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Change Up 1.0
Simple brain game Change Up!Change up the block at the instant judgment.
Nervous excitement that comes with yourfingertips !Simple addictive smash buildings arcade game!Now roll the screen to enjoy the excitement.the two of hero company defending the city.the war begins at the end of hostile relations between the twocompanies in a long, long race !there is no more mercy. Be the hero occupies the seat of the cityby destroying the opponent Company building!which company will get the seat of defending the city?▶ a number of heroes , different skills!Destroy the building of the relative company with the hero meets inmind !▶ rapidly falling buildings, speed is only way to live !How much can you destroy the buildings in the coming time pressure,tighten your heart?Be the speed king, try destroying many buildings !▶ thrilling competition , who is the best?Who can be the top player in many people?just challenge to the leader board top rankings NOW !
Updown 1.0.5
Everywhere there are many hurdlesMy character moving tirelessly up and downUsing different skins to decorate your gameChallenge the highest score !