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Thai Kickboxing Workout 2
Turn the ultimate family friendly martial artslesson into an aggressive fitness experience! Download ThaiKickboxing Workout: Beginner and discover how the pro’s Muay Thaipractice regiment can help you get fit today!Thai Kickboxing Workout: Beginner blends authentic Muay Thaitraining techniques via clear video lessons. Because the program istailored toward users who are new to the world of Muay Thai,lessons are focused on fundamental techniques which are easy tomaster with dedicated practice. Step-by-step video demonstrationswill show users everything from proper jump roping techniques andbasic kickboxing drills, to shadow boxing combinations andplyometric routines.This isn’t just another half baked fitness app. Thai KickboxingWorkout: Beginner was the brainchild of Former World KickboxingAssociation World Champion Edge Brown and is meant to authenticallyemulate the same type of workout he teaches pupils.Shot on site at Professor Brown’s world famous GYM 445 in SanFrancisco, all video segments in the app star seasoned Muay Thaiexperts, all of whom – under the guidance of Prof. Brown – willshow users the most effective way to get fit all while learning howto kick ass!Features:Video training lessons.Step-by-step workout instructions.Multiple in-video angles to maximize learning perspectives.Muay Thai fundamentals & training techniques.Workout guidance by Former World Kickboxing Association WorldChampion Edge Brown.Thai Kickboxing Workout: Beginner is developed by Gym 445
Cosmo Tango 12
About Tango"Argentinean tango holds a unique place in couple dancing. Thebody is closer, more intimate than in any other dance form. And yetthe legs move faster and with more deadly accuracy than in anyother comparable dance. It is this combination of sensual,meditative, relaxed contact in the upper body and swift, almostmartial arts-like repartee in the lower body that gives the tangoits unique identity. Add to this vibrant mix the music -melancholy, ecstatic, growling, predatory, soaring, seeking,heartbreakingly beautiful - and you have the ingredients forsomething more than a craze. You have a genuine participatory artform, which can express the most profound and complex longings thatpeople can have about their lives, about each other, about thenature of existence itself… The tango is evidently, once again, aliving art form, with Buenos Aires the epicenter of a culturalphenomenon. The tango remains essentially a popular musical form,rooted in the visceral sense of its dance; combining melodic,lyrical beauty with its unmistakable rhythmic drive. Heady andpassionate, sensual and meditative, melancholic and joyful, it isidentifiably Argentinean and yet, clearly, is universallyaccessible. The tango is as complex as its own roots and as simpleas the primal impulse for two human beings to move as one." SallyPotter - 1997About This AppThe annual Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino (CITA)brings together, in Buenos Aires,thousands of tango lovers from all over the world and the greatestmasters of Argentine Tango.COSMOTANGO videos feature most memorable performances from theCITA-2000 through CITA-2009 by the following artists:Fabián Salas & Carolina del Rivero"Chicho" Frúmboli & Lucia MazerOsvaldo Zotto & Lorena ErmocidaGustavo Naveira & Giselle AnneSebastian Arce & Mariana MontesGeraldine Rojas and Javier RodriguezCarlos Gavito & Maria PlazaolaRodolfo & Maria CieriEduardo Cappussi & Mariana FloresJulio Balmaceda & Corina de la RosaRoberto Reis & Lucila Cionci“El Indio” & Mariana DragoneFacundo & Kely PosadasNito & ElbaEsteban Moreno & Claudia CodegaClaudio Gonzalez & Valentina VillarroelAdrian Veredice & Alejandra HobertEzequiel Paludi & Sabrina MassoCarmencita Calderon & Juan Avernaand many more ...Please note that while free previews are available for each CITAconference, the remaining videos need to be purchased (for $14.99per conference or for $US99.99 for all conferences).
Intensity Overload 2
Fartlek, Tabata, Little—positive recovery,negative recovery—longer intervals, shorter intervals—so manyoptions and so little time! Trust Mindy to hold your hand and guideyou through these amazing HIIT workouts.This app includes 6 varied workouts each between 10-20 minutes,which can be used as stand alone routines or combined for unlimitedcardio intensity and strength variety.About Mindy MylreaMindy Mylrea was the 2013 CanFitPro Specialty Presenter of theYear. She is the creator of Tabata Bootcamp (which earned MostImpactful Program of 2013), has authored numerous articles andstars in over 200 instructional videos.
Intensity Overload With Toys 2
Using Bosu and Gliding discs you willexperience Fartek, Tabata, Little—positive recovery, negativerecovery—longer intervals, shorter intervals—so many options and solittle time.Choose one 10 minute workout and walk away assured that you havedone enough for the day. Or challenge yourself to put a fewworkouts together for an over the top Intensity Overload. This DVDincludes 6 varied workouts between 10-20 minutes, which can be usedas stand alone routines, or mix and match for unlimited intensitycardio and strength variety.About Mindy MylreaMindy Mylrea was the 2013 CanFitPro Specialty Presenter of theYear. She is the creator of Tabata Bootcamp (which earned MostImpactful Program of 2013), has authored numerous articles andstars in over 200 instructional videos.
Backyard Soccer Drills 10
About Marty SchupakMarty Schupak is the creator of the video in this App. He receivedhis Master's degree from Arizona State University in PhysicalEducation. He has coached baseball, basketball and soccer.Besides producing 25 sports videos, he has written seven booksincluding the popular Playoff Fever and Split Pants from the CliffVermont series.His web site, is one of the busiestdestinations for youth coaches, parents and players on theInternet.About Lou FratelloLou Fratello has been involved with youth soccer for 25 years. Hehas an Advanced Diploma from the National Soccer CoachesAssociation of America (NSCAA) and is licensed with the UnitedStates Soccer Federation (USSF).Lou is the assistant men's and head women's coach at DominicanCollege, the head coach of the women's open division for HudsonVally in the Empire State Games and an instructor for Region 1 ofthe Olympic Development Program.About This AppThis app presents creative drills that Soccer coaches and parentscan do with their team or their own kids at home. Backyard SoccerDrills highlights: Fast Footwork Drills, Shooting Drills, PassingDrills, Volley Drills, Goalie Drills, Heading Techniques, Real GameSituations, Fun Games and more!The drills are divided into three 10 minute groups, with each groupproviding drills that cover a range of skill areas.Please note that while several free drills are included with thisapp, the remaining drills need to be purchased to be unlocked. Eachof the three groups can be purchased for $US 2.99, or all threegroups can be purchased for $7.99.
Messer & Pistolen Verteidigung 2
Willkomme bei der ABANICO App für Messer-undPistolen Verteidigung!Sie möchten lernen, wie man sich gegen Messer undPistolenAngriffe wehren kann?In dieser APP finden Sie Videos von einigen der weltweitbestenMeister verschiedener Kampfkünste, die sich intensiv mit demThemaUmgang mit den Messer und Pistolen und der Verteidigungdagegenauseinandergesetzt haben.Sie können die Videos in APP kaufen und immer wiederanschauen,um so von den besten Meistern lernen zu können.Sie können die Videos downloaden oder streamen, und sie sogaraufandere Ihrere Geräte hochladen, wenn Sie die Videosgekaufthaben.Wenn Sie sie gekauft und runtergeladen, dann aberwiedergelöscht, ihr Gerät verloren oder gewechselt haben, könnenSie dieVideos immer wiederherstellen.Über ABANICOSie sind an qualitativ hochwertigen Lehrvideo in denBereichenKampfkunst, Kampfsport oder Selbstverteidigunginteressiert?Sie möchten Messer oder Pistolen Verteidigung (oder auchandereKampfkunst bezogene Themen) lernen, Ihr Lehrer ist aber nichtdaoder Sie haben gar keinen guten Lehrer in ihrer Nähe?Sie möchten also Videos, die klar und deutlich strukturiertsind,von denen man wirklich lernen kann?Dann sind Sie hier richtig, bei ABANICO!Wir produzieren und vertreiben bereits seit 1989Kampfsport-,Kampfkunst- und Selbstverteidigungs-Videos und DVDs.National undinternational. Unsere Kunden zählen die Videos vonABANICO zu denbesten Lehrvideos, was Aufbau, Methodik und Didaktikbetrifft, daman von diesen Videos wirklich lernen kann.Das liegt daran, dass ABANICO von Dieter Knüttel geleitetwird,einem Diplom-Sportlehrer, Großmeister, seit 1985 BundestrainerdesDeutschen Arnis Verbandes e.V. (DAV) und 9. Dan Modern Arnis,einerphilippinischen Kampfkunst. Er betreibt Kampfkunst seit 1966undproduziert Kampfkunst/Sport/SV-Lehrmedien seit 1988.Wir haben sehr viele weitere verschiedene Kampfsportarteninunserem Programm und produzieren nur mit erstklassigen Lehrernausdem In- und Ausland. In dieser App finden Sie ModernArnisVideos.Ab sofort können Sie aus von diesen Videos direkt aufIhremSmartphone oder Tablet lernen. Direkt in dieser App!Will Come in ABANICOappfor knives and guns defense!You want to learn how to defend yourself against knifeattacksand guns?In this app you will find videos of some of the world'sbestmasters of various martial arts that have dealt extensivelywiththe issue of dealing with knives and guns and the defenseagainstit.You can buy the videos in APP read over and over again inorderto learn from the best masters can.You can download the videos or stream, and even on otherdevicesyou may wish to upload, if you bought the videos.If you have bought and downloaded, but then recover deleted,lostor changed their device, you can always restore the video.About ABANICOYou are interested in high-quality instructional video intheareas of martial arts, martial arts or self-defense?You want to learn knives or guns defense (or other martialartrelated topics), your teacher is not but there or you did nothavea good teacher in their neighborhood?So you want videos that are clearly structured, from whereyoucan really learn?Then you are right here in ABANICO!We produce and sell since 1989, martial arts, martial artsandself defense videos and DVDs. Nationally and internationally.Ourcustomers are the videos of ABANICO at the bestinstructionalvideos, as regards structure, methodology anddidactics, becauseyou can really learn from these videos.This is because ABANICO by Dieter stick is passed, asportsteacher, Grandmaster, eV since 1985 national coach of theGermanArnis Association (DAV) and 9th Dan Modern Arnis, aPhilippinemartial art. He runs martial arts since 1966 and producesmartialart / sport / SV-media teaching since 1988thWe have a lot more different martial arts styles in ourprogramand produce with first class teachers from home and abroad.In thisapp you will find Modern Arnis videos.Now you can learn from these videos directly on yoursmartphoneor tablet. Directly in this app!
Short And Sweet 1
Short on time and need an express workoutthatwill get it done in less time? Short and Sweet allows you topickyour time and your intensity.In this app you will be able to choose between three of themostintense cycle workouts on the planet. Workout 1 uses thetabatatraining timing principle to whip you into the best shape ofyourlife. Workout 2 incorporates an amazing intensity ladder whereworkand rest ratios change with every cycle. Workout 3 is allabouthill repeats. You will never grow bored with this one!About Mindy MylreaMindy Mylrea was the 2013 CanFitPro Specialty Presenter of theYear.She is the creator of Tabata Bootcamp (which earned MostImpactfulProgram of 2013), has authored numerous articles andstars in over200 instructional videos.