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***** Tesla Toy - Coil Wars is a touch ofmadness.

Tesla Toy - Coil Wars is a free, fast paced dexterity game forup to 4 people.

Tesla Toy – Coil Wars is a simple, yet frantic dexterity arcadegame for 1-4 people.

The goal is Tesla Toy is to capture as much Tesla energy in yoursphere as you can each time a bolt of energy is shot out from theTesla Coil.

- Hold your finger on the sphere or spheres in multi-sphereplay.

- You must have your sphere fully lit and charged BEFORE theenergy touches any part of the sphere!

- With your Sphere lit, you can capture 1 to 10 points of TeslaEnergy from the energy bolt.

- Capturing 10 points of energy scores the most points but comeswith the greatest risk!

- Don't try to capture more than 10 amps of power. If youovercharge the sphere, you LOSE a life!

- You get 5 lives. Run out of lives and the game is over.

- If you try to take more than 10 points of energy your spherewill overload. Make sure you take your finger off the sphere beforetaking more than 10 points of energy or you will LOSE A LIFE.

- If you do not capture at least 1 point of energy, you willLOSE A LIFE.

- The amount of energy you have captured will count up from 1 to10 so you know how much you are taking.


- BE CAREFUL! Spheres fill with energy quickly. It is better totake fewer points and survive than try to take 10 points each timeand overload your sphere.

- The energy bolts will get faster each level
- When playing 2, 3 or 4 finger, accidently lighting the wrongsphere momentarily is ok. Just make sure the correct sphereactivated and charged before the energy bolt reaches it


SINGLE PLAYER - Play For Free!

· Campaign Mode - Start the game using one finger and onesphere. Progress to 2 fingers and 2 spheres, 3 fingers and 3sphere, & finally unlimited levels of 4 finger madness untilyou run out of lives!

· Finger Mode - Choose to play through 25 levels in either 1finger, 2 finger, 3 finger, or 4 finger modes.

· Score Mode - You need to score a minimu number of point eachlevel to progress. Failure to reach the minimum score will cost youa life!

MULTIPLAYER (Players: 2-3-4)

· Game Elimination Mode - When you run out of lives you are outof the game.

· Level Elimination Mode - All players play every level.Eliminations are temporary.

Deluxe Includes:

· Increased to 10 Lives

· Ads Removed

· Unlocked Finger Mode

· Unlocked Score Mode

· Unlocked 3 Player

· Unlocked 4 player

· Unlocked 2 player 2 orbs