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Boosty Rooster 2.02
An Absolutely Arduous Addictive AvianAdventure of Fun!Boosty Rooster is game all about getting the high score, andwith multiple difficulties and online leaderboards it's the perfectgame to show off your Rooster Skillz. Using intuitive tap controlsyou fly and boost your Rooster through gates, the approachablegameplay gives way to addictive challenge in no time. The gamefeatures:* 4 Difficulty modes, each providing a twist on gameplay* Google Play Leaderboards for each difficulty setting* Google Play and In-Game Achievements* A pleasant, approachable, slick, robust, user-friendly gameplayexperience.And best of all it is completely FREE. Give it a try and see ifyou don't get hooked.Questions, comments, feedback, and bug reports should all beemailed to me at:[email protected]
Ball 0.98
The spherical sensation that is sweeping thenation!The reviews are in, and Ball is a smash hit! Here is what peopleare saying about Ball."Complex, yet simple, the pinnacle of gaming""The Quintessential gaming experience""Never have I had as much fun as when I first experiencedBall""The gyroscope moves the ball, but this game moves my verysoul"Real people are talking!So what's the buzz all about? Well, Ball features only the mostamazing features of any game on the market. Features like:*State of the art gyroscopic precision controls:*Magnificently Minimalist Art Design:"With Minimalism hot in the art world, the style of Ball takes theconcept of minimalism to the max!"See what everybody is talking about and download Ball rightnow!