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cube avoid 2.0
In cube avoid you have to avoid squaresthatare coming at you with a stickman. There are 20 levels with alargevariety in difficulty. You can begin at every fifth levelinsteadof beginning at the first level so you don't have to playthelevels that are too easy for you. The controls of the game areveryeasy and intuitive. There will be coming newlevelsregularly.
Christmas avoid 1.1
In Christmas avoid you have to avoidchristmasobstacles. There are 6 different types of obstacles whicharespread over 20 levels. Every level has a different difficultysoyou can skip to every fifth level if you find the first levelstooeasy. The controls of the game are very easy and inituitivesoeverybody can play the game.If you like this game you can also download cube avoid whichisthe original version of this game.
The droid: 3D maze 1.1
'The droid: 3D maze' is a challenging gamewhich includes droids, mazes and flying cars. The goal of this gameis to find multiple droids/robots that are hidden in 20 differentmazes with a huge variance in difficulty. Playing as a droid theonly thing standing between you and the droids you have to find,are the flying cars which are flying through the mazes. The flyingcars follow a certain path through the maze which they will repeatover and over. As a player you should remember their paths so youcan avoid the flying cars.features of this game:- Intuitive but challenging controls consisting out of three arrowswhich can't be pressed at the same time.- 20 levels with a huge variety in difficulty.- Beatiful light effects.- Different quality settings so the game can be played the way youwant it.- A lot of droids.- Awesome flying cars.- Great sound effects.Credits:- http://www.freesfx.co.uk (for the sound effects in thisgame).