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BOM Radar Widget 1.1.8
Show Australian weather radar images in awidget. Radar images directly from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM)are shown in a widget on your device. Select the radar station andzoom level and you're done. Support multiple simultaneous widgets.Free, no ads, light on system resources, and easy to use. Whatmore could you want? ;)NOTE: This is a widget. After install, go into your apps list,select the 'widgets' tab (not 'apps'), and add a widget of type'BOM radar'. After configuration hold on the widget to enter resizemode, the widget can be resized to any dimensions.PERMISSIONS: Network access to load the images. Play storebilling for (optional) IAP donate function. Device startnotification so it can start the alarm to update the widget.This is not an official BOM app - it's a fan-made widget.To come in future versions:- UI overhaul. I know it's very bare-bones at the moment, but youdon't need to use it after you setup the widget as the image is theonly UI you see regularly.