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The Defender 1.0.1000028
The Defender will plunge you into the heartofmodern defense war. As amercenary, you will be equipped with most sophisticated andpowerfulmodern day weapons to protect the company's secret.COMBAT INTENSITY AT ITS PEAK-45 campaign missions across 3 intensely detailed battlezonesand multiple weather effects.-29 challenges, each challenge has 3 difficulties.-8 kinds of enemies including IFV, tanks, jets, choppers,airshipsand so on.-7 weapons from real military forces, including LMG, HMG,Cannon,Bazooka, Chase Missile, Mortar, and PDA.INGAME SHOP BRING YOU ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE-2 kinds of ammo, basic&enhanced. Enhanced ammo hashigherdamage, which can help you finish the game morequickly.-Upgrade your shield will make the game much more easier.-Anti-Missile QTE System can help you interceptenemy'smissiles.-Call-Bomber to bomb the target area.-Call-Airdrop can give you chances to get extra health point.-When game failed, you can use the EXTRA-LIFE item to continuethegameplay without restart.AWESOME EXCLUSIVE FEATURES-Up to 31 achievements and 7 worldwide leaderboards waitingforyou to explore.-Backup savedgames to server and restore them wheneveryouwant.-The build-in screenshot system can help you keep the mostwonderfulmoment to lossless images.Waves of monsters are attacking your base. They move fast,strikehard, and never give up. It's time to equip your Machine Guntofight! Can you defend your base against intruders withyourweapons?How to play?New Changes of The Defender Ultimate Core!, Help Allen todefendhis Supply of Gas, Ammo and Medical Kit! Don't let Allen die!fight til the End!Still in Beta! Read Screenshot for Guide to play. Will beupdatefrom time to time.Play as Allen the Defendeur in this side scrolling gameshooterset in an apocalyptic wasteland. Upgrade your defenses withairstrikes and rockets. Purchase ammo to maintain your defence.RetroArcade style touch friendly gun battle game play.Play as a commando, put a metal slug into each enemy soldierwithyour machine gun, enjoy classic arcade 8-bit graphics, blowtanks upwith missiles.
Riddles Dots - Crazy Labyrinth 1.04
There's a new adventure waiting for you: a newgame to test your skills, your logic ability and your intuition. Infront of you there is a Labyrinth, and your goal is to find a wayout from here. With an amazing graphic and a great game play, thisdot to dot game will give you hours of challenging amusement: clickon the dots to connect them and create a new path inside this crazyLabyrinth! Riddles Dots Crazy Labyrinth is a really addictivepuzzle game: you won't be able to stop playing! Challenge yourfriends and family and find out who's the best strategist: are youready for the challenge?Go through the different levels of this free game: every timeyou'll find yourself in front of a different labyrinth, whichrequires different strategies and different solutions. Do you thinkyou have the skills to complete this difficult mission? Join thechallenge and test your skills and abilities with this connect thedots game.If you are a big fun of brain teaser games, for sure you've beenthrough many connecting dots games where the goal is to composefunny figures or boxes or other amenities. Here the task is reallydifferent: every decision you make is dramatically important, andcan lead you to a dead end or to the way out. There's just One WayOut from this Labyrinth, and you have to find it. The secret tothis game is effective planning combined with analytical skills:take your time to check the maze and then plan a strategy to breakout.You can play it anywhere, anytime you wish! This game has beendesigned as a real brain trainer, a useful tool to keep your mindin good shape, and you'll be surprised when you'll see how kidslove this game! Every time you start a new level it's like being inLabyrinth of Minos for the first time: create a new path in RiddlesDots Crazy Labyrinth walking step by step, connecting dot to dot,connect the dots until you find the way out!Key Features:+ Different levels and Labyrinths+ Outstanding HD Graphic+ Intuitive Game Play Interface+ Effective Setting Controls Menu+ Funny and Challenging+ Great for kids and adults
Christmas Beard Salon 1.0.1
Use your barber tools to make beard stylesforSanta and Christmas characters. Give Santa, his elf helperandRudolph the reindeer a Xmas makeover.Plus, makeup your boyfriend's mustache and bring in theChristmascheers.Time for Christmas games, you can shave all these funcharacters'beards whenever and however you like in a snow -coveredbeardsalon!How to playUse Tons of tools. Razor blade, clippers, electicshavers,scissors!Hairstyles of your choice!Apply Tons of decorations, Sunglasses, hats, ties, clothes.Ask the barber to ‘Shave Me!’This barbershop gives you a self-grooming makeover.Try different hairstyles, sunglasses and hats.With hairstyles, sunglasses, and party hats; gear up for thepartyof the year!Easy to use controls for girls of all ages.Take a photo of your creation.DOWNLOAD THIS FANTASTIC GAME TODAY!!!!It is time to come to the snowy barber shop for a perfect Shave.Getthe perfect makeover at our beard salon and be readyforChristmas.Santa needs help to make sure he looks good delivering toysonChristmas Eve.Help him get ready so you have the most handsome Santa intheland.Rudolf the Red Nosed reindeer had been getting scruffy and notreadyto deliver gifts.Help Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer trim his mustache and bringouthis red shiny nose.This is a kids and boys barber shop game.This is a Santa game featuring Santa, Rudolf and Santa's littleelfhelper.This is the coolest Christmas salon game to bring in theChristmasfun.Trim the hair with the hair trimmer and shave the beard cleanlywiththe shaving tools.This is a Santa salon and a virtual dress up, makeover andfashionshop for kids.Dress up characters, give them a makeover and a complete newstyleand fashion look.Download this new beard salon and boys barber shaving shop rightnowfor free.Start your crazy shaving adventure now!