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Pug Makeover Doctor Game 1.0.2
Hi everyone, welcome to SKigames pug petdoctor kids and girls game. This time you will become the petdoctor, and cure some unusual patients( pug breed of Dog), they areour 4 cute pet babies of Pug Dog ----- These lovely pet babiesencountered something terrible got hurt while playing are verydirty, and need the pet doctor’s help quickly, and you are just theone we need!!!In this app ---- you become Pet Doctor, you can use many differentkinds of medical instruments to treat the pet babies’ illness. Hereyou can do all the following things to them,First clean theme givethem a shower find the ticks on their body and then clean theirteeth also you can do things such as taking body temperature,infusing, measuring blood pressure, taking X-ray picture, puttingice packs and so on but also can take advantage of many toys tomake them happy. No matter in the treatment process or finishtreating, please don’t forget to take a snapshot for the cute petbaby!Therefore, if you really feel interested and excited about such ahospital game related to pet babies, please do not hesitate anymore, join our amazing pug pet doctor, and enjoy the experience ofbeing a professional pet doctor (pet Vet)!!!How To Play:Open Pet Doctor, choose a little pet baby you like to start thegame. At the bottom of the screen, you can choose different medicalinstruments to treat the pet baby, such as dragging the cotton swabto clean the wounds, dragging the tweezers to remove the woodsplinters, dragging the X-ray machine onto the patient to find outthe fracture parts, dragging the band-aid to cover the patient’sscatches, and dragging the ice packs to the patient’s forehead tolower the temperature, etc. Meanwhile, the band-aid, ice packs,infusion bottle have many different styles to choose. After allthese treating process, you can take a snapshot for your healthypet baby!Features:• 4 cute pet babies to choose from• A huge variety of decoration items to choose, including funnyband-aid, colorful ice packs, attractive infusion bottles and soon• Pet babies will have various expressions and sounds when you aretreating them• Continued improvements of this game, please feel free to send usyour feedbacks and suggestionsNeed You Know:This app is totally free to download and play. Enjoy the game andmake your pet smell good and look awesome.667f8ef0d2
Ball Boom 1.0
Ball Boom is the classic game where youcontrol a steel ball by tilting a wooden circular maze and solvethe puzzle. If you have played ball jumping games and loved themthen you will definitely love this gave here ball don’t jump butslides. This version is having 40 fully playable levels availablefor free.In this game balls increase in every level and goes till 8 ballsand more and game becomes more complex. While you trying to sendthe ball to final destination make sure there are some open glassholes, if you ball drops in their you lose.Please check major features of the game as follows.- A wooden maze level with calibration.- Autosaving of completed levels.- Easy starting levels for newbie players.- Sound on off.- Score sharing.Hope you like our games we appreciate your feedback.
3D Party Van Simulator 2016 1.0.1
Merry Christmas to all the party lovers getready as we have organized a bus game for you.It’s time to put on your best clubbing cloths and look sharpbecause tonight you are going to have the blast playing thisamazing Christmas party bus driver simulator game! Why wait to getthe party started after your arrival in the big city skyline startthe party while traveling bus!! Get the ultimate party feeling onthe way by this best bus simulator!
100 Crazy Doors Escape 3.0
Advance to the next floor by solving thepuzzle!This game is to break out of the rooms.Solve the hidden mysteriesdoors to open the door and escape from the room.● How to play- Collect items and tap on the screen.- Try to open the door to solve the puzzle.● Feature- Features escape games which are perfect for free time.- All stages selectable.- Auto-save.Addicting puzzles!Complete utilization of your devices features....Different themed floors!Constant updates of New’s FREE.....
Prom Spa and Salon Girls Game 4.0
Our Spa Salon makeover and makeup game isreleased, I know how much you like and enjoy the Prom party nightmakeover game every time you play. We would like to thank all thegirls for waiting so long. There are so many nice and beautiful spaitems, a lot of colorful Makeups, and you could makeover anddressup the girl who looks like not too beautiful girl. After youspa, makeup, dressup her, you will find how beautiful and gorgeousshe looks and will be ready for her first prom night party! Shemust be a delicate prom night queen after makeover! In this version, you can paint her with the nice eyeshadow, lipstick andblusher.In the luxuriant room, dress up her with so many nice prom partynight dresses, you will find one dress which you like best, afterspa, makeup, and dressup, she will be a wonderful girl and go toher Prom Party night to enjoy dancing. This will be most memorablejourney for any girl in life!In the Facial Spa room, you could make the girl more relaxing andclean her face by doing face wash and removing dark circle andcleaning blackheads this is really a Facial SPA experience like arealistic salon. After that, she will come to a beautiful makeuproom, choose eyeshadow, lipstick and blusher.Game is FREE! . You won't be spend single penny in this game andyou could own so many nice items. Yes, of course. It's a all freegirl and kids games. So you parents don't worry about this as it'ssafe for girl and kids.If you'd like my game, please rate us,6f4a857d8c
Delivery Truck Simulator 1.0.2
Welcome to Delivery Truck Simulator . One ofthe most downloaded truck driving games. It is one of thoserealistic truck games that you will not be able to turn off. Withthe delivery truck simulator gameplay, you will be widelyentertained from the graphics, gameplay and vehicles.BRAND NEW SIMULATOR GAMEWe have already created some great car and vehicles simulatorgames. This is brand new simulator game where you handle the truckwith three different controller’s system. The users love it becauseit gives great sense of control. The trucks simulator gameplay andcontrols are outstanding!TRUCK SIMULATOR GAMESThere is a lot of attention to detail! You can choose betweendifferent trucks and the whole game is ust well thought and willkeep you interested. That is why we thing this is one of the besttruck simulator games you will ever play!CHOOSE BETWEEN DIFFERENT ROADS AND VEHICLESDelivery Truck Simulator gives you the ability to choose fromdifferent roads. You can also select different vehicles. This isfun game the levels start getting complex as you finish thetask.DELIVERY TRUCK SIMULATOR FEATURES:- realistic simulator truck driving- city themed- possibility to choose from different vehicles- possibility to choose form different roads- great music and sound effects- HD graphics in 3D*********************************Your ultimate truck driving challenge begins with Delivery TruckSimulator 3DThrilling, versatile, quality and ultra-interesting simulator truckgame!See why we are one of the best simulator games developers!Download FREE
Tractor farming simulator 3D 1.1
Agriculture had been main source of income formany farmers and tractor had been sign of revolution in agricultureindustry.Harvest your farm using tractor and then sell the hay(grass usedfor horse,cow goat and other animals used for agriculture) and sellit to earn money and unlock new tractors and amazingenvironments.Enjoy the new Tractor farming simulator 3D Game in an Off-Roadcareer mode hill climb mode and great lake side backgrounds.We are sure you will enjoy the farming vehicles drivingexperience.Download now! Tractor farming simulator 3D. The best part ofthis game is that you can experience driving in amazing hilly areain day and night modes as well as in extreme weatherconditions.Its a winter season and now its time to sell your crop.Sk igames presents you Indian Farm Simulator 2016 game where youcan directly control different tractors with trolley. Your task isto drive and take your cultivation and other goods to another cityfor sale. Its a hilly, mountain and Off-road area so drivecarefully.FEATURES:- HD and real life like hilly environments- Day light, Raining, thunderstorm and Night Modes- Unlimited awesome 3D tractor driving simulator missions- Full Action packed music and sound effects- Indian Farm Simulator 2016 is an extreme precision drivingsimulator- Most realistic heavy driving Controls and Easy to play at thesame time- Free of cost and even without any annoying ads best FarmingGame- No Wi-Fi required, Can be played without Internet connection.
VR Delivery Bikes 1.0
Ride your bike in the endless highwayroadsovertaking the traffic, upgrade and buy new bikes to beatthemissions in career mode.
Moto Traffic Highway Rider 3D 1.0
Moto Traffic Highway Rider 3D 2016 Motoracinggame.Make your self ready for adventurous Moto racingexperienceselect your bike from multiple options. Each motorcyclehavedifferent power and features. As you earn money bycompletingmissions you will be able to buy more powerfulmotorcycle.You can play this game in 3 different modes.One Way Moto Mode.Two Way Moto Mode.Wrong Way Moto Mode.Select from different environments like.Highway , city ,desert.Select different weather.Cold , rainy and sunnySelect different in Day light or Play in night time.Race with your powerful bike and avoid accidents more fasteryouare and multiple overtake will give you more points.Ride your motorcycle through streets packed with reallifetraffic and thematic cars.What are you waiting for? Download Moto Traffic Highway Rider3D2016 now!FEATURES:- 3 games modes- Variety of bikes- Real life traffic scenes- Thematic Trucks,mini van and cars- Great 3D graphics- Awesome music- Endless fun!Download and rate us for our new 3D simulation game!! Thanksyoufor your review and support.
Plane Simulator 3D 2016 1.0
We are more than happy to release ournewsimulation game. This time we are moving from ground to sky...after success of Train , delivery van , bus and now plane.Plane Simulator 3D 2016 offers you the most realisticflyingexperience with 3D graphics and animations where you act asanpilot of the game!Start the engine,unleash your inner courage and feels the power of realisticplaneswhile flying through various stunning locations.Plane Simulator 2016 lets you explore the world of flying inaquality never seen before.The game features massive highly detailed planes withultrarealistic physics. Take your seat in the cockpit and conquerthesky now!Their is choice of war and fighter planes.Flight Simulator: Fly Plane 3D is an awesome new 3DAirplaneSimulator game, become the pilot and fly your commercialjetGuide and steer your plane through all of the way pointstoensure you head to the correct destination, go through all oftheway points and land at your destination airport within thetimelimit to earn yourself more pilot stripesGame Features:- 10+ mission types from pilot training to master class- Realistic flight physics and 3D graphics•Realistic airport ambiance with air tower commands•Ridiculously cool graphics and carefully crafted animations•Choice of controls with three types of steering options includingasteering wheel, buttons, or accelerator based movementsFree For Download !!!Play free
Roller Coaster VR 2017
roaster coaster rides games VR ( virtual worldgames are gaining popularity over celebration cinema . Since thepopularity of google card board is gaining virtual games arebooming.When we of first thing of virtual reality game first think we getto our mind is roller coaster games where roller coaster runs anduser gets great virtual games experience.roller coaster games are basically a simulation of Roller Coasterin beautiful theme park near city area in an amusement park. Thissimulation is available in Virtual Reality as well as SimpleMode.Roller Coaster VR 2017 Simulator is free android game in which youcan enjoy ride.How to Play:- Select VR/Simple Mode.- you must have Gyro sensor device- setup your device into VR glasses like 4DUD or Card boardGlasses- Aline your device into center in such a way that both screen ongame looks like one- Check for lens to set proper focus- You can move forward/backward and left/right just rotating onyour axis- Also you can visualize in different direction up/down viewSimple Mode:Game Play is. just swipe right/left to view right/leftFeatures:- Virtual reality games based on 3D city Environment.- Gyro-meter based 360 degree rotation based device.- virtual reality glasses such as 4DUD and Card board VR- No time Limit, unlimited play and funThis demo is compatible with 4DUD VR Glasses, Card board, DurovisDive, Vrase, Samsung Gear VR, Carl Zeiss VR one, Archos /Colorcross and other DIY Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or MicrosoftHololens etc.Free Download Now!!
Ping Pong tabel tennis 3D 2016 1.0
Ping Pong table tennis 3D 2016We are here again with out realistic 3d environment gameoftennis on table also know as ping pong was a parlor game played by VICTORIAN ENGLANDupperclass people after dinner party.Soon this game became very famous through out the world. Thisissame as tennis but the difference is this is played indoorandtennis is played outdoor.This game is also know by different names in differentcountrieslike whiff-whaff makeshift.Features:--Great Tennis physics-Awesome 3D graphic environment-3 modes of gamePing Pong table tennis 3D 2016 available for Android device.Ifyou are a big time fan of parlor games this is great to havereallife and amazing experience.Download Free top sport simulation game of 2016 today andprovidewith your feedback and support us to make other games toentertainyou.
Hollywood Star Selfie Makeover 1.1
Hollywood Star Selfie MakeoverHave you ever dreamed of becoming a Hollywood stylist or aHollywood make up artist? Are you attracted to the glam and blitzof Hollywood? Here’s your chance to make your dreams come true.Download and play Hollywood Star Selfie Makeover for FREE to startgiving your Hollywood stars a fabulous makeover!In Hollywood Star Selfie Makeover, you have the chance to giveHollywood stars and models a total makeover. You can dress thesecelebrities, style their look, apply make up of various colors andshades, and even design a matching hand bag to complement theiroverall look. Your stars are now ready for party! You can evenshare the results to your friends by saving it to your Photo Albumor via Facebook.~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hollywood Star Selfie Makeover TOP features~~~~~~~~~~~~• Give Hollywood stars total make over!• Apply make up and customized their style.• Design matching designer handbags.• Add accessories such as tiaras, sunglasses, Venetian party masks,fabulous hats, and many more!• Mix match their style anyway you wish. Try out new combinationand see the stunning result.• Capture their fabulous looks and save them to your PhotoAlbum• Share your Celebrity look with friends on Facebook.Glam life is the dream of every girl. Now you can experience theglamour of Hollywood with in this game for girls free. Thisdressing up game is perfect if you want to be a model, make upartist, fashion designer, Hollywood stylist, or a HollywoodSTAR!This free girl game is chance for any girl to realize their dreamsand exploring the fashion world. Play this fashion game for free tohave fun and learn about fashion and style anytime andanywhere.Hollywood Star Selfie Makeover is developed by (Kids sk igames).Please kindly leave us rating and review to show your support forthis game.Download Free Game!!!!
Basketball Brainvita 1.0.3
The aim of the game is to achieve the gamewith only one ball remaining. Will you find the good moves tosucceed in this ?To drop a ball, just jump it with an other ball !You'll find here all classic boards, to allow you to start witheasy ones if you're not a regular on this game.For the best of you, the board editor will allow you to play onyour own invention.Have a good game !
Hijab Style Makeup Salon 1.0.8
Hijab Style Makeup Salon game can even be usedas a reference for you to apply real hijab make up.Features- there are 3 playing models to decorate with different hijabmakeover,makeup,dressup.- makeup on your face Create exciting gorgeous look.- Huge selection of colors for eye contact lenses, lipstick,eyeshadow,blushes and more.- dressing up for girls with lots of clothes and accessories atyour choiceGreat Muslim wedding makeover games for Muslim girls and see howhijab will look on you.You can share your Hijab character on all Social Media likeFacebook,Whatsapp ,Viber etc.You can also share your Hijab character via mail and SMS.
Engineering unit converter pro 1
Engineering unit Converter Pro accurate unit/metric conversion in an extremely easy to use.this free app is the best tool for work, school,scientist,engineers and mechanical students.we have following conversion available in current versionAngleAreaDigital StorageElectric CurrentEnthalpyFlow RateForceFuel ConsumptionLengthMassPowerPressureSpeedTemperaturevolumetimeThis app is 100% free to use.
Indian Makeover 2016 1.0.3
Indian Makeover 2016 is girls game.isn't just not for star models and princess anymore! beauty salon makeup - girls games allows you with powerof all tools you need to run your own make up spa and salon, adress store for dress up games and a revamp of princess. Clothingdress up, shoes selection and bracelets  are in the closet orwardrobe. In Dress up games we have options for lipstick , mascaraface gloss face pack cucumber eye spa and other  colors andthemes are in the makeup kit. Bring the princess fashion models  into the spa and let's getthese makeovers help them glam up! All the hottest dress, shoes, earrings, hair,socks,leggings and eyelashes eye shadow blush and dresses are yours to play with inbeauty salon - girls games. Design the most fashionable chic fashions in your Town, Everyone wants to look pretty, and your spa has the tools to doit. Hope you will enjoy the gamewe will appreciate your feedbackthis game will mainly allow you to relax and have your small girlor a kid to get busy with this game.
City Car Stunts 3D 2016 1.0
City Car Stunts 3D 2016 features♠ Variety of playable Sports Cars♠ Amazing Environments♠ Extremely Precise Driving Simulator♠ Realistic Driving Experience♠ Awesome 3D Graphics
Extreme Stunt Biker 3D 2016 1.0
Want a taste of spine-tingling adventure? Getabulk of thrill and excitement with this new bike stunts game!Getpast uneven terrains with the most blood curdling hurdles,anddiscover your excellent stunting skills. Complete the missionsandbecome the new stunt bike !Step up and display your courage through twists and turns, allwhilewearing your favorite bike gear. Dodge risky obstaclesamiddangerous hills through an amazing, realistic landscape.Flythrough the obstacles with nitro boost. The thrill is addicting!Extreme Bike Stunts 3D 2016 features!•Realistic fantasy city rife with stunts to perform•Extreme precision driving simulator•Nitrous boost option to speed over obstacles•Awesome 3D graphics
Horce Racing 3D 2016 1.0
Race for dominance in this high addictivehorseracing game in immersive environment. Will you be capable ofridingyour stallion to dodge and jump over the obstacles in thefiercecompetitions? Remember to balance the speed and staminasince ifyour horse runs too fast the stamina will be used up veryquickly.Now saddle up, steer your horse to reach the WorldChampionships!Game Features:- Amazing 3D graphics and virtual 3D sound system- Intuitive tile or touch controls to steer your horseGet a Free...!!!
Subway Surf Race VR 2016 1.0
A hurricane has hit City and flooded thesubway system! Lucky for you, you brought your surfboard. Jump infront of the wave and ride through the subway tunnels withoutfalling! The game uses your device's accelerometer to track yourbalance.Play in VR mode with your Cardboard or VR headset, or in mobilemode.
Range Shooting 3D 2016 1.0
Range Shooting 3D 2016 is a 3D firstpersonshooter simulation game with stunning details andaddictivegameplay.Welcome to your basic and advanced shootingtrainingsimulation.As you start the simulation, your first trainer will meet youandguide you through the basic stepsThere will be different trainers for every range and it wouldbewise to listen to them.Good luck.Choose your weapon and test your shooting skills withcountlesschallenging missions!Try different weapons in specialised ranges, fight for newmissionsor high scores.Now pick up your gun, step into the action and prove yourself!KEY FEATURES- 2 Challenging Game Modes: Time Attack, Missions- More Than 15 Levels- Pistols, SMG's, Shotguns, Rifles, Snipers- Upgrade Options: Damage, Accuracy, Rate of Fire, ReloadSpeed,Clip Size and Ammo Capacity- Rich Target Variety: Stationary and Moving Targets,SuicideBombers, Terrorists etc.- Stunning 3D graphics with quality options- Easy & comfortable control options
Cave VR 1.0
we think about huge mountain and an openingatsome end When you look into it its very dark and hardlyvisible.Sonow with help of virtual reality and devices like googlecardboardand oculas its possible to feel the virtuality of mothernature andwe get chance to look into the dark VR cave.when we sayVR cave wemean to make you feel the virtual world setting on yourseats.Download free today CAVE VR free cardboard game.Please make sure VR is not supported on all the device so ifitdon’t work on you devices please check the compatibilityDon’t leave negative feedback as your feedbacks counts a lottous.Download FREE!!! today on google play
Multi Storey Parking NYC 3D 1.0
Multi- Storey Car Parking 3D 2016Is a revolution in car parking games .we all know how hard it is to find parking in NYC, andhowexpensive it is to park a car.Even if you find parking space its not easy to park a carastheir are multi storey parking and you need to knowparallelparking.Now you can check your skills right on you smart phone andtabletby practicing our #1 parking games.You will get more than 20+ cars to play with and enhanceyourskills.parking games really help you to avoid accidents in real andwillmake you pro driver.hope you will enjoy the games with multiple levels and varietyofcars.we request you to park the car slowly and not to raceingarage.Download our free Multi Storey Parking NYC 3D today ongoogleplay.we love to here from you about your experience, hope youwilllove different vehicle options which we have given.Enjoy!!!Download Today
Construction Loader 3D 1.0
Get a feel of the logistics ofconstructionwith your own construction loader truck! Drive andcontrol yourloader to excavate, dig, haul, lift, load, and dump allkinds ofbuildings materials into your own magnificent dump yard. Webetyou’ve never laid your hands on a loader tractor; it’s time totestyour driving and superior motor skills. Precision and care isalsorequired. Pace yourself--don’t drop what you’ve worked hardtoscoop out. Bring the excitement of driving and managingheavyvehicles to your phone!Construction Loader 3D Features:•Realistic controls supporting superior physics•Modern Construction loader trucks•Realistic heavy vehicle driving experience•Most realistic construction site environment•High-quality 3D graphics
Jetski Countdown 2016 1.0
Tired of parking game yet ?It is more difficult to play , more exciting water Ski game !The most exciting racing game !The game is simple,Carefully controlling the game protagonist sail to thespecifiedlocation and can cross the border ,Test your patience, technical exciting levels.So you can more accurately grasp clearly the direction andcontrolof the Ski !Be careful while driving hit a roadside obstacles,But otherwise the boat would explode !
Police Jeep Simulation 3D 1.0
Are you ready to go off-road with PoliceJeepSimulation 3D in a big epic charger jeep! Drive overgreatenvironment big obstacles and different cars to try withdifferentstability weight and performance try to finish the missionas fastas you can in Police Jeep Simulator. Become the best copdriver ofall the police games!Are you ready to unlock all the amazing jeeps and carswithlights and siren ?In Police Jeep Simulator you will be playing with amazinglevelscollect coins after great mission acomplishment and thenunlockmore powerful cars like dodge charger ford and jeepforexperiencing best simulator cars game !Get ready for this amazing simulator on Google play?▶ Become the best police jeep driver in this championship!▶ Enjoy 10+ epic police games missions!▶ Got a suggestion? Please contact us for ideas!Download Today for free on google play.We love to improve by hearing user experience.Try FREE!!
Wild Animal Hunting 3D 1.0
Hunting wild jungle animals is fun when oneisa professional hunter as an amateur will endanger his lifeintrying to kill furious beasts.This game is a brand new real hunter and sniper shootingexperiencewhich you might not been able to get in your real life.Those whocannot risk their life hunting wild animals can enjoy realhuntingexperience and note animals simulator by playing thisgame.You are avatar with a special precise sniper gun to shootfuriouswild animals. For the time being you have three options, youcankill bear, stag and wolf but in next versions you will be abletokill fast animals like cougar, bobcat and tiger.Animals feel jungle as their perfect sanctuary. When someonegetsinto it they take it as an invader. So the sniper should holdhisbreath and be patient. While hunting bear and wolf be aware,theywill become alert hearing the sound of bullet fire and willattackon you and if you will not hurry the survivor beast will takenotime to kill you and the game will be over.While stag or reindeer run away hearing firing sound. The targetofsniping running animals is a little challenging. So use yourarmysniper shooting skills to kill these animals before they attackorrun away with Wild Animal Hunting 3D . You have to selectoneanimal at a time and then go into the levels which are threeinnumber.Embark on a lifetime hunting and sniper shooting actionadventureandGood luck!!!FEATURES- An ultimate hunting action.- Game play is simple yet entertaining.- Efficient gun control.- True to life hunting experience.- High fidelity cool 3D graphics.
Archery Shooter 3D 1.0
World's #1 archery shooter 3D game is nowhandyon your devices.archery Master will be going trough the hardest andmostrealistic archery simulation game.archery shooter delivers realistic archery experiencewithdifferent environment and 20+ levels that features stunning3Dgraphics.Shoot arrows at targets and earn coins generally targets aresetat various distance to earn coins each level get harder andtargetsare setup at different place and distance, arrows andupgrades.Take a deep breath,collect all your power and archery skillsandaim the target, shoot the arrow and hit the bull's eye.Download the game today for free on google play.We love to improve from your feedback.Hope you will enjoy the effort we have put to gather.Enjoy and play for FREE !!!
Mining Truck Sim 3D 1.0
So, you think you’re ready for someMASSIVEhuge TRUCKS that are driven crazily in mines for diggingandtransportation.This game is all about driving mining truck and do properparkingfor it.If you like car driving and racing games this is for you,Play with big toy and park in properly.Huge selection of levels.Download Free Today on google play!!!
Krishna Gwal World Run 1.0
★★★★★ The newest game featuring Endless runinthis new series! where krishna bhagwan save life of peoplebylifting Giriraj mountain ★★★★★*****Download Cute Krishna Run Game on Google Play forFREEtoday!!!Everyone loves Krishna! Gwal collects coins with cowsymbol.There are also boost and in-app purchase.Game Features:★★★★★Amazing 3D Graphics★★★★★HD Sound entertainment★★★★★Simple and challenging gameplayComment and Rate 5★ Stars if you love Shri Krishna Run Game!Download Krishna Run Game for free on Google Play today!!!
Easter Egg Bubble Shooter 2016 1.0
Do you love playing bubble shooter games.Easter Egg Bubble Shooter 2016 is a festive version ofbubbleshooter have to shoot a bubble of same color in order to breaktherest and clear the top.This game have extra boosters and powers which you canpurchasewith in game rewards coins.If you you love bunny and you are big time Easter fan thisgameis for you.There are total 55 levels it will increase the difficultiesasyou go ahead.Enjoy all new bubble shooter this 2016.Download now and enjoy !!!We appreciate your feedback and reviews on this game.As it will help us to improve our new version christmasbubbleshooter 2016 and halloween bubble shooter 2016Thank and enjoy the game!!!!
Tank Militia Multiplayer Game 1.0
Tanks multiplayer games 2016 for with the group and destroy your opponentsDownload Free!!
Chess Champion 3D 2016 1.0
Become chess champion in 3D mode playwithexpert and show your strategy skills
Race Madness Vr 2016 1.0
Enjoy the word of virtual reality carracinggame VR worldGet ready with your cardboard.This is the most thrilling world of race.
Blocky Crossy VR and 3D 1.0
Blocky Crossy VR and 3D this is avirtualreality game.enjoy the theme of strategy game crossy in blocky mania.this game have two mode regular 3D game and other isvirtualreality VR mode.Download the game for free!!!
Dragon Fly VR First Flight 1.0
See how a Dragon fly see the world whenitfirst learn to fly.see the natural experience in VR environment,Enjoy on your cardboard.Download Free!!
Lost In Chamber VR Escape 1.0
Lost In Chamber VR Escape escape the doorgamewith virtual reality environment.get ready with your google cardboard.Download Free!!!
Ludo Multiplayer Game 1.0
Download free multi-player game Ludo andplaywithin friends.who ever gets successful to get all the chips on topwillwin.Enjoy!!
Gangster Vs Dead Strategy Game 1.0
"Imagine that you are a cool gangster andcometo relax in the best Vegas casinos. This city never sleeps,thenight is as bright as day, and the life is in fullswing.Architecture is striking in its imagination and night streetcoolcars and the most beautiful girls.
Limo Car Driving City Simulate 1.0
People hire limo for party and fun.but have you ever tried to see how difficult it is to drive.So get ready for the fun and enjoy riding the long monster.
Plants Vs Garden Hidden Object 1.0
If you love mystery this games is for youenjoythe game.find the object by clue and hintsyou score good and fast if you can find the objects quickly.
Champ The Sudoku 1.0
Play Sudoku game and check your smartnessif you think you are smart enough and love to checkyourskill.master champ the sudoku
Metro Train Simulator 2016 3D 1.0
FEATURES-Awesomely Realistic 3D graphics-Cab Views for all Trains-Train derailments-Kid friendly-Realistic Train Sounds-Easy Controls-Regular Content Updates-No In-App Purchasing-Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devicesIndian Train Simulator 2016 is perfect fun for both adultsandkids who love Trains & Train Games. Pick up passengersfromstations, or carry some freight. Control your favoritehistoricalor modern trains perfectly recreated in 3D. Sit insidethe trains,passenger cars, or simply view the train from the groundas itcomes towards you. This professionally made Train Simulatorhassomething for every Train fan.
Prison Break Shooting 3D 2016 1.0.1
Prison Break Shooting 3D 2016American crime scene investigation commando, terrorism is beenincreasing day by day we have do counter attack.In this game we have a situation where we have assigneddifferent task as this is counter attack first person shooting gamein prison yard who are very dangerous terrorist. So we assume thatif they are relised it will horrible situation in the country.Be an Assassin sniper and complete all sniper duty missions in3D environment. With ultimate perfection to shoot your target. it’sa hard time as you cross each level the mission starts gettingtouch and your shooting skills start getting improved.counterstrike the brutal terrorists and become most powerful commandos wholives to save his country.Due to a mistake of warden prisoners are running out. Your dutyas an sniper Agent or as a commando counter strike the prisoners isto terminate these threatening escaping before they escape.You must follow the commands otherwise all criminals willsucceed in prison break.~~~~~~~~~~~~ Prison Break Shooting 3D 2016 TOP features~~~~~~~~~~~~- Great graphics for fps ( first person shooting game)- Training session to train commandos- Zoom effect for rifle to shoot perfect target and get headshot- Great Environment of American jail.- Power play option where you can click on timer and everyone getslow down.- Multiple levels and skill improvement options.This free girl game is chance for any fps game lover realizetheir dreams and assume the shooting power .Play this shooting game for free to have fun and learn aboutcommandos life style anytime and anywhere.Prison Break Shooting 3D 2016 is developed by (kids sk igames).Please kindly leave us rating and review to show your support forthis game.This is free game specially for Action lovers.
Roller Swing VR 2016 1.0
Your mobile phones gyro will do the best –sotake a sit and get crazy experience with VR Swing D2 2016.This game is by makers of roller coaster VR 2016 after successofroller coaster Game we decide to come up with new innovationandcreate simulation of amusement park rides.- Please, look at the lever, to start theVR Swing D2 2016.- To fully enjoy this app you'll need virtualrealityglasses/headset (or google cardboard).This VR attraction is the best choice for the firstimmersioninto the virtual reality world.It's compatible with different virtual reality headsets (alsoknownas hmd) such as Google Cardboard or Homido.Insert smartphone with gyroscope into VR glasses and starttheride.Look around yourself and experience a full spherestereoscopicvirtual world (like 3D 360 degrees cinema).Attraction takes you into breathtaking jorney withthrillingmoments.
Flight Pilot virtual reality 1.0
Flight Pilot virtual reality is the gamelikeflight pilot but new feel and environment with virtual reality.get ready with your VR gear and cardboard and enjoy theendlessworld with different eyes.Download Free today!!!
Traffic Racer 3D 2016 1.0
In this game you drive your differentcarthrough highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buynewones. Try to be one of the fastest drivers there are differenttypeof environment including desert, highway and city. Endlessracingis now redefined!KEY FEATURES- Stunning 3D graphics- Smooth and realistic car handling- 3 different cars to choose from- 3 detailed environments: suburb, desert, and city.- 4 different game modes: One-way, Two-Way, Time Trial,PoliceChase- Rich types of NPC traffic including trucks, buses and SUVs.GAMEPLAY- Tilt to steer- gas button to accelerate- brake button to slow downTIPS- The faster you drive in traffic and race crazily the morescoresyou get- driving over 100 kmh, overtake cars closely to get bonusscoresand cash- Driving in opposite direction in two-way mode gives extrascoreand cashTraffic Racer will be updated constantly. Please rate andgiveyour feedback for further improvement of the game.Download Traffic Racer 3D 2016 Free !!!
Indian Beauty Makeup Salon Spa 1.0.8
It's time for a makeover of a beauty withIndian dress online . A beautiful Indian girls wants to lookgorgeous in marriage parties, birthday parties and on all otherreligious occasions.Indian Beauty Makeup Salon Spa is a girls game where we get achance to makeover Indian girl in our own way.In this game we take her to Spa , Salon and then to a designerstore. She have to wear a designer Indian dress so help her to getready and make her look gorgeous on all the events.At the beginning of game we take her to spa treatment.Massage on face with cream, wash face using shower, last apply facepack. Help her in perfect make up, choose eye shadow, lipstick, eyelashes & more from given makeup kit.Choose beautiful hairstyle that suits on her face then selectdesigner Indian dress from wide range collection matchingaccessories like necklace,earrings sandals & more.About Kids skigamesskigames brings you the latest creations of most loved categoriesof games including 2D and 3D and apps which are all hugely loved bykids.We are entirely devoted to build quality UI with friendly game playfun and enjoyment for kids.Stay with us for the latest updates of skigames on Google play andget more of educational games.We will be glad with your response. Contact us anytime for anyquestions and suggestions at [email protected] mentioned the Indian Beauty Makeup Salon Spa what do you thinkof? I have thought the charming and fashion, especially thejewelries,that make the Indian girl more beautiful. Give it atry.Play FreeDownload Now!!
BMI Calculator Pro 1.0
What is bmi calculator pro and how it willhelpyou?bmi calculator pro is a free app that allows you to monitor BMI(Body mass index) and percentage of fat in your body.Ideal weight maintenance app for health conscious people. -appcalculates the ideal weight you should gain.To use this app your need to know few things aboutyourself:gender,age,heightweight.App supports both metric and imperial formats.This calculate following things.BMI (Body Mass Index)Weight to hieght ratio ( what should be idea weight and heightforhealthy living)Body fat percentage ( How much percentage of fat in yourtotalbody)weight loss percentage ( amount of weight you need to loose itwillshow your over weight number)