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Bloggeroid for Blogger
Blogger in your hand ;-) and without ads:-)Blog with simple Blogger client, create & edit posts on any ofyour blogs, create & delete comments.Create draft posts.Share your posts to Google+ (if installed) and other apps.Add multiple images to your Blogger posts. Decide where in postyour images should be placed.Use simple "wikisyntax" like **bold**, __italic__, --strike--,^^superscript^^ and [link text http://linkAddress] (for example[Blogger] will create link to http://google.comwith text Blogger.Work with multiple blogs/Blogger accounts.Save and Load your posts to and from SD.Add information where you are to blog post.Works extra well on all phones with physical keyboard.(in case of problem, please contact with developer. Comment withinfo like "doesn't work for me" or similar will not help me to findsolution for your problem, additionally I'm not able to answer forcomment, so mail me, I will try to find solution).App uses android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS permission to access listof accounts device, thanks to this it is able to let you link youraccount with app, and access your blog.