Last Empire - War Z: Strategy 1.0.136
Protect your empire by shooting and battlingthe zombie army that wants to steal your resources in Last Empire -War Z, a strategy RPG and base building war game. Build an armywith other players from around the globe and plan an attack withyour own zombie army! Develop your kingdom and befriend empireallies to combat both zombie and human enemies. Do you have what ittakes to be the strongest commander?Last Empire - War Z is a zombie-themed free-to-play war strategygame. Battle zombie troops and survivors to protect your empireagainst the upcoming zombie war. Team up with friends from aroundthe world to build an army, increase your zombie defense strategyand participate in special events. Take part in brutal zombiewarfare and build an army to grow your empire – surviving thezombie apocalypse is in your hands in Last Empire - War Z!Last Empire - War Z Features:Strategy War Games & Empire Defense *Strategy war games pit you against an endless zombie horde!*Empire building games – Base building strategy that encouragesplayers to work together and achieve powerful bonuses!*Build a zombie defense strategy during in-game events and regularsurvivor challenges for great rewards!Battle Zombie Troops with Alliance Members*Battle zombie troops and other survivors during the zombieapocalypse.*Attack zombies in real time on the world map and chat withalliance members worldwide!*Empire allies battle with you to destroy zombie troops and othersurvivors to expand your empire.Build an Army with Zombie & Human Troops* Build an army of deadly Zombie Troops to destroy your enemies anddefend your empire!* Zombie apocalypse survivors can be recruited and upgraded withunique war skills and strategy.* Strategy is everything. Varied Skill Trees allow players toenhance their heroes.Build an army of zombie troops, battle to survive the zombieapocalypse, and defend your empire in Last Empire - War Z!Download and battle in the most exciting zombie war and basebuilding game available today!
Bad Friends 1.2
“Bad Friends” has emerged in 2016! Become acute meatball in a gluttonous, meat-eat-meat world. Big meatballseat smaller meatballs, and all meatballs strive to grow andsurvive! Join other players from around the world in this fun andchallenging game!In this world, every foodie’s dream is to become a “Meat Monster.”Game rules:1. Bigger meatballs eat smaller meatballs – that is the rule ofthis world!2. In this gluttonous world, all foodies dream of gettingfatter.3. Your meatball becomes bigger by eating smaller meatballs.Control your movements to get fatter and stronger.4. Don’t get frustrated if you’re small. If you run faster and eatmore, you’ll grow into an invincible Meat Monster.5. Don’t get cocky! Watch out for virus balls, which can divide youeven if you’re large and powerful!6. Small meatballs can hide in virus balls to escape largeropponents. Big meatballs need to be careful to avoid virus balls orthey’ll get divided.
Galaxy Wars 1.0.28
In the search of resources, humanity wasforced to search galaxies throughout the universe to find anexoplanet capable of supporting human life. After traveling throughhundreds of star systems and with little fuel remaining, humanityfinally found a suitable planet, Planet Eden.Humanity sent its elite forces – Marine Warriors – to scout andcolonize Eden. But what was thought to be a perfect place had ahidden secret.An advanced alien civilization, known as The Ancients, initiallycolonized Eden. The Ancients created a biological weapon called TheSwarm – a powerful weapon of mass destruction. During aninterstellar conflict, the Ancients lost control over the Swarm andabandoned the planet, leaving the hidden danger behind on PlanetEden. Any warning signs were thought to be only legends, andhumanity rushed to colonize the planet.When the Swarm finally emerged, their devastating attack destroyedor stranded most of the Marine Warriors. What appeared to be apromising and prosperous planet became a dangerous battleground.With no other options, humanity must battle the Swarm for controlof Eden to build a new home for our species.Humanity awaits a hero who can lead them to rebuild ouronce-prosperous civilization. Are you that Legendary Commander? Areyou smart and determined enough to be spearhead of thehumankind?Are you ready? Come be that hero! Join the conflict! * "Galaxy Wars" is a massive multi-player SLG and PvP online gamewhere players battle on an alien exoplanet.As a Commander, you must defend your base from the Swarm, ally withother human forces and build your own empire. Only strongCommanders can survive on this ruthless planet. Game Features* Battle, chat and interact with players from around the world.Galaxy Wars provides real-time translation. You will meet playersfrom around the globe and enjoy barrier-free communication withthem.* Recruit your own team of officers. These elite warriors enhanceyour production and combat power. You can capture enemy officersand even shock or execute them. Their fate is in your hands.* Join or build a star alliance and recruit and fight alongsideplayers from around the world. Lead your powerful alliance todefeat enemies and plunder resources!* Exciting PvP battle system. Will you engage in alliance warfare,fight to rule the Eden, or fight for yourself? Join the conflictand test your strategies!* Use futuristic weapons and abilities including laser cannons,energy weapons, battle mechs, base jumps and even ancient scienceand technology. How to PlayYou will save a struggling human base from a Swarm attack andbecome and become its new Commander. Develop your base, upgradeyour buildings and research technology. Train a powerful fleet ofwarships and plunder resources from other players, or collectresources found on the planet. Join an alliance for protection,assistance and to engage in massive PVP battles. Buy gift packs orcomplete tasks to earn items and rewards. Circumstances in battlesand in-game tasks can change quickly, so items will be incrediblyhelpful to your survival! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Language Support: English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, TraditionalChinese, Portuguese, German, Spanish,Korean,Thai,Indonesian,Turkish,Arabic.Facebook:
Street Wars: Basketball 0.0.44
Play real street basketball in 2017's mostpopular, exciting free basketball game on mobile. Dominate thecourts in real street basketball action. Team up with friendlyall-stars and b-ball rivals from around the world using instantvoice communication. The world is your basketball court – become astreetball all-star!o Play real-time basketball free online. It takes 5 seconds to finda basketball team and 3 minutes to play a streetball game. Become abasketball all star and play b-ball free with your friends andrivals anywhere, any time.o Join varied PVP hoops modes: 3 minute 1on1 challenges, realbasketball games and free team street basketball battles. Pick yoursquad and hit the basketball court!o Use a virtual joystick and buttons to control your basketballstars. Dribble, slam dunk, rebound and shoot the basketball: touchresponse is much better than on a PC. Take 30 seconds to learn thisb-ball game and the entire world will be your street basketballcourt!o Experience real street basketball and hip-hop style with multiplebasketball stars, basketball courts, tattoos, fashions andmore!o Slam dunk, crossover dribble, take it to the basket or shootfade-aways! Choose a custom combination from over 50 real streetbasketball skills. Become the next street basketball legend!