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Twist 1.0.0
Twist is funny game for all people
Zombie Elite sniper 1.0.2
Become the best sniper elite zombie!Sniper Elite Zombie is a first-person 3D shooter. Your mission istodestroy as many zombies as possible within a time period of60-90seconds. For each zombie you kill, you will receive $100. Ifyoumanage to score a double-kill, you will get double the reward!Afteryou have gained sufficient funds in this way, you will beable tounlock new maps and weapons.Try out various weapons, such as the M24, M4, WA-2000, AWPandM82A1, each with their own individual characteristics forcalibre,fire rate and ammunition. Once you are equipped, get readyto huntzombies across three realistic maps - the City, the Airportand theHarbour.The game is optimized for many different devices. Itincludesvariable graphics settings that you can change to suit thepower ofyour device, so whether you are playing on a high-enddevice or alow-powered one, you are ensured of a good gamingexperience.The game is Free to PlayInstructions for playing-------------------------------------------------- -------1) Choose your map (three lokace- Airport, Street, Harbour)2) Choose your weapon (M24, M4, WA-2000, AWP, M82A1)3) Turn on Start and go to shooting ZombieUpdate-------------------------------------------------- --------- repairs bugs- new map - HArbour- new weapons- new zombiesBecome the best sniper!
Helicopter simulator: Racer game 1.2.2
Heli racer is helicopter games, 45 funmissions that you have to fly within the time limit.First learn in the tutorial to control the helicopter, and thenyour task is to fly the track in the time span. There are 45missions in total, in two realistic environments. A gorgeous mapwith snowy mountains or a hot desert in different weather, fromsunny, overcast, to sunset.The game is free, or we can unlock all missions and helicoptersimmediately. Missions are designed from the simplest, afterdifficult, the number of circles increases and the missions arelonger. In the course of the game, you will sequentially snip allhelicopters if you miss the money, you can re-run the mission oruse the package to run the ad for which you will get the money,while helping developers to update. The value of rewards increasesgradually, as is the reward for the video under review. Eachhelicopter is original and comes out of a real machine, and thenext one is faster and more manageable.The controls are tuned to act as a real helicopter and as fun aspossible. The left touch is the helicopter tilt control, the rightcontroller is climb and drop, and the pedals to the sides. This isa realistic helicopter simulator, tuned by real pilots, while thegame is arcade to play it all, from children to adults.Missions are designed from the simplest, after difficult, thenumber of circles increases and the missions are longer.Features:Huge open world, snow mountiens and hot desertRealistic flying simulationRealistic flight physicsHigh quality chopperDynamic camera anglesEasy to play driving controls, use touch and tilt controls!Different two realistic environmentsNeni Heli, different skin of real machines (police, rescue,civilian, army, private, ..)Play Heli racer and become the Best pilot Helicoper