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vGet (Stream, Download, DLNA) 0.5.7
vGet detects videos embeddedinwebsitesandallows to download them, stream them with anyinstalledPlayer,orplay them via DLNA/UPnP or Chromecast directly ona SmartTV.See below for pricing options.Now also available for Chrome: Videos directly on your Smart TVvGet supports DLNA/UPnP to play (cast) videosdirectlyonaDLNA-Device in your local network. Many devicesouttheresupportDLNA, for example Smart TVs, XBox,MediaCenters,AllShareDevicesetc. As opposed to many otherDLNA-tools, vGet doesnotrelay thevideo stream over your mobiledevice but streamsdirectlyfrom theinternet. This saves battery life- the video evenkeepsplayingwhen you switch off your Android devicecompletely. SovGetoffersChromecast-like functionalitywithoutrequiringadditionalhardware.It also supports Chromecast.Download VideosDownload any video for later offline viewing.vGetincludesanintegrated download manager thatsupportsmultipleconcurrentconnections to speed up downloads.Itautomaticallyincreases thenumber of connections as long asthisimproves thedownload speed,if supported by the server.Stream VideosPlay embedded videos with the player of yourchoice.Chooseanyinstalled Video-Player (e.g. MXPlayer, VLC, etc.)tostreamthemdirectly without downloading. This even worksforflashvideos.Supported VideosvGet works as a simple web-browser and is thereforeabletodetectHTML5-Videos on any site. It can evendetectsomeflash-videos,without requiring flash player to beinstalled.Notethat support forflash videos is limited, so don'texpect ittowork on every site.But it has been reported to workquitesomesites, includingputlocker, sockshare, movshare,novamov,filenuke,played, nowvideo,clicktovie, nosvideo,videozed,faststream,nowvideo, potlocker,putme, bitshare,streamcloud,movreel,, xvidstage,billionuploads,primeshare,ginbig,...PricingThis is a trial version that is limited to a 14daytrialperiod.The trial can be unlocked inside the App(in-appbilling)for ~3.30€ plus VAT, if applicable. You'll see theexactprice inyour localcurrency before you buy it. Buying itremoves Adsandallows to useit for a unlimited time on all yourdevices thatusethe sameGoogle-Play account for installation.Alternatively it can be used for free by recommendingittoothersusing the integrated referral feature.Eachsuccessfulreferralearns you one additional month of freeusage.There is nolimit tothis rule. So you can use it freeindefinitelyby referringenoughusers.Why don't you offer vGet completely forfreewithoutrequiringreferrals?Developing and maintaining an App costs money.Forsomeverypopular Apps, Ads can cover these costs.Unfortunatelythatdoesn'twork for vGet. We think that the 14 daytrial periodshouldallowyou to figure out if actually want to useit. ChargingforvGet isthe only way to keep working.But it's way too expensive: Well, you often don't even getapintofbeer for that amount. Also be aware that we've to spentatleast2/3of the price on transaction fees and taxes.Limitations- Youtube is not supported due to termsofservicerestrictions.- No support for any streaming formats (HLS, rtsp)- Flash videos are not detected on all websitesReasons for App-Permissions:- Full network access: required for downloads and DLNA.- WLAN-Multicast: required for DLNA to detect local devices.- USB-Storage: required for saving downloads.- Start at boot: to resumedownloadsautomaticallyafterrebooting.- Prevent sleep mode: required while downloadingtokeepactivedownloads running.- Accounts (use accounts on the device/findaccounts):Usedasauthentication for the optional referralfeature.If you experience any problems orhavesuggestionsforimprovements, please reportthemon