys and the general clutter, turn off the lights and yourtask willbe finished properly, Luck!
Hockey Shooter Pro 1.0Pro
bitTales Games
The Hockey League begins, will have to trainvery hard to start the league.Play FREE ADVERTISINGIn this game you can practice shooting on goal, you have to shootthe puck with your stick and score many goals to be the best.In hockey games notable for its precision and the great addictioncaused the loving beat in every game.Launch the goal to get more points than the other, no extraactions, red targets that give you extra points and yellow targetsthat will give you extra time to score more goals.You have 40 seconds to become the best hockey player in theworld.
Pro Basketball 1.6pro
bitTales Games
asketball Mania Pro, a great basketball gamePro and skill where you must prove your skill with the shotbasket.- Game without advertisingGame Instructions:- To launch drag your finger on the screen from anywhere on thescreen to throw the ball to the basket.- You will have 40 seconds to score all the baskets that you canpull before the time runs out.- If you can sink the colored balls have extra time.- The consecutive hits you do you will multiply the points x2 x3 x4x5 and x10 maximum, as more good you will have moremultipliers.- Clean shots falling in the basket will be worth morepoints.All this excitement in the best game of Basketball.
Tournament Paddle Games 1.0
If you are willing to compete against themorecompetent rivals and become a good athlete, this is the gameyou'vebeen waiting for! It has come to the screens a funapplication thatyou play tournaments on a large scale and spendunforgettablemoments. You play with a shovel larger and heavierthan the courts,perforated with holes and with a rope handle to notlet go, canchoose between different varieties and colors that youlike size.You will enjoy an easy playability and high qualitygraphics withwhich you can spend hours playing.You'll have to be very skilled and accurate with theball,because your team trusts you and your professionalism asanathlete. To start playing you should just move your fingeraroundthe screen and guide the player with all your decisions. Yedisputethe fighting on a track closed networks and with abackground ofplastic or glass that will make the game morerealistic. Lace upyour running shoes and not to harm you awristband arms and defeatyour opponents. The items will bediscussed at the best of 2 setsper game and have a chance to finishthe jumping ball, once youhave accumulated the maximum energy havethe opportunity to throwthe ball with great speed.You will spend fun times with friends and you can competewithyou, you can choose the nationality that you like for eachplayerand choose your own look. Do not hesitate and plunge intothisfantastic adventure and sport, fight and be the bestever!Luck!
Volleyball Games 1.2
Do you like playing volleyball? here you haveone of the best Volleyball Games.You have to play a tournament and go worldwide surpassing theplayoffs beating your opponents in each set of the match.Select the country you want to play and win the world championshipof Volleyball.
Baby Dress Up Games 1.3
Fun game for girls who like babies games,inthis game you can dress babies with differentelegantclothes.There are many accessories to dress it up and make it veryhandsomebabies.You will have different costumes to dress newborn.You can combine different accessories such as rattles and othertoysfor the baby to play with.You can also put different backgrounds to createdifferentenvironments that the baby is comfortable as when playing,sleepingor walking.Game designed for girls to play with this game for babies.Make the baby feels and looks like a lot of it.
Jungle Animals Game Pro 1.0pro
bitTales Games
Entertaining game animal in the jungleforinteractive children playing in the jungle to find wild animalsandtheir partners.Play FREE ADVERTISINGJungle Game with real sounds and animals for children to learntorecognize different animals and different sounds that areemittedinto the jungle.Educational games for kids.
Padel Tour 1.5
Now here the first real Padel game foryourphone or tablet.Game for 1 or 2 players fun and entertaining to demonstrateyourskill on the court.- The matches will be played best of 2 sets- You can choose from different nationalities for yourPadelplayer- You can choose the look of your Padel playerHow to play:- You can move your player forwards and backwards- You can do jumping shots- When the energy bar fills, you can do an Ultra Speed Shot!Go for it and play the first Padel game.
Horses Game 1.0
Are you passionate about riding, you like toride horses and you would love to become a professional rider andcompete in the most famous races in London? Then don't miss thisamazing equestrian game, an application designed for all the animallovers, with high quality graphics and the most real designs of thescreens, don't miss it!The next equine competitions will be held in a month and youmust prepare yourself thoroughly with your faithful friend in orderto become the best in both dressage and jumping bars. For thisyou'll have all the necessary material, clothes and magnificentconditions for which you can get used to each other and train hard,from sand circuits, grass courts, several garments: breeches,leather boots and leggings to reins, mouthful and spurs to trainyour horse in the important decisions you want to make during thejourney. You'll compete against the best runners in history andthey will advance you and turn you away when they see a chance,don't let that happen and gallop at full throttle without stoppinga minute to appear first on the finish line.Be careful, because it will not be so easy, in the middle of theroute you will encounter different obstacles that will make thecompetition even more complicated: rocks, iron bars, stones or jump each one without colliding and keep the concentrationbecause otherwise you'll lose the game and you'll have to startover again, Luck!
Paper Wings 3D 1.0
Is here the new version of the famous gamePaper planes Paper Wing, but now in 3D. Dare to play this addictivenew game 3D paper airplanes at the office, you have to go avoidingall obstacles to find between offices. Spend levels in plant flooroffice building. The first and only game in 3D paper airplanes withvery good gameplay and graphics. Your skill and intelligence willbe those that make the best paper airplane pilot, a game we allplayed at home or at school with paper airplanes really did for usbut now in mobile and 3d an adventure very real. 3D PaperWings
Juegos de Tienda de Moda 1.0
El nuevo desfile de la temporada está a puntode abrir sus puertas en el centro de la ciudad y miles de mujeresacudirán para desfilar en la pasarela más grande y prestigiosa delplaneta, te ves capaz de vestir a cada una de ellas y conseguir unaspecto radiante, elegante y sencillo? Si lo tuyo va más allá delas novedades y te encantaría poseer tu propio vestuario no tepuedes perder este fantástico juego de ropa, con los diseños, lasmodelos y las indumentarias más reales de las pantallas.En un mes se celebrará el día mundial de la moda, por lo cualpersonas de todos los lugares del mundo vendrán para ver elespectáculo y hacer muchas fotos. Las chicas más hermosasparticiparán en el certamen y tu tarea principal será asesorarlasde cabeza a pies, desde los zapatos a todo tipo de complementos. Siestás lista para coger el reto no lo dudes más y ponte manos a laobra, para empezar deberás medir las tallas de cada mujer una vezacudan a tu tienda, empezando por el pecho, la cintura y la cadera.Una vez tengas las medidas escoge las prendas y los colores acordecon sus tipos de cuerpos: blusas ajustadas, pantalones pitillo,tejanos acampanados, faldas largas y cortas...etc. Intenta combinary compaginar los trajes para lograr un perfil impecable, terminapor recomendar unas sandalias de tacón o unos botines de piel y tutrabajo habrá acabado.Sé muy amable con las jóvenes y demuestra que eres una entendidaen estilismo y asesoramiento de imagen de la mejor manera posible,logra convertirte en toda una experta y gana la medalla de oro a laestilista del año. Tan solo pasa el dedo por la pantalla y guía atu protagonista en las decisiones que creas más oportunas.Suerte!The new parade season isabout to open its doors in the center of the city and thousands ofwomen will come to ride on the largest and most prestigious in theworld catwalk, you think you can dress each and get a look radiant,elegant and simple? If yours goes beyond the news and you love toown your own wardrobe you can not miss this fantastic game ofclothes, designs, models and costumes more realistic screens.In a month it will be held on World Day of fashion, so peoplefrom all over the world come to see the show and do a lot ofphotos. The most beautiful girls participating in the tournamentand your main task will be to advise them from head to toe, fromshoes to all kinds of accessories. If you are ready to take thechallenge not hesitate and get down to work, you need to startmeasuring the sizes of each woman once come to your store, startingwith the chest, waist and hips. Once you have chosen the clothesmeasures and colors according to their body types: blouses tight,skinny jeans, flared jeans, long and short skirts ... etc. Attemptsto merge and combine the suits for a flawless profile, ends uprecommending heeled sandals or leather booties and your work willbe finished.Be very gentle with the young and prove you're a knowledgeablein styling and image consulting in the best possible way, managesto become an expert and win the gold medal to the stylist of theyear. Just swipe your finger across the screen and guide yourcharacter in the decisions that you think most appropriate.Luck!
World Cup Football Games 1.3
Do you like Football? Now it's time to playfootball and win the World Cup.Chose your national team and play against your rivals, beat all theother national teams in the World Cup to get to the finals and earnthe soccer world champion title.
Rabbit Hood - Archery 1.0
The most fun game of archery, you're armedwith a bow rabbit carrots shoot to free your friend fox has lockedin a cage.Show your skill, aim accurately shooting the carrot with bow eyewith obstacles, stones, trees, wheels ........Try to hit the target as quickly as possible to get the maximumnumber of stars.Play now with Rabbit Hood frees the innocent.Over 80 levels to play.
Futsal Games 1.0
Is here! The most entertaining game offootball, participate in a global soccer tournament.Choose your country and play against your rivals to be overcomingthe playoffs and become world champion of indoor soccer.Sharpen your aim and score a lot of goals and use the power ofmagic shot to score in the opponent's goal.
Candy Magic World 1.0
Ready to play with the most desired games ofall time? With this distraction you will enjoy moments of pleasuregiving the best crossword solution we created for you! Show yourintelligence and your mental skills by challenging your friends orplaying alone, because you will not find the time for boredom. Thispastime is approved even for the younger children in the house,they'll try to deduce the different puzzles and they'll learn toadd sets of elements graceful to behold. Adults will spendentertaining moments anywhere, trying to decipher the most funpuzzles.Do not hesitate and click, a sweet and colorful world isawaiting you! In order to successfully meet the challenge you mustachieve together over two matching tiles in group, in order tobreak the centerpiece that asks you the level that you'll debate:candy canes, teddy cookies, chocolates ... etc. Concentrate andstart with the simplest screen, manages to gather the same formatsand shades in more than 3 squares making the appropriate andnecessary movements trying to be close to the element order, so getburst it. Every time you eliminate the groups you'll go gatheringpoints, but careful, you have a limited number of moves, if youpass them you'll lose the game and you'll have to start over again.Do you think you can give a result to our puzzles? If so, enjoyover 40 levels to overcome, train your reasoning ability and yourquickly intellectual.Do not hesitate and come in our application, nobody ever put itso easy for such an entertainment, you will play with no cost andyou will have a great time with your family. Challenge the mostcompetent people and become famous for your intellect. A hugeamount of jellies are waiting to be destroyed, be the next to findout all the possible solutions and results, win and become ateacher, good luck!
Card Solitaire Games 1.0
It's the time to show your worth and yourskillwith cards, with this fun app you can challenge, play andwinamazing games with the most competent and skilled opponentsfromall around the casino. Exercise your intelligence and testyourskills with these chance games with just one click! Bet a lotofmoney and get coins in the slot machines, give the lever andletthe roulette play his destination.To overcome and succeed in this world you must be veryflexibleand take into account all the time all the rolls and cardsthatoffers you this hobby. For start you always require an ace, ifyouhave none at your disposal you will have to do everythingpossibleto get it moving chips that you think appropriate. Thecolumns haveto follow a descending order and skip the colors blackand redtaking turns with each other, which you can put one over theother,but no two of the same color together. If you don't have moreplaysto do and you are unable to move, you must draw a card forfurtherdiscussion. Play with a limited sum of money, to notloseeverything if you lose the game, train a lot and becomethebest!You will spend unforgettable moments with friends orplayingalone, you have the best cards and higher virtual mediatorsthatwill make this even more realistic and an entertainingadventure,start practicing now and show your gift with the cards,goodluck!
Pizza cooking game 1.3
You work in an Italian pizzeria, you havetocook the most delicious pizzas citywide.Cook pizzas of all kids for your customers without forgettinganyingredients. Prevents clients from leaving angrythepizzeria.Prepare the pizza dough to put in the oven and cook deliciouspizzafor your customers.Great restaurant cooking pizzas in many flavors.
Decorate cakes 1.1
Cake Decorating, cooking game where you havetopay close attention to the tape to decorate cakes to put alltheingredients needed to make beautiful cakes, deliciousrecipescreated by following the steps.Decorate cakes with you to create your ideal cake withmanyingredients to choose from, select the pastry recipe that youliketo cook cakes to your liking, you have many options toplaydecorate delicious cakes.
Dress Up Princess Anne Games 1.0
Ready to help and work with the mostbeautifulmodels on the planet? In this application you will becomethe ownerof your own spa business, you will deal with the mostconceited anddemanding clients in the city and you will becomefamous for yourgood work. If you like to play dressing elegant,making-up and bepart of the walkway here you'll discover the worldof beauty andthe latest trends in fashion thanks thanks to thisfantastic hobby,are you willing to try?To meet the challenge you have at your disposal all thematerialnecessary to leave them glowing: soap, facial tonic,moisturizer,cosmetics, tweezers ... etc. You can choose yourfavorite girl andstart embellishing her. To dress, makeup, paintand color to yourprincesses you'll have to do beautician and makeupcourse, startingto clean the face with the suitable gel for theirskin type, applya mask so that their pores are clean, removepimples, get the hairsof the eyebrows and finish making up properlythe face so they willbe looking good. Do not forget to sharpentheir eyes and eyelasheswith mascara, paint them the lips withlipstick you prefer andfinish with a good perfume to make them lookshiny.Once you're ready, you will have to dress them for theparadethat they have at night, you should advise them in all theyhave todo, choose the best clothes, whether gowns or exclusivedesigns andyour task will be done! Let your girls like princessesandtransform into the best image consultant, good luck!
Archery 1.0
You will live an amazing archer adventurewiththis exciting app! A fun and challenging arrows! You mustadjustthe arc and tensioning the arrow to launch targets to yourenemies.Point the target and shoot deadly darts at the piece offruit whichis found on the head of your rivals. To shoot correctlyyou musttake into account the wind speed and the distance. Will yoube ableto destroy the apples?A game with incredible graphics and easy to play: You willonlyhave to slide your finger across the screen to point the aimandfire the gun. With unlimited levels you'ill enjoy this tool inyourspare time. Will you master the launch and be a realkeeper?Your mission is to become an expert sniper! You'll have tobeatyour opponents using precisely the arc! You can challengeyourfriends in this fun shooting simulator. Each time you completealevel it will be more complicated, you'll have a verydifficultroad to reach the final goal! If you mess with the launchyou'llhave to start over again...
Drawings painting game 1.0
Set paint pictures is designedforpreschoolers, school age and even babies! With these gamescoloringtheir children develop motor skills, imagination andconcentration.They can easily paint without any adult supervisionand feel able,motivated and proud every time you create your owndrawing.A tool to increase the ingenuity of children may spendhourscoloring as this game has an extensive gallery of images. Theywilllearn to combine colors to paint without leaving the contourandenhance skills for drawing and coloring.With very colorful drawings that will appeal to children,aneducational game for learning fun. If you are looking foranapplication of paint pictures, this is the best you'll find!.
Car Parking Games 1.2
You know parking cars? Do you like todrive?Well here you can prove your driving skills in this game, thebestgame of parking cars.This isn't a car racing game but in this game you have to showyourdriving skills also.- The game has more than 20 levels to show that you're good atthewheel.- Set driving skills- Choose from several car models to play- Parking cars with progressive difficultyIt is one of the best games of parking cars. Learn how to parkcarsand drive them.Play now and be the best at the wheel.
Painting and drawing game 1.0
Set of painting and drawing is freeforchildren, with this tool your children can create their owndrawingand painting. This educational game brings fun and idealfordeveloping creativity of the smallest of the house.With many pictures to color, children will have fun for hours!Acoloring game that promotes concentration, motor skillsandimagination of children of all ages and adults.An easy to use tool with very intuitive buttons,colorfuldrawings and a wide palette of colors with very brightpencils! Youcan start drawing and painting now thanks to this funapp forkids.
Cuidar Bebé Enfermo 1.0
Estás deseando ser una estupenda mamá yquieres ensayar para un futuro? Con esta aplicación podrás realizartu sueño con tan solo un click, encontrarás los gráficos másreales, una interfaz muy sencilla y sin ningún coste. Si deseaspasarlo en grande junto a tus amigas y practicar con los bebés másbuenos del mundo, adelante, no te arrepentirás!Con este juego jugarás sin parar y te convertirás en una de lasmejores cuidadoras de la ciudad. La nueva guardería del pueblo estábuscando niñeras que cuiden de los niños a todas horas y tu hassido elegida para participar en el proyecto gracias a tu excelentereputación en tu anterior trabajo. Para llegar a ser una buenaempleada en el jardín de infancia deberás ser alegre y juguetonacon los críos en todo momento, pues sino los chicos se aburrirán yquerrán otra cuidadora más divertida, tendrás que mostrar que eresuna chica responsable, trabajadora y con muchas ganas de hacerlobien en tu nuevo empleo, pues los padres se fiarán de tus dotes yno querrán que los decepciones. Para comenzar tendrás que aplicartedía y noche, pues varios de los nenes pasarán una jornada completaen el centro y habrá que hacer guardia en el anochecer. Darles elbiberón en cuanto tengan hambre, jugar con ellos si están activos yacunarlos cuando estén cansados. Si empiezan a llorar debescantarles una nana y entregarles el sonajero para que se calmen yduerman sin pesadillas.Una vez esta parte haya finalizado será conveniente preparar lacomida para la hora de comer, revisar que sus pañales permanecenlimpios y cambiarlos si hace falta. Prepara un baño bien calentitoy lávalos con mucha delicadeza. Enseña al universo entero que serásla mejor institutriz, gana dinero y realiza tu pasión al mismotiempo! Suerte!You are willing to be agreat mom and want to rehearse for the future? With thisapplication you can realize your dream with just one click, youwill find the most realistic graphics, a very simple interface andno cost. If you want to have a great time with your friends andgood practice with the babies of the world, go ahead, you will notregret!With this game you will play endlessly and become one of thebest caretakers of the city. The new center of the village islooking for nannies to care for children at all times and you havebeen chosen to participate in the project because of yourreputation in your previous job. To become a good used in thekindergarten you should be happy and playful with the kids at alltimes; otherwise the kids will get bored and want a more funcaregiver, you must show that you are a responsible girl,hardworking and with many desire to do well in your new job, asparents will trust your skills and do not want to disappoint them.To begin you will have to apply yourself day and night, as severalof the kids spend a whole day in the center and will have to standguard at dusk. Bottle feeding as hungry, play with them if they areactive and when you are tired and rocked. If you begin to mourn andsing a lullaby to deliver the rattle to calm down and sleep withoutnightmares.Once this part is finished it will be convenient to prepare foodfor lunch, check that their diapers stay clean and change them ifnecessary. Prepares a good warm bath and wash them with great care.She teaches the whole universe that will be the best governess,earn money and make your passion at the same time! Luck!
Professional Basketball 1.2
Ready for the win with your professionalgroup?If you love gymnastics in general and you want to moveforward tobecome the best in the world do not hesitate and enterin ourfabulous basketball game, created specifically for thosebravepeople who want to challenge new goals, cheer up!Basketball is a team sport that develops, normally, indoorandwherein two teams of five players try to score points byenteringthe ball into a hoop placed 3 meters height. Your mainobjective inthis pastime will be to introduce as many times aspossible theball in the basket to add up score to the panel andthat your sidetakes advantage over the opponent. To do so put onyour runningshoes, comfortable clothes and run bouncing the ball onthe floorand once you are close to the net throw with energy tomark score.Be careful with your opponents because they will doeverything inits power to eliminate you and remove you from thegame, so beagile and dodge all the obstacles.Once the match is over do not forget to wait for the decisionofthe arbitrator and collect the gold cup to the best athletes oftheseason. You'll also enjoy totally real designs with which youwillhave the feeling of playing in the very fact, Luck!
Pet Store 1.0
Fun animal application to run a businessofpets with very rigorous clients who will come to you!Everyonewants a particular type of animal and your mission is togive goodadvice to receive the best care. In this fun establishmentyou cansell different animals. Will you be able to be a goodsaleswoman?You'll have to trade with adorable animals that require lotsofattention and love! You can organize your own shop and competewithfriends. A memory game in which you will put your intelligencetoget unlock boxes and overcome different levels to be thebestselling!Features:- Many activities with dogs, cats, birds, rabbits ...- Exciting levels to discover- Got to be the best seller- Funny tools to be a good employee- Reach targets not be dismissed- FreeYou will have to look after the precious animals and sell themtokeep your customers satisfied so that when they leave your shoptheytrust in your professionalism!
Smoothies Restaurant 1.0
You work in a setting smoothies, it is themost refreshing restaurant in town.You must serve your customers quickly on tape ordering smoothiesall they ask, in a hurry to date are very thirsty.In your restaurant much work and not have a moment to lose.Game Shakes the craziest restaurant.
BitBox 1.1
Bit Box is an entertaining and addictiveArcadegame. Drive with one click your box through the differentlevelsdodging other boxes. Infinite 8 Bit style levels make youwant toplay more each time. Very good for developing your mentalability,skill and precision. Play bit box levels toinfinity.How to play:- Dodge other boxes by jumping with your box.- Moving Boxes.- If you collect the + box, you get more speed and have aprotectiveshield for a few seconds.- Infinite LevelsPlay Free and have fun in the arcade world.
Princess Coloring Game 1.0
Beautiful and elegant princesses are waitinginthis coloring game princesses. Enter a world full of fantasywithplenty of available designs, a wide palette of crayons tochoosefrom and many possibilities to create a beautiful drawingprincesses!.Princess Coloring Game is a tool created for children andadults!An educational application that will increase theconcentration,motor skills and imagination of the younger membersof the house.The operation is very easy: Choose the drawingprincesses forcoloring, selecting the right colors and paintwithout leaving theoutline of the image.A game for children to learn playing it because thanks tohimdevelop the mental capacity, muscle coordination and betterknownobjects. The functions are incalculable, sure to find onethatsuits the needs of your children or your own to createbeautifuldrawings.
City Run - Running Game 1.2
It's time to run in this crazy town,theyalways say that cities with lots of traffic and peoplearedangerous and to prove you have this game run through the citytoreach home alive and not be struck by any vehicle or person.In the game you can choose the following characters:- A Young boy crazy but very fast.- A Mother very cautious with her baby.- An Old man with his wisdom prevents all dangers.In this crazy adventure you have to rush to get home and avoidalltypes of vehicles, cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses,bicycles,boats ..... Pedestrians are in a hurry for crazytown.You'll have to cross roads, streets, highways, gardens,rivers,roads ..... to get to your home and the next level.This watch for the lights if they are red or green in order tocrosssafely and if you're in a hurry crosses dodging vehiclesgoing atfull speed.If you'll trigger a jam trampled and bloody pileup.Show your friends and your family that you are able to goaroundtown and you only get home alive.Get on. CittyRunner. overcome all difficulty levels.
Parking Sports Cars 1.0
Ready to experience a unique experienceandlive the adrenaline pumping in your body? If you're a fan ofthemost innovative cars and you love driving at full speed, youcannot miss this fantastic application, loaded with highqualitygraphics and with the most real designs. Here you will pilotthesesports cars without having a driver's license and withoutevenleaving home.To become an extraordinary driver you need to stay focusedallthe time and reflexes positions on the road constantly, thenyou'llhave to be careful not to collide with any hindrance that maybe onthe way. In this amazing game you will become the owner of themostexpensive car dealership in the city, where the best andexpensivecars in the world are. Your biggest job will be to takecare ofthem so they look in good condition and clean; also you'llhave tobe very attentive to customers, if you do not want tobedispatched. To start your task you must inspect the engine,brakesand the fuel level in each tank: you do not want to run outof fuelonce you show the car to the buyers. Once they come totheestablishment you must go for a ride with them, show drivingthecarriage, achieve not hit any obstacle and return to thestoretrying to park in the best way possible.If you can not park properly you'll lose and you'll have tostartthe game again, so show your skills on the handlebars andmanagesthat the consumers go with the best cars and earn greatwealth. Letthem satisfied and your mission will be over, Luck!
Princess Nail Salon 1.0
With this fun application you will achievegetthe best manicures citywide. You will possess your own beautysalonand you have to show your talent to all local girls. You havetoget amazing manicures and make your hands are perfect. You'llfindwonderful shining for everyone to be impressed colors.With this game you get to activate your imagination andtalent.You should choose colors that you like and add all kinds ofuniquedesigns. Enjoy a number of options to decorate and arrangethe mostdamaged nails. There are an infinite number of shades,shapes anddesigns to choose from, make your customers feel happyandbeautiful.You are ready to paint, spruce, fix and leave as new Manicuresofthe most perfectionists girls? Have as many opportunities asyouwant to practice and learn to achieve your goal, it is easyandsimple, you just need to choose the tool that you like and getitto work!
Tennis Games 1.0
With this exciting application you canparticipate in tournaments of this amazing sport where the bestplayers in the world face eachother! The goal is to throw the ballwith the racket to bounce the opposite court trying to not returnback into your playground! You will have to become the king of thetrack and win the championship cup!You should practice your game strategies and measure accuratelythe force of launching and the network distance to earn points foreach part! The first to overcome a partial series will be thechampion! Practice all striking techniques as the serve, volley,balloon, the kick the left and the top to defeat your opponentscomfortably!Features:- High-Quality Graphics- Intuitive interface and easy to handle- Swipe your finger across the screen to control the game- Set goals to achieve points- Different levels with incredible images- A real-discipline sports simulatorWill you become the greatest tennis player of all time? Defeatall opponents and be the top player!
Burgers - Cooking Game 1.0
If your hobby is cooking and trying newrecipesand spices this is the perfect app for you! You will spendamazingtimes with friends and you'll learn to prepare tasty dishesfor thewhole family. In this fantastic adventure you will becomeanextraordinary chef and you will possess your own fastfoodrestaurant. Conveniences include all the necessary material tomakethe most delicious snacks.If you are ready to work and take your business, surprisethecity and succeed in the world of the gastronomy do not hesitateandhit the button! You have a myriad of ingredients on hand tomakethe best sandwiches: tomato, lettuce, cheese, meat, bacon andahuge variety of breads with cereals. Make the dishes accordingtothe customer choice, either broiled, grilled, BBQ, with toaster...etc. According culinary tastes there will be hot sauces,ketchup,barbecue sauce, mustard and many more. To make yourgoalsuccessfully you'll have to ask the commands, prepare the foodandserve all drinks in a time limit. Be careful do not make waitforyour customers, because they will leave angry and will notreturnto your buffet again.If you can fulfill your mission new boxes will be releasedandyou will advance in the game, be very careful and serve allthepeople properly, offer napkins to avoid soiling and removetheleftovers as soon as they finish their meal. Go very quickly,bewarning and transform into the best chef in the wholepopulation.Are you able to try it? Good luck!
Airplanes Games Plane Paper 1.7
Would you like to fly? Play this addictivegameof paper airplanes in the office, you have to avoid allobstacles inthe game.Paper airplane games are a fun way to entertain yourself atworkwhile the boss is not watching over your shoulders.You mission is to overcome the different levels and be themostskilful pilot of free airplanes games in the world. PaperWings.Bittales.
Dress up Games 1.1
Game for girls who like dress up games, isagame in which there are many accessories to match withyourmodel.You have a myriad of dresses of all styles of beauty youcanimagine.You have a large number of shirts and blouses, skirts, dresspantsif you want to put clothes.A large number of accessories like bags of high quality,veryFashion and stylish shoes to play with all the clothes. Forwhenyou view it in many environments in changing the background ofthescreen.In addition to even more elegant you will have manydifferenthairstyles, loose, collected, short, braids ... and typesof haircolor to be the color that you like.You can make up as you like combining the colors of theireyes,skin, lips..And an amazing thing there is the option of the surprise button,ifyou squeeze your dresses and arranges random models to have abaseso you can then dress for the occasion you want.Do not hesitate to play the most beautiful game for girls andgamesfor girls dress.
Rabbit Hood - Archery Pro 1.0pro
bitTales Games
Rabbit Game Archery free advertising in thisstory are armed rabbit with a bow you shoot carrots to release yourfriends fox that has locked in a cage.GAME NO ADVERTISINGProve your skill, aim with great precision shooting with bow thecarrot eye out for obstacles, stones, trees, wheels ........Try to hit the shot as quickly as possible to get the maximumnumber of stars.Play NOW with Rabbit Hood and frees the innocent.Over 80 levels to play.
Handball Games 1.6
The only real Handball game for your mobile.Now you have available a real handball game that you can play toshoot and score the highest goals possible.There are different levels of difficulty in handball, you will have30 seconds to score as much goals as you can, there is a targetanger giving you extra seconds, several factors hinder youlaunch.The unique handball game for mobile, play everyday and spend a veryfun and addictive moments with your friends.Another high quality and very addictive Bittales game.
Fighter Aircraft Planes 1.0
If you dream of being a professionalaviatorand do basic stunts in the air this is the ideal game to do!Youcan fly high and conquer the sky without a license to drive.Gothrough hoops, rings and bars of all types while watching theearthmove your feet. Challenge the top drivers, see all gas andproveyou're able to be the best, and your friends willspendunforgettable moments with this hobby so much fun.Different levels of difficulty are waiting to be overcome, soitmust dodge bombs, obstacles, walls and various obstacles thatwillput you difficult to move the screens, you must be very skilledandprecise to avoid colliding and crashing to the ground. Leadyourtroops to the top and make this adventure is as excitingaspossible. Stay tuned, because if you run out of fuel willfallprecipitously will crash vacuum and refilled before flyingtankwith proper fuel for your aircraft and soar!A very easy to handle and with a very simple interface, justhaveto move your finger across the screen to guide your plane andshootyour opponents. Your goal is to destroy enemy aircraftwithoutsuffer any damage without being defeated, but because thegame willstart again. Get to work, get on the plane and getstarted thisepisode of pure adrenaline, good luck!
Puzzle of Violetta 1.0
In this puzzle game you can play withViolettaVioletta and her friends! A game for girls in which youmust solveeach puzzle to see the full image of these characters. Ifyou likepuzzle games this is the best you'll find!The aim of puzzle Violetta is very easy, just have to putthepieces in place messy to discover the hidden picture. You'llhaveto stay focused and thinking to get put each of the piecesintoplace. A puzzle game for all fans of Violetta!You can download this game now and start playing withyourfriends! Remember, concentration and logic will help you insolvingpuzzles.
Burger Restaurant 1.1
You have in your possession a Burgersrestaurant and you have some customer in a hurry.This game is fun, addictive and skill because you have to serve allcustomers very fast and think fast.When cooking the burgers you have to take into account the exactingredients the customers ask.The best game of cooking hamburgers in a restaurant.