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Squares 1.4.6
Pass by the objects and earn more and morepoints!The blue ball is controlled by you. You have to pass the objects toearn points. Meanwhile red balls will appear that you have toavoid. If you crash into a red one than the game is over. Thecontenders will follow a given route. While playing you can catchup some support.The last object to be passed by again won’t result anotherpoints.Number of field colours to choose: 8Points:Small Square: 2 pointsSmall Rectangle: 4 pointsBig Square: 5 pointsL Shape: 6 pointsBig Rectangle: 10 pointsContenders’ movements and time of their appearance:1. Red field: 2 points2. Red field: 10 points3. Green field: 20 points4. Green field: 50 points5. Yellow field: 100 points6. Blue field: 200 pointsEvery contender starts from the top left corner.Control:With your fingertip (You’re able to adjust the sensibility)With turnover (Not every device support this function)Leaderboards (Google Play Games):Most points in one rideMost objects passed in one rideMost XPXP and coin system:At the end of the game, the points reached while you were playing,would be added to your coins and XP.You can pay with coins in the shop.Support:After 12 objects passed by a support will appear. You have 15 sec.to reach it.2x XP: Every objects passed by will mean twice as many points asusual for 30 sec.2x Speed: The speed of the blue ball will be increased by 100% for30 sec.Stop contenders: Every appeared contender will stop for 30sec.Life: You can crash into a contender once. It can be used only onceat the same time. After the use, it can be picked up again.