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Funny WordArt Chat Stickers 1.1
Making ordinary looking chat a hilariousexperience with funny wordart stickers.WordArt stickers are designed to create a lot more funnierexperience and change your daily chat into a funny and mind blowingconversation.WordArt Stickers comprises of :: ) Hilarious funny words: ) Funny collection of quotes: ) Awesome chat words: ) Commonly speaking friendly words: ) Marvelous collection of love saying: ) Nice collection of love words: ) Mind blowing slangs: ) Heart felting sayings: ) Ultimately funny wordsWe crafted some of the most common chating words into wordartand provides you straight away as funny stickers so that you caneasily share them over social networking sites as stickers forfacebook or stickers for whatsapp and apart of this you can shareour wordart stickers on other social networking portals liketwitter, gmail, google plus, kik, skype, viber, line or viabluetooth with a simple click.Tease and share these funny wordart stickers with others to havelots of fun.
Heart Emojis : Love Stickers 1.2
Love Stickers for Chat with truly delightfulheart shape theme.Love starts when heart start beating for someone special and youcan’t understand it. So to all the people who love someone from thebottom of their heart, we came with beautiful love emoticons withheart shape.These love stickers are specially created with heart theme tomake your chat environment more romantic. Create a difference fromother’s love stickers collections with these brand new heart shapelove stickerz.Our love emoticonos are free and specially for you, just expressyour true love with these love emojis free.These love icons can be used as facebook emoticons or whatsappemoticons or with any other social network like wechat, viber, kik,google plus, line, kakaotalk and many others easily with a singletap on the screen.These romantic emoticons give you a wide range of love emojiswith every emoticon unique in nature so that you can express yourtrue mood to your loved ones.Use these love emoticons for texting for free and spreadhappiness in your relation.“A beautiful Heart is the most precious gift you can give tosomeone”.
Love Quotes : Love Messages 1.0
Love quotes : Love Messages is a hearttouching app with a beautiful collection of love messages and lovepoems for you to express your true love to others.Love quotes gives you the most diversified collection of lovestatus, love poems and love messages to create an un breakable bondbetween you and your love.Our lovely app comprises of adorable collection of :: ) Cute love poems: ) Loving love quotations: ) Heart touching love sayings: ) Mesmerizing love messages: ) Beautiful love quotes: ) Awesome love statusShare these message of love on social network like wechat,viber, line, kakaotalk, kik, google plus, and many others, easilywith a single tap on the screen. or you can make them your statusfor whatsapp or status for facebook quite easily .
Funny Stickers for Messenger 1.3
Best Funny stickers for Messenger.Fun Stickers are here to increase the fun in your chatting. Thissticker book has lots of funny faces and funny images so that youcan tease and have fun while chatting with others with thisultimate collection of stickers free of cost for you.Make your chats more funnier by sending these messenger stickersover your messenger groups and increase the fun in yourcommunication by sending these funny stickers through SMS ormessaging or sharing through your smart phone.You can use them as stickers for whatsapp, stickers for facebookor you can use them with other messenger like viber, kik, googleplus, wechat, line, skype, kakaotalk and many more.We have a huge range of :# Hilarious emojis for chat# Most amusing funny stickers# Best funny pics.# Ultimate Funny Images.# Great range of laughable icons
Love Stickers 1.1
Our love stickers collection is the bestinclass collection of all kind of love icons . We have implementedalarge variety of love emoticons for you to create alovingexperience.We have :* Multiple color & shape of hearts.* Various color & style roses & other flowers.* Cute collection of marriage love stickerz* Huge collection of cute love animals* Adorable range of Sweets* Varied collection of Chocolates* Interesting range of love quotes.* Remarkable group of love accessories* Most loving teddy bears* Elegant love symbolsAnd many more.These love emoticones are unique and genuine and totally new.Ourlove sticker collection comprises of more than two hundredbest lovestickers and adorable love emojis free .Our love emoticonos and love smileys can easily be usedasstickers for facebook or stickers for whatsapp or with othersocialwebsites like google plus, line, kakaotalk , skype, wechat,viber,kik, and others with a single touch on the screen.Just use these love stickers for texting for free and makeyourlove relation more melodious.
Funny Stickers for Whatsapp 1.0
These funny stickers for free consists ofmostunique and coolest sticker collection for chat messengers.Thesefrolic funny pictures and funny images gives you a splendidandamusing way to tease others while chatting.This free sticker app consists ::P Teasing Panda funny stickers:P Laughing Bear funny emoticons:P Silly Dog funny emojis:P Ugly Frog funny stickers:P Hilarious Donkey funny pictures:P Funny Giraffe images:P Ridiculous Monkey faces:P Dirty Pig funny emoticons:P Crazy Rabbit funny emojisAnd many more.You can use these funny stickers and funny emoticons asstickersfor whatsapp or stickers for facebook and you can alsoshare themon social websites like google plus, line, wechat, viber,kakaotalk, skype, kik, and others with a simple tap.