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Tamago Danger 3.1
Tamago Danger is fun and challengingarcade-style game for people of all ages.A Raw Egg On Rice is a traditional Japanese dish 卵かけご飯. Your"job" is to make sure each rice bowl has an egg on it to makecustomers happy. Try to hit all the rice bowls before theydisappear from the conveyor belt.How To Play...1) Tap the Start button.2) Move the chicken from left to right by tilting your phone.3) Japanese rice bowls will start coming towards you. Then, whenyou've positioned thechicken over a bowl, tap the screen to drop an egg.4) Try and hit as many bowls as possible to beat yourfriends.5) You have 5 characters to choose from the Ninja Birdy, Samuraibirday, Iron birdy, Trooper birdy and the Darth birdy.Challenge your friends to an "egg dropping" competition and seewho can get the highestnumber of bowls with eggs.The game was designed by mocha hunter and his development team.More levels coming soon!!!!