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mCent - Free Mobile Recharge 2.0
Use mCent and get free recharge to top-updata, talktime, and SMS.How it works: Discover. Earn. Recharge.1. Discover new apps we picked just for you2. Earn credit for each of the free apps you try3. Use the credit to recharge your phone for free!Earn free recharge money on mCent your first day and everydayafter that. You can use your free data recharges anyway you want.Visit whatever website you want, download any app, or give yourrecharge to friends.Never worry about data charges again.Mobile recharges are supported on all major operators.
mCent Browser—Free Recharge 0.148
Now in Early Access, you can be the first toreceive free recharge automatically each day you surf the net,stream songs, or watch videos.How it works: Browse. Recharge. Repeat.★ Browse: Search, surf the net, stream songs, and watchvideos to automatically receive credit. (Seriously, you can dowhatever you want in mCent Browser and earn credit.)★ Recharge: Use your credit to top-up mobile recharge (alsoknown as talktime, load, and airtime)★ Repeat: Use mCent Browser daily to receive more credit, soyou can recharge online for free again (and again)!Money-Saving Browser Features• Free recharge: Receive free recharge for surfing the net and savemoney on mobile data• Facebook View: Facebook works just like the app, however this wayto get paid to use Facebook• Small download: The download size is less than 10MB• AdBlock: mCent Browser will block most ads on popular sites tospeed up browsing and save data• Text only setting: Save data by only viewing the text on a website• Save for offline: Use when you want to read a website and won’tbeable to access the internetBrowser Features• Autofill forms: Complete annoying online forms quickly andeasily• Private browsing setting: Use this setting so your browsinghistory and cookies aren’t saved• Download manager: Downloads are saved immediately, easy to find,and will resume if interrupted• Smart, personalized search: Results instantly appear as you typebased on previous searches and websites visited• Home screen shortcuts: Quickly access your favorite sites, socialnetworks, news, and shopping with one tap!• Videos: Watch full-screen videos• Bookmarks: Bookmark your favorite websites for later access andfast browsing.• History: Easily access all previously visited websites. Removeindividual websites or clear all• Language support: mCent Browser supports both English andहिन्दी• Tabbed browsing: Have multiple web pages open at one time andeasily switch between tabs