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Zombie Village 1.33
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Please email us if you me the crash problem: [email protected], becausewe can't reply the comments.We eager to get more info to fix thecrash bug,thanks a lot.Zombie Village is the most fun and challenging game if you areso into about Zombie game...You are the only survival citizen who can deal with the zombieswhich walk around all over the village, kill the endless zombieswith your stick, gunshot, or even thunder gun.Making the most of your limited resource, kill the most of thezombies, collecting more money and ammunition to buy more powerfulweapons, which can kill the zombies quicker.The game goes on forever, until the zombies finally catch youand snack on your tasty brain.Features:6 different weapons you could buy and use;Different types of zombies,except the normal zombies, some are veryquick, some are hard to die;Specific graphic design and animations;multi- touch function;
Oil Paint 1.5
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Oil Paint can help you convert your images and photos intoimpressionistic oil paintings by applying a special image effect.It’s really simple and fun. Just pick or take a picture and let OilPaint do the painting for you, after complete you can save the oilpainting and share it with the world.How to use:1. Pick a picture from your gallery or take a photo rightnow;2. Just wait for your oil painting finish, it must befantastic!12162205
Sushi Bar 3.1
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SushiBar (Sushi Bar) is an Android fun timemanagement game. Build your own Sushi restaurants over theworldwide, and manage your shops to be the best! You just need tokeep your customers happy and serve them the right dishes. Youreally have to rely on your memory skills, each level has differentcash and reputation target.You start open your own Sushi Chain Store in Japan, then you canexpand your business through the worldwide, different menusaccording to different places. Every next level more sushiingredients will be added and the more complex your sushi makingwill be.To keep your customers happy in your store you can keep yourreputation, serve some ocha or sake while your customers are losingtheir patient when they are waiting.You also can challenge the Endless Mode which you have more andmore customers without stop.How to save:Please tap the pause button to save the level on the top leftcorner in the game.Features:beautiful art and challenging game play.plenty of sushi recipes to make.lots of different customers to serve.