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Zombie Crush 1.0
The street is the last line of defense beforezombies reach your quite neighborhood.Start up the engines and crush them away!Project By:DavidYuan FuHao Cui
Move Tiles 1.2
Move Tiles is an implementation of then-puzzle game with the aim of rearranging all of the numbered tilesinto the right order, leaving the empty tile at the very lastposition. Pressing the "Start" button would scramble the board, andpressing any tile after that would initialize the timer.It is interesting to note that finding the shortest solution of thegeneral n-puzzle has been proved to be NP-complete (Ratner andWarmuth, 1990).
Workaholic 1.2
Tired of all the reports to write? of allthefiles to read? and of all the "to dos" in life?Procrastinate no more cause this is the game for you. See howrightit feels to slash through your work like a workaholic!Tilt device to control movement in all directions.See your high scores on Google Play's Global Leaderboard.5 achievements to unlock!