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Medieval Empire 1.1
Medieval Empire - exciting, adventurous andnowin the palm of your hand.War has outbroken in the Empire, nothing shall ever be thesame.This exciting online game is unique, challenging and anamazingadventure for every soldier, king and country! You canplayMedieval Empire wherever you go, on your web browser. It’struly abattle at your fingertips, never has a strategy game beenthisimmersive. Log into your Medieval Empire account and play foranydevice that you choose. Become the strongest player from aroundtheworld simply by recruiting soldiers, attacking otherplayers,amassing weapons and more! Collect gold in your quest forglory!With this gold, you are able to upgrade your own weaponsandtechnology - the ultimate way to climb the globalrankingsystem!View your Attack Logs and Spy Logs to see all of yourlatestactivity. View Game Stats to see your overall gameplaystatistics!You can train troops to become the most powerfulrebellion army inthe Empire! Be in command of an army of Humans,Ogres, Dwarves,Elves, Wizards or Orcs in a quest to become thegreatest commanderthat ever lived.- Play everywhere; Medieval Empire works on all devices!- Play anywhere; you can play Medieval Empire anywhere that youhavean internet connection!- Addictive; experience free and addictive strategic gameplay inthepalm of your hand!- Train; train your warriors and attack other players!
Mobile Mafia 1.8
The Mafia are back, more dangerous thaneverand you are in control.In Mobile Mafia, you are in control. Money has been stolen,gunshave been shot, people have been killed and gangs have beenformed.Join the madness in this text-based game. It’s all aboutstrategy,it’s all about courage - it’s all about stealing. Nothingwill everbe the same once you have joined the Mobile Mafia.Be part of the Mafia anywhere you go, organize crimes on atrain,travel between countries on your sofa - be a powerful leaderfromthe palm of your hand. Experience mobile gaming like you’veneverseen before. In this addictive online game, you will be incontrolof your criminal life. Making money, gaining crystals andkeeping upyour will and energy!Become a criminal mastermind in this strategic game of lifeanddeath. Your aim to to cause chaos around the world; you canearnexperience and money but you must avoid jail! We have dailyandhourly rewards for the best players - let your criminal mindroamfree in Mobile Mafia.Gain a higher level and become the best criminal that everlived.You can perform many crimes, each one riskier than the last!Rulethe city, be the best and start your criminal career today -inMobile Mafia!Features- Play an on-going, worldwide, text based Mafia game!- Let your criminal mind roam free!- Win hourly and daily rewards!- Play anywhere; on the train, on your sofa or at 36,000feet!- Be part of a virtual gang!- Download for free on any Android device 2.2 and up!